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In the Company of Killers by lonelycorner
In the Company of Killersby Tia Summers
Enzo Corretti runs the most powerful crime family in the world. Being ruthless and unfeeling is in the job description but no where in the handbook did it ever say how t...
Demons (Part 1) (Under Editing) by lovelyana3
Demons (Part 1) (Under Editing)by lovelyana3
When the heavens pull you back, regardless of your efforts to escape a world filled with pain and darkness. What do you do? Hunted by demons from the age of 13. Alina st...
My Unexpected Mate by Ash_lleyyy
My Unexpected Mateby Ash_lleyyy
Skyler, a lycan alpha female, waited four long years for her mate. And what happens after meeting him? Will she be rejected? or Loved? When events take unexpected turns...
Black Ice ✓ | Deathsworn #1 by MyLovelyWriter
Black Ice ✓ | Deathsworn #1by Lovely
|COMPLETE| Life after death, ironically enough, does not live up to expectations. Evyionne finally died, then reincarnation happened. When the entirety of the afterlife...
VOLUME 2: The Third Princess Overturns The World by Ka_hidlaw
VOLUME 2: The Third Princess Kahidlaw
From the 21st century she transmigrated into an ancient era unknown to history, where everything defies her common sense. In her previous life she always wanted to trave...
Pitch Black (Romantic Thriller, Completed) by EliseNoble
Pitch Black (Romantic Thriller, Elise Noble
Even a Diamond can be shattered... After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear...
Heroes Never Die ✓ by axgirl13
Heroes Never Die ✓by Kamila
For eight years, the kingdom of Lamyria was peaceful. But there is no such thing as "they lived happily ever after". Even though the great ravine cut off the...
HAWK by Mike_I_am
HAWKby Mike
*** Paperback now available on Amazon! *** Kas Balera is used to a bit of chaos. As a space bounty hunter, capturing three Class-2 criminals should have been the most di...
Villain's Will: Redemption by XengLoathes
Villain's Will: Redemptionby XenaWrites
~This book is mine🥴~ In the magnificent castle of Azrian Empire, there lived an evil empress. The people perceived her as the cruel tyrant who seized the title through...
RIPTIDE  (Shadows book 1.1) by tanu_04
RIPTIDE (Shadows book 1.1)by tanu
Going back to the family that sent her off to live with her crazy aunt was never on Hope's to do list. Then again her life is full of surprises. A dead best friend, a mi...
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Four) - Preview by VeraNazarian
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
The exciting conclusion to the Atlantis Grail series! ... A Limited Holiday Preview.. a special gift for my Readers...
SINS OF THE ANGELS (Grigori Legacy #1) by LindaPoitevin
SINS OF THE ANGELS (Grigori Linda Poitevin
THE WAR BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL STARTS HERE A hard-as-nails cop... Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is up against a serial killer unlike any she's ever encountered. S...
Their Goddess Mate |BTS ff| by KajalDwivedi1
Their Goddess Mate |BTS ff|by Kajal Dwivedi
Y/n is a hybrid of The God and The Devil. It's her journey to find her happiness in 7 beautiful and kind souls. Join her in her journey.
Φιλότιμο- filótimo by TeaganAmaii
Φιλότιμο- filótimoby Spec
What if everything you know wasn't as it seemed? What if it is all a matter of perspective?
Afterlove by ThePumpkinGuard
Afterloveby ThePumpkinGuard
A supernatural romantic comedy about a lonely ghost girl named Vera, and a human boy named Dean, who helps his mother with paranormal investigations. Both just want a go...
Reborn as Hinata Hyuga by Awesomevegeta123
Reborn as Hinata Hyugaby Awesomevegeta123
Lillian was a normal naruto fan who went to work, ate and sleep. So why- "Hinata over here!" "Those who break rules are trash, but those who abandon thei...
I Am Who I Am by EzebuikeAnne
I Am Who I Amby Ezebuike Anne
Anna loses her mother in planned accident just as she was told that she has a dad who she has never met. He already has a family, will she ever fit in? Someone has it ou...
I AM ALPHA by LaurenDecember2015
I AM ALPHAby LaurenDecember2015
Alaisia is not a princess, and she doesn't want a mate. She has made that abundantly clear to anyone who meets her. Alaisia will be the first female Alpha in the world...
The Reversed Rejection by chortlesngiggles
The Reversed Rejectionby Mishka Jain
" I Alpha Austin Knight re .." "Woah, dude who gave you the bragging rights in this relationship?" I interrupt him and he gives me a confused look...
Revenge to Love    by taibar_pen
Revenge to Love by Rabia
Just a slap. Her life turned to her worst imagination. Noor Jafar is the definition of kind, sweet, beautiful and so many other good qualities a woman can have. Adil...