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Music in the air (Kamijiro) by strwht106
Music in the air (Kamijiro)by strwht106
The flirtatious Kaminari is desperate to achieve Kyoka Jiro's attention and love but she doesn't want to submit to him and give him what he wants. Instead she teases him...
Secret Sparks - A KamiJiro Story by Nugget_Life
Secret Sparks - A KamiJiro Storyby Nugget
When Kaminari and Jiro start dating at the start of their seconded year at UA, they decide to keep it a secret from the rest of the class, but just how long can they go...
Asriel Dreemurr: The Symbol of Hopes and Dreams by mhaandn1nt3nd0fan
Asriel Dreemurr: The Symbol of Hop...by Nintendo Mha fan
The war has ended. But the heroes have failed. The plan to save Tomura Shigaraki could not have been put into action as Izuku Midoriya was fatally wounded by All For One...
She fell first, he fell harder - KAMIJIROU by slay_the_day_away_
She fell first, he fell harder - K...by Slay 😿
AU of them living through their lives normally if the war never happened. Will they just be friends? Or will they be much more? Other side ships mentioned 😘 +best fri...
Is It Jealousy? - 𝒦𝒶𝓂𝒾𝒿𝒾𝓇𝑜𝓊 𝐹𝒶𝓃𝒻𝒾𝒸 by Galaxy_Slayer2041
Is It Jealousy? - 𝒦𝒶𝓂𝒾𝒿𝒾𝓇𝑜...by FJ
- Some of the characters and art you see here do not belong to me - The chibi characters in the cover rightfully belong to Ichigomeichan https://www.instagram.com/ichig...
The unstoppable trio (vigilante shindeku) by Not_justine
The unstoppable trio (vigilante sh...by Justīne Bula
This will be my first story so, yeah. This story will be about how deku's life changed when two very special people came in his life. You see deku was told that he was...
Admit It!|*|KAMIJIRO|*|The 'Proposal' Remake by Mhaequalslife
Admit It!|*|KAMIJIRO|*|The 'Propos...by indi<3
Mina and Hagakure try to get Jiro to admit she likes Kaminari, when she finally does, she doesn't want to confess, but they didn't force her... I don't own BNHA or any o...
It's A Small World (Kaminari x Jiro) by Ballisticc
It's A Small World (Kaminari x Jir...by Ballisticc
Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro have been friends for well over a while now, Jiro starts to have feelings for Denki, the same goes for him, but neither of the parties know...
Ninjago: Next Ninja Heroes by gek0kid
Ninjago: Next Ninja Heroesby Gek0kid Productions
I don't have a good description for the story, the plot is good, but I could figure out the basic talking bit of it. So instead, it's pretty straight forward, I'm combin...
(My Hero Academia) Shaman King: Deku by Sword_king_19
(My Hero Academia) Shaman King: De...by Sword_king_19
"It all started in QingQing city, China. A child was born that radiated light, soon enough people with supernatural powers started popping up all over the world, bu...
Secret|*|KAMIJIRO|*|Bnha, Pt.2 Of Admit It! - ON HOLD! by Mhaequalslife
Secret|*|KAMIJIRO|*|Bnha, Pt.2 Of...by indi<3
On hold! Kaminari and Jiro started dating a few days ago, but Jiro doesn't want any one to know, especially the girls. Kaminari being the desperate Pikachu he is, wants...
Monophobia ((KAMINARI DENKI X OC || PRESENT MIC X ADOPTED OC)) by chloeellings
Monophobia ((KAMINARI DENKI X OC |...by el
Akira Kokyū's already dysfunctional life was sent on a tailspin the day she met Present Mic. The day she met the Pro Hero was also the day the shy girl from the slummy...
My Hero Academia Parent Ships Scenarios. by IAmFeelingSmappy
My Hero Academia Parent Ships Scen...by IAmFeelingSmappy
This is basically MHA ships as parents, like Momo and Jiro being your parents, that's it. INCLUDES: Todoroki x Midoriya Bakugou x Kirishima Yaoyorozu x Jiro Jiro x Kamin...
Class 1-A Have A Lesson On Love by LollyIssaWorm
Class 1-A Have A Lesson On Loveby 🌈 Lolly ✨
Class 1-A are training to be heroes. But can they master the other challenges life throws at you? (will have boyxboy and girlxgirl but also some straight ships cause not...
They Don't Know by Icy_Hot_Queen
They Don't Knowby Karma vs Tris
This a depressing stroy about a 16 year old, Denki Kmainari. There is a Jrio×Kaminari ship. And I added my oc, Tris. But I changed the story line a lot. I made up and lo...
•{ New student in UA }• mha fanfic by Lubbock_532
•{ New student in UA }• mha fanficby 𝓛𝓾𝓫𝓫𝓪
This story may have some spelling or grammar mistakes. No ship wars pls ❗SOME ARTWORK ISNT MINE THEY BELONG TO THEIR TALENTED ARTISTS❗ Btw you can give me more inspirati...
The Big Book of BNHA Ships: My Opinion on Popular and Unpopular Ships by CheolJunJoongSang
The Big Book of BNHA Ships: My Opi...by cherryjunnie
Hi, this book was created purely for entertainment and these will be based on my opinions, so please don't hate in the comments. This is my opinion and you don't have to...
♥︎My Baker Boy♥︎ Kamijiro (Au) by Losers_128
♥︎My Baker Boy♥︎ Kamijiro (Au)by Losers_128
I saw the bakery blonde in the back waving vigorously at me, I went over and sat down. "Hey..." Highest ranks #1 denkixjiro #416 Jiro #370 denki #4 Kaminarix...
Our Duet! 🎶 ~ KamiJirou Fanfic by ArchEnlight
Our Duet! 🎶 ~ KamiJirou Fanficby
The students are about to start their second year, Kyoka Jirou finds a paper plastered on the wall in the middle of the event board in the commons it reads: _________...