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The Bakurocket! by PQuintanilha
The Bakurocket!by Prisca
It all started with a spark... That's all it ever takes to ignite anything! (A BnHA Kacchako/Bakuraka/KatsuOcha fanfiction)
Can you make me float? ~kacchako  by Kayreads333
Can you make me float? ~kacchako by OopsAMistake22
Bakugou is a mostly closed off person but when he sees Uraraka try to bring light into his life, he feels happy for once. I like to think she lights up his life because...
Kacchako one shots❤️ by Neonlibs1116
Kacchako one shots❤️by Lib💕
"When I first saw you I didn't think much of you. Then you became friends with that damn Deku. You were just another classmate. I didn't hate you but I didn't real...
Mutual Attraction by Alliebaba17
Mutual Attractionby Thefrogrox17
A Kacchako/Bakuraka story about the students moving into the UA dorms where growing interests and mutual attraction bloom into something more... The images and character...
She's Mine! [ A Kacchako Fanfiction ] by jinniebabiee
She's Mine! [ A Kacchako Fanfictio...by uwu
Rumors are spreading that Katsuki Bakugou and Uraraka Ochako are... dating?! Both of them deny it, but that will cause more problems... DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN BNHA! MA...
I Can't Lose You by KeeleyJay
I Can't Lose Youby KeeleyJay
⚠️ Spoiler warning. Mentions of the events leading up to, including and following the internship arc ⚠️ Katsuki has always been bad at expressing his feelings but when h...
My Kind of Bastard (Kacchako Fanfic) by CrazyCreze
My Kind of Bastard (Kacchako Fanfi...by You-Know-Who
"Bakugo Katsuki, you lucky bastard that I fell for you~" Sincerely Ochako Uraraka.
Dance With Me: Kacchako fanfic (Bakugo x Uraraka) by cookiesandkacchako
Dance With Me: Kacchako fanfic (Ba...by Kacchako is bae
Uraraka recently got rejected by Deku and isn't feeling very well but intends to brighten her mood in the party that Present Mic of hosting for the Class 1A students and...
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰 ; bakugou x uraraka AU by capriisujn
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰 ; bakugou x ur...by 𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫
❝Uraraka, I will make you happier than any other guy could. I promise.❞ . . . . →(warning: language and other mature themes may be present.) !art is not mine!
Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka story) by Himawari_Kawayama
Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka...by Himawari_Kawayama
Bakugo and Uraraka get partnered for their three week internship. Uraraka develops feelings overtime. Will Bakugo feel the same? A Bakugou x Uraraka // Kacchako story. N...
Lost Without You| Kacchako by ELXSPELL-
Lost Without You| Kacchakoby INACTIVE
currently under revision
My Assassination Classroom(Boku No Hero Academia x Assassination Classroom) by -MinusUltra-
My Assassination Classroom(Boku No...by 𝕀𝕓𝕦𝕜𝕚 𝔹𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝔾𝕚𝕣𝕝
After successfully killing Korosensei, Karma and Okuda accidentally suck class 3E and their teachers into the world of Boku No Hero Academia. Ships- Bnha- 'Canon' ships...
Bonded With You * Kacchako * by JFDragonFire
Bonded With You * Kacchako *by Jean Francis
Everyone with a Quirk is born with a Soul Mark. I had goals to be the number one hero, to be greater than All Might himself. The hell with this Soul Bond, I'm following...
"Sometimes..Different is better." -Kacchako Fanfic by Tay_To_Tay_
"Sometimes..Different is better."...by
It all started with an awkward conversation in the hallway, before sparking Uraraka's curiosity about the Angry Bakugou Katsuki. as she becomes closer to him, her crush...
Kacchako one shots by LoverofBakugo
Kacchako one shotsby LoverofBakugo
♡Kacchako one shots!!!♡
Kacchako Oneshots by astraluxie
Kacchako Oneshotsby astraluxie
A Collection of One-Shots for Kacchako aka Ochako Uraraka and Katsuki Bakugo from the Anime/Manga My Hero Acedamia Authors and Artists are credited All NSFW titles ha...
BNHA) New Baku-squad Member by sky240604
BNHA) New Baku-squad Memberby Skylar
This is a story that includes Kacchako, kamijirou, kirmina ships if you don't like any of these please don't read it, it's that simple This story is about how uraraka be...
Bnha smut oneshots by denkutii
Bnha smut oneshotsby denkutii
Uhh smut one shots😀👍 Includes MxM FxF and MxF Multiships NO SHIP HATE (it's literally moving pictures get it together🥱)
Respect Me by FRU1T1L1C1OUS
Respect Meby FRU1T—B4SK3T
After mochi face Ochako Uraraka battles it out with the angry Pomeranian Katsuki Bakugou at the sports festival he begins to respect her and she respects him. Even thoug...
Early Hours by kacchako_100_works
Early Hoursby !HAnnAH!
Katsuki Bakugo is a cuddler. Not many people know this about him and- Actually, no, scratch that. Not many people *used* to know that about him. Now they do. Now they a...