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~Smoke Off Your Tongue~ by MoonKats
~Smoke Off Your Tongue~by Finn the mullet man
Let me introduce Demon Dabi paired with Hawks. This story is complete. No additional plot will be added. Dabi is a demon that suddenly wakes up in an alleyway covered i...
1 out of 5 //A Todoroki Family Story// by LicoriceCoffee
1 out of 5 //A Todoroki Family oof machine
My father only ever cherished one out of the five of his children. I would never call that love though. No. my brother Shoto is his tool, and the rest of us are discarde...
Hawks x Reader (Omegaverse) by GaylandAvenue
Hawks x Reader (Omegaverse)by GaylandAvenue
Being a small unmarked omega was a problem for you. Most people get marked and find their mates before they become an adult, you on the other hand, had not found anyone...
Jetstream (Hawks Angst) by emo_the_emu
Jetstream (Hawks Angst)by emu
Hawks has never felt love. not a day in his life. not from his parents, not from the hero public safety commission who raised him to be a hero, not from himself. sure...
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
Wrong number oops💀 by i_bleed_caffeine
Wrong number oops💀by Kai
Fem reader Your dumbass text the wrong person who shocker turns out to be Hawks
A great performer ( Hawks x reader ) by Hanako618
A great performer ( Hawks x Andrea Palafox
(Y/n)(L/n)is one of the best actress world wide ,she can dance and sing ,she has acted in broadway Hamilton,Cats ,Six and many other plays . Her talents have given peop...
Dabi x reader (Hero reader AU!) by ParkAnnaMC
Dabi x reader (Hero reader AU!)by Anna Park
Hi guys! basically you knew Touya as a kid, you had a crush on him. Then suddenly he goes to Sekoto peak and dies. You grow up and now are the No. 2 pro hero. Your quirk...
Hawks X Reader ~Silent Love~ by Chocohuntoast
Hawks X Reader ~Silent Love~by Chocohuntoast
Feeling is the nominalization of the verb to feel.[1] Originally used to describe the physical sensation of touch through either experience or perception, the word is al...
Feathers and Staples by simp_for_mha
Feathers and Staplesby Simp
Fem Y/N x bird bitch x doby
To the Moon And Back(hawks x reader) by MarsUniverse69
To the Moon And Back(hawks x bella Richey
you work a normal job as a baristas. you've lived a normal life. you've been alone forever but it's okay your better that way, one day a pro hero comes up to you and you...
From Up There / / DabiHawks / / ON HOLD BITC- Probably Discontinued by MoonKats
From Up There / / DabiHawks / / Finn the mullet man
ON HOLD. "Hey Dabi! How was the ride? Anything interesting? Cows? Horses? That weird bird? Huh? Anything?" I sighed, running my hand through my hair once ag...
The Namari Sisters [My hero Fan story] by get_jaxx_ed
The Namari Sisters [My hero Fan Jaxx
A My Hero Academia fan story with fan made characters and plot. It follows along most of the plot of season 3-5 of the show but focuses on the story of the Namari siste...
My Feather by Leo_Lance
My Featherby LaserLizard
BASED ON SEVERAL TIK TOK POSTS You are a base level hero with a fresh license and no agency. So while you struggle to pay rent working minimum wage twice a day you acci...
Fateful Encounters (Hawks x Fem!Reader x Feitan) by JukaAvari
Fateful Encounters (Hawks x Fem! Juka Avari
What happens when a hero falls into a world of hunters? Leaving behind a life to slowly develop a new one, to fall into bad habits and into love with the complete opposi...
"You're perfect." A M4A hawks fanfic (comfort for body image issues) by hawks__simp
"You're perfect." A M4A hawks Clover 🌸✨
(I do not own the cover art!) This is a short comfort story about hawks comforting you, the reader, about body confidence issues. Just so you know, you're a badass ;)
"You don't deserve..." (TW) A M4A hawks comfort for s*icidal thoughts (TW) by hawks__simp
"You don't deserve..." (TW) A Clover 🌸✨
QUICK TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of s*icidal thoughts/self harm. Only read this if you are sure you will not be bothered by these topics. This is a short story that inclu...
My Winged Savior//hawks x reader  by unstableanime
My Winged Savior//hawks x reader by Lily Wolf_xx
you decided to sign up to work with a pro hero that doesnt go so well for you when you meet hawks while walking to pick the hero you'll be working with
"You're doing great, baby bird." A soft and fuzzy hawks x reader fanfic (M4A) by hawks__simp
"You're doing great, baby bird." Clover 🌸✨
Hawks has noticed that you're not feeling yourself recently, you're struggling with mental health. He might not know what exactly what is going on or how to help but he...
Overthrow  by BellaDonnaCrayk
Overthrow by Bella Donna Crayk
an MHA fanfic for an oc I made ⚠️manga spoilers⚠️⚠️not everything is cannon⚠️you were warned. Go on and skip the prologue if you want it's not my fault if you don't know...