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The wrong type of love (ahs kai Anderson) by 1-800-WHO
The wrong type of love (ahs kai its_evita_here
a boy. a girl. a suicidal teen? yes. a cult leader? damn straight. what happens when the to collide?
promises and fear • kai anderson by LOVELYVALESKA
promises and fear • kai andersonby 𝓢.
"So, how would you describe yourself as a person?" "Well...I would have to say I am unique in my own way." Alice Williams lives in a small nice town...
Losers Faith | (Sequal)Bill Denbrough x Reader by myPOTATOscreamed
Losers Faith | (Sequal)Bill Luna Harlow
27 Years Later...You loved Bill as a kid but all the Loser's Club moved away from each other. You got moved away to live elsewhere as well as Beverly so you were the two...
My Life As Pennywise's Kid by creepers_girl
My Life As Pennywise's Kidby Heller Sawyer
Hazewise is the daughter to Pennywise. she has no idea who her father is but her mom Lori does. What will happen when they finally meet?
My Killer Clown /min yoongi ff(Completed)  by mssavagegirl09
My Killer Clown /min yoongi ff( mssavagegirl09
He is killing people Many times they seen him they can't Identify him But it can say that he is a man he is just wearing a clown mask A creepy clown mask Many people are...
Hysteria by CherryBerry63
Hysteriaby Cherry
"For the whole night, I wouldn't protect you. If you're able to protect yourself from the numerous entities lurking in every corner of the town, ready to pounce on...
Trepidation ~ Dax by its_yadisneygirl
Trepidation ~ Daxby Miss Beanie
Trepidation : a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen. A group of friends are attending the festival of a lifetime. Blood Fest a horror fans version...
The Paul's Big Sister by MiaFeamster
The Paul's Big Sisterby Brollins💗
Kaylee Anne Paul aka Winter Paul is the sister of YouTube stars Logan and Jake Paul. She also is a WWE Superstar. She appears here and there in their videos. But her lit...
Pennywise X Harleywise by Pennywise_cutie
Pennywise X Harleywiseby Emily Castro
The same day that Pennywise came to earth he thought he came alone but little did he know that his childhood friend came secretly with him. Find out what happens to them.
diffrent (pennywise x reader) by p00psiclee
diffrent (pennywise x reader)by chicken wing
you and penny are diffrent. pennywise is a murderous child eating clown thst feads of off fear. whilst you had no fear....
Horror School by EmaanAthar
Horror Schoolby Emaan Athar
An unexpected day at school, the girls decide to skip class and hide in an abandoned class. Little did they know the class was haunted. That is from where it all started...
I'm in Love with a Killer Clown. by NinaNewberry
I'm in Love with a Killer Nina Marie
Jamie, sweet, innocent, shy, and a nobody. It doesn't take long for the first wave of the clowns to show up in her small town. She has heard and seen it in the news, but...
[ask book] ³ by LaughingxJack
[ask book] ³by L.J
....I thought we've been through this twice already.. you ask I give
Street Kid (Bill Denbrough) by WildTigress11
Street Kid (Bill Denbrough)by Lone Wolf
"I'm not a slut, I'm a bitch. Know the difference." ****** "Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I'll kill you twice." ****** Isabella Mayflowe...
Floating [A Pennywise Fanfiction] by FanficPanderz
Floating [A Pennywise Fanfiction]by ➿♍️➿
Bill is a demon that looks human, he had so much experience with women with his human appearance but what will happen when he meets Julliane? "I'm hot, it's normal...
John  Wayne Gacy "pogo the clown" by niniswell2012
John Wayne Gacy "pogo the clown"by niniswell2012
John Wayne Gacy "Pogo the Clown" or "Patches the Clown", is also known as the "Killer Clown". His first murder occurred in 1972 it's said t...
LJ's fucking Instagram  by LaughingxJack
LJ's fucking Instagram by L.J
a place for puuurn ~ or so I heard
Killer Clown by Celestial_Unicorn
Killer Clownby Celestial_Unicorn
Mara and bri wanted to interview a few clowns in their town...... Start reading to see things take a turn
The Killer Clown by Kherbae1310
The Killer Clownby Kherbae1310
#8 in KillerClown Category and #27 in Confusing as of 9/16/18 Long time ago a terrible thing happened in the same school where a group of students are now attending. Whe...