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It all started with a dare | kacchako fanfic | by Plusultraartz
It all started with a dare | kacch...by plusultra
Soo...it all started with a dare,... let's see where it will end~hehehe(・∀・) Jk buddies, u r free to read and find out \(◕ᴗ◕✿)/ hii ppl(≧▽≦)/, this is my first fanfic, a...
Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka story) by Himawari_Kawayama
Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka...by Himawari_Kawayama
Bakugo and Uraraka get partnered in their three week internship. Uraraka develops feelings overtime. Will bakugo feel the same? (Bakugo x Uraraka story with lemon later...
New Prey by theHiddenSemiColon
New Preyby theHiddenSemiColon
Nobody expected Bakugou and Uraraka to start dating in high school and surprisingly they make a cute powerhouse couple. After graduation they get engaged and pursue thei...
I Can't Lose You (Complete) by KeeleyJay
I Can't Lose You (Complete)by KeeleyJay
⚠️ Spoiler warning. Mentions of the events leading up to, including and following the internship arc ⚠️ Katsuki has always been bad at expressing his feelings but when h...
Caramel || Kacchako by smolliz
Caramel || Kacchakoby lizzie the smol
bakugou and uraraka are too fluffy together ~~ "Caramel. That scent was always there when she hugged him, the sweet scent that always lingered on his body. Katsuki...
Kacchako Oneshots by whiterosebakugo
Kacchako Oneshotsby Angel
#8 in Kacchako #2 in Ochakouraraka A collection of credited Kacchako Fanfics from Ao3 and more All authors and artists are credited Cover art- delusional-lune -hate f...
Kacchako one shots by LoverofBakugo
Kacchako one shotsby LoverofBakugo
♡Kacchako one shots!!!♡
The Other Worldly - Kacchako/Katsuki x Ochako/ by PsychoTea_
The Other Worldly - Kacchako/Katsu...by ✨Aries✨
When the League of Villains finally achieve their goal of ending the symbol of peace, in the process killing off half of her class-her friends, her family, the closest p...
Mutual Attraction by Alliebaba17
Mutual Attractionby Alliebaba17
A Kacchako/Bakuraka story about the students moving into the UA dorms where growing interests and mutual attraction bloom into something more... The images and character...
𓂃⋅Promise Ring⋄ by RestartMySoul
𓂃⋅Promise Ring⋄by 𓂃⋅Aila⋄
𓂃⋅🍙⋄ Bakugo and Uraraka are in a relationship that consists of tooth-rotting fluff, cuddles, and some smut 𓂃⋅🥛⋄ Art belongs to @mhasophy on twitter https://twitter.c...
Save Him by KeeleyJay
Save Himby KeeleyJay
~This story follows on from my first story 'I Cant Lose You' so go give that a read first.~ 5 years have past since we have last seen our heroes in training. Ochaco Urar...
Puffy eyes and Broken hearts (kacchako) by candyxoxo9
Puffy eyes and Broken hearts (kacc...by candy xoxo
"Look Deku i really like you and i...uh well do you like me back?" "I'm sorry Uraraka but i need to focus on becoming a pro hero before i get into a relat...
us ❣ | ❣ kacchako by qwqannie
us ❣ | ❣ kacchakoby annie
It all started with an awkward morning encounter. /// All characters belong to Bnha, this is just a fanfic! The art is not mine.
BNHA One-Shots- Smut/Fluff by TsukaretaSora
BNHA One-Shots- Smut/Fluffby Tired Sky
Meh. This is just a book about your favorite ships in MHA/BNHA :3 WARNING!! This story may contain some offensive writing and violence in it. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
Kacchako Headcanons For The Soul by kacchako_100_works
Kacchako Headcanons For The Soulby kacchako_100_works
Just a bunch of random headcanons I have for my two little idiots. I'll add on once I think of more. If you have any you'd like to add, leave them in the comments :D
The Dance is still Young (Kacchako) by Kaerua
The Dance is still Young (Kacchako)by Kaerua
U.A. High, after the climatic sports festival is holding their annual formal ball!! That's heaven for Class 1-A but Midnight and All-Might announce that some of the stud...
The Hothead and His Pink Cheeks {Kacchako Fanfic} by I_wasa_mistake
The Hothead and His Pink Cheeks {K...by 🌾🌻🍃
Excerpt from the Story- "Pink cheeks." Uraraka glances up at Bakugo, realizing exactly what he just did, then looks forward. "Hothead." Bakugo quickl...
Fake Dating- Kacchako BNHA by KittyKlawz411
Fake Dating- Kacchako BNHAby KittyKlawz411
Uraraka's crush on Deku is getting stronger by the day, so when her and Bakugou pretend to be in a relationship, her feelings towards Deku waver. Will Bakugou feel the s...
Respect Me by Hermelath0mE
Respect Meby Hermit Crab
After mochi face Ochako Uraraka battles it out with the angry Pomeranian Katsuki Bakugou at the sports festival he begins to respect her and she respects him. Even thoug...
Kacchako Drabbles For The Soul by kacchako_100_works
Kacchako Drabbles For The Soulby kacchako_100_works
A bunch of little scenes that come to my head! None of them will be connected in any way (at least for now), and they'll all differ in word count and content. They'll al...