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Ancient Egyptian Legends by eyeofanpu
Ancient Egyptian Legendsby eyeofanpu
This book covers the mythology of the Egyptian gods and godesses. The author, Margaret Alice Murray, wrote other books about Ancient Egypt, as well as The Witch Cult in...
Illusions of The Netjeru: Desert Mirage by pursefirst
Illusions of The Netjeru: Desert Ryan Lewis
A young Kemetic teen lives a pretty balanced life until he and his friends stumble upon a hidden temple. A mysterious gemstone is stolen from the temple and the Kemetic...
The Dusk Amber Digit (Halfstreet Archives)- genre: Steam/Otherworld Teen by Loraphine
The Dusk Amber Digit (Halfstreet Loraphine
note: Your inquiries and impressions are valuable and welcome. 2nd note: I must warn you in advance; these glimpses of the archives which are transmitting from the 27...