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Jungkook + Yoongi Art College by BooImNotAGhost
Jungkook + Yoongi Art Collegeby Woof
Yoongi is Jungkook's art professor at college - and he isn't too impressed when the student hands in work that isn't satisfactory, earning him a rather strange improveme...
It's Unruly - Jk x Yg by SugaKookieDelight
It's Unruly - Jk x Ygby Little Miss SugaDaddy
This is a Jeon Jeongguk x Min Yoongi fanfiction, in an alternate universe. It's a oneshot in the making!
Where Min Yoongi(21) meets a young boy(20) wandering the streets on a rainy night and becomes attracted to him very fast. But for Yoongi to be with this guy he has to o...
You Make Me Feel Alive (yoonkook) by aitai_tai
You Make Me Feel Alive (yoonkook)by aitai_tai
BTS are a world class Kpop group, selling out stadiums around the world and winning countless awards. They are at the height of their career and nothing can stop them. A...
Finally Found You [ Laziest Update ] by _YoOnGi_MaRrY_mE
Finally Found You [ Laziest Update...by missing innocence
Taegi is the best couples ever they are hot , cute , sweet , loveing, caring , understanding what could even go wrong? That's what everyone thinks they don't know that ...
Reuniting Table by motamekiku
Reuniting Tableby Motame
- Yoongi? - Hm? - I love you, you love me~ - Jungkook started to sing - Oh, come on Jungkook. Not that Barney shit again - Yoongi whined prying for mercy - Come Yoongi...
Unrequited   [On Hold] by Peachxculture
Unrequited [On Hold]by Andy
["Loving is hard....I know the best"] After confessing his love to Rei, the beautiful rapper of Fallen whom he had been crushing for months, Jungkook has his h...
草莓|strawberries & cigarettes°yoonkook by helladick
草莓|strawberries & cigarettes°yoonk...by ann.
inhaled cigarette smoke; rundown mustangs; your lips against mine as we slowly delve deeper into each other jjk+myg//80's!au <on-going>
Birthday! by HG-fanfics
Birthday!by HG-fanfics
Pairing: jungkook/yoongi sugakook Description: "Wow okay I cannot believe you bought me dog toys and treats for my birthday are kidding me-omg is that a squeaky bo...
Should've listened to that pleading voice calling him than ignoring ____ Best rankings: #4 - jungkookxyoongi #10 - jungkookxsuga #12 - BTSWINGS #309 - SUGAKOOKIE #640...
You caught my Eye by RolePlayMaster1284
You caught my Eyeby LesbianEmoDad
The romance story of a CEO, Yoongi- And a manipulative bar tender, Jungkook.
[Coming Soon] ƒιrѕт ℓσνє  • м.yg + j.jĸ by YOONTROS_
[Coming Soon] ƒιrѕт ℓσνє • м.yg +...by 𝐜 𝐚 𝐬 𝐬 𝐢 𝐞 ♡
He was passionate about playing piano. He wanted to play the piano... Who knew blind love could be taken to a whole another level? "Hyung, teach me how to play&qu...
Paper Hearts by miyoonga
Paper Heartsby agustdick
"Does it make you feel better?" Yoongi asked. "Well, try it. You'll see." Anything, he would've done anything to not feel the pain, feel good, life...
What About Us by gay_4you
What About Usby Finch
This story is about Jungkook as he discovers the truth about a new mafia that emerges. His curiosity interrupts his current plans on finishing colleges when he decides t...
play me a song by yunyun_xi
play me a songby nene
to the piano player next door, upstairs or downstairs, play me a song will you? [ v short chapters ! ] started ;; 20/25/5 ended ;; 20/25/5 (no drafts) jungkook - ital...
I'm a boy  by prttyyoongi
I'm a boy by doll
Yoongi is a transgender male with a very supportive dad And Jungkook is a bully and only soft for Yoongi
Hold Back [ YK. ] by namgist
Hold Back [ YK. ]by 🍇joongi🍇
"Y-You're getting married? But how about us?" myg + jjk 2021 © namgist
Triple Threat (Taegi+Yoonkook+Yoonmin) by yoonminislife11
Triple Threat (Taegi+Yoonkook+Yoon...by ❤
3 very rich brothers fall for the commoner that's in their college on a scholarship. "Ones a pervert, the other one is a self-righteous asshole, and the last one is...