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Run away Prince || killugon by uselesspouf
Run away Prince || killugonby uselesspouf
Killua is a Prince. He's always wanted to live a normal life, with normal friends but his family didn't like the idea of him having friends. "You don't need friends...
I HATE MY ROOMMATE (GonKillu) by Icaruko
I HATE MY ROOMMATE (GonKillu)by Icaruko™️
Gon and Killua have had a bit of a thing going on between them since middle school. And by "thing" I mean they hate eachother. Coincidentally, they ended up at...
Raised By Zoldycks  by HoneyTea_16
Raised By Zoldycks by Cloud
Gon ran and ran... as far away from his home town as he could. He ran away from those hatred filled people, he didn't want to be next to die like his parents and caring...
The Soulmate Curse by Solstice51
The Soulmate Curseby Solstice
Killua hates his soulmate mark. Only a fraction of the population gets them and they're annoying. They're super annoying. But will his opinion change once he meets hi...
Roommates [killugon] by Zer0_to_hero
Roommates [killugon]by Ciel/lix
KILLUA X GON KILLUA X GON KILLUA X GON. this story is where killua and Gon become collage roommates and yeah. ~~~~ This story is actually shit 💀 ~~~~ •cover art is by...
From Peasant To King | A Killua x Gon Story by JelloFish9000
From Peasant To King | A Killua JelloFish9000
Prince Killua, a eighteen-year-old prince is the strongest royal to ever live in the kingdom was going to be judging the Knight Exams this year. He wasn't expecting muc...
Forest Friend (Discontinued) by UKYOSAIONJII
Forest Friend (Discontinued)by ✄Ukyō Saionji✄
Prince killua was sitting in his room when he decided he would escape from within the palace walls. killua managed to sneak past the throne room and was able to get out...
Land and Stars [KilluGon] by YourMeraki
Land and Stars [KilluGon]by YourMiraki
When land meets sky. He was from earth. Even so, he has always admired what was beyond the earth. He loved the way the stars glimmered at night and how the moon lit him...
Love Behind The Walls by ohmygon
Love Behind The Wallsby マルケンズ
He looked serious, his mind strained with thought. His eyebrows pressed down through his eyes, his lips pursed. His gaze suddenly shifted towards my direction, our eyes...
My x Undying x Love [Killugon] (BoyxBoy) by -Winry-
My x Undying x Love [Killugon] ( Mochii
Killua and Gon decide to meet up after a year of being apart. Alluka insists that Killua should go alone, so they could have time alone to catch up. When Killua meets u...
When I Found You (Killugon) [COMPLETED] by The_Letter_M
When I Found You (Killugon) [ M a t t
A high school Killugon story Contains: sensitive topics and lots of fluff Disclaimer: I do not own the hxh characters. Will include some of my own characters because wh...
Fake Smiles (Killugon) by gonexec
Fake Smiles (Killugon)by ohto
Killua Zoldyck is a nosy little shit. Snooping around in the personal life of the boy he claimed to hate, Gon Freecss. But maybe, maybe Killua should've just kicked roc...
𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘂 by cl0udkIs
𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘂by Idek
COVER ART IS NOT MINE!!!! KilluGon highschool AU aishiteru A Japanese phrase meaning; I love you ----- ⚠️⚠️ Cussing boyxboy Mention of cutting Mention of bullying Menti...
Bloody Addiction // Vampire AU by Icaruko
Bloody Addiction // Vampire AUby Icaruko™️
Killua's had feelings for his supplier for a long time. Yes- supplier, as in supplier of the devil's lettuce, weed, snort-powder, the lot of it. One day he discovers his...
The Alien That Saved Me by Icaruko
The Alien That Saved Meby Icaruko™️
Searching the universe for his father, Gon unexpectedly befriends a puzzling Earthling. One minute the earthling is telling him to leave already, the next he's stalling...
A Golden Rose by Solstice51
A Golden Roseby Solstice
When Killua starts getting a cough, he doesn't think much of it. It's probably a passing cough and will leave eventually. But then, he coughs up a flower petal. Now...
Lean On Me || Fluff One Shot by Icaruko
Lean On Me || Fluff One Shotby Icaruko™️
(Cover: KilluaahZoldyckk) Killua's keeping secrets from his husband, Gon, and Gon can tell. But he doesn't want to put pressure on Killua. He's clearly stressed enough...
orphans  |  Mafia AU by Icaruko
orphans | Mafia AUby Icaruko™️
Tragedy causes Gon and Killua's lives to intertwine when a school shooting results in Gon saving Killua's life. Having no idea what his actions would set into place, or...
Killugon Oneshots by dummylaby
Killugon Oneshotsby Zoe Noey
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ May countain Smut🔥 Fluff ❤️ Angus😥 Sorry if it's bad this is my first story Killugon one shot
Killugon Fan Art that Makes Me Wanna🔪😀✌️ by emmatheemmayes
Killugon Fan Art that Makes Me emma
Yuh these some of my fav killugon photos, I'll update every once in a while. Oh and some of these may be for a bit of the older kids gang so watch yo self and make sure...