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Woodscout - long oneshot by commander_trebuchet
Woodscout - long oneshotby certified queer
TW: mentions/implications of abuse, kidnapping, and trauma. Preston glanced around, scouring the edges of the woods for his missing friend for the twentieth time in the...
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The Siren - J.JK by Anne_011
The Siren - J.JKby Anne
Jungkook x reader Humans are below sirens just like dogs are below humans. You belong to him. ( Warning! This can contain mature content! ) //@Anne_011// Started: 22-02...
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What lies beneath by Sophie84801638
What lies beneathby Sophie
Addylin Green isn't your normal 23 year old. She was quiet, shy, suffered from really bad anxiety and also a virgin. She works full-time at the supermarket, as it paid f...
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Missing child  by gingerblue19
Missing child by gingerblue19
"A girl in her late teens was reported missing after a school shooting at the Blue Valley High School. They say she was never in the database in the first place. Po...
Seventeen 21+ ff|| Go Worship Me|| by Bangtan_boys120
Seventeen 21+ ff|| Go Worship Me||by Bangtan_boys120
Y/N a girl with no parents and no friends. She lives on the streets begging for food and/or money. One day she was kidnapped by guys her age. They told her "you can...
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insolent girl/m.p  by spaceonecat
insolent girl/m.p by Frenchbitch
Alicia is a depressed girl, everyone left her even her parent kicked her out of her house, she find this job in a little shop and got a little appartement, the only pers...
Kidnapped by SwayLA by followmeontt
Kidnapped by SwayLAby followmeontt
You where walking one night when some random boys kidnap you 🛑Not Finished🛑
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After Effects, Sequel to Kidnapped by IShipTooManyShips11
After Effects, Sequel to Kidnappedby IShipTooManyShips11
What if they were wrong? What if Y/n made it after all?
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HELP! by TheAzureGirl
A shocking tragedy happen in Aoi family where the beyblade world sadden..... No one know how to moved one until one year had passed everything went to normal I guess...
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Cant Escape Him #Ironic_reader2020  by ironic_reader2020
Cant Escape Him #Ironic_reader2020 by ironic_reader2020
couldn't escape, I tripped while I almost made it to the front door. "where do you think your going?!" he roared, dragging me back in. "NO! please, let m...
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The Inner Circle | ATEEZ ff  by hoe_for_kpop
The Inner Circle | ATEEZ ff by Starlight ✨
Eight different men, one pretty girl What would you do if you were kidnapped? Would you try to escape, or would you give in?
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The Polaroid  by bekind06
The Polaroid by babygirl:)
Your old friend, Justin gets heated once he finds out you know his real name. He's not who you thought he was. You're trying to make it out alive but is that even possib...
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The Lost Mafia Princess by Ranvngi
The Lost Mafia Princessby Ranvngi
Liana Cortez's world is turned upside down when her mother passes away after being diagnosed by cancer 3years ago. 1 month after her mothers death she is drugged and sh...
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Kidnapped by SoftPotatoe
Kidnappedby SoftPotatoe
Penny and Gumball are 17 and their relationship is going strong! There's just one problem... Penny gets kidnapped...
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Getting through {deaf Naruto story} by AnimePotato_0
Getting through {deaf Naruto story}by AnimePotato_0
{This is a gay story of Naruto} Naruto was born deaf but he doesn't let it affect him. Sitting on the sidelines and watching everything, hidden from sight and being home...
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The Boys by highlikeabird
The Boysby Izzy <3
Madelyn is 17 years old when she is kidnapped by a group of teenage boys. Will she escape or fall in love? ⚠️ABUSE, RAPE, SEXUAL ABUSE, ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, AND SELF HARM...
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Mistake| M.P by -SLUT4MATTIA
Mistake| M.Pby Njwhore
You have been working at a club for about a year. One late night you take out the trash and start heading back inside. Once you entered you start walking back to the bar...
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My Precious Diamond  by cheyeza1
My Precious Diamond by Felicia
Maya Black is a 27 years old billionaire she grew up as an orphan but that never discouraged her from her dreams running a multi-billion dollars tech company but her pas...
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