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Bits & Pieces by lyttlejoe
Bits & Piecesby lyttlejoe
RECENTLY ADDED TO WATTPAD COFFEE COMMUNITY POPOURRI COLLECTION - 2018 Bits & Pieces. It is a collection of noodles, stories never completed, thoughts I may have from tim...
Poems Book 2 (On-going) Published Under Smashwords, Inc. by gorgeousjourney
Poems Book 2 (On-going) Published...by Gorgeous💚Journey
This is the book 2 of my poem collections I personally created. Poems is where my heart lies. Please enjoy my own created poems. Thank you for all the support. ISBN: 97...
Freedom by EverSinceNever
Freedomby ~Tithi~
A poem that describes all the problems faced by women in the society.
Kit's Poems by WingedKitten345
Kit's Poemsby Kitteh
We were writing poems in English class one day, and I thought, why not publish mine? Here you are, people of Wattpad, poems by Kitty Dragonson. Enjoy.
Silent Words (On Hold[School]) by CrimsonCheeks
Silent Words (On Hold[School])by Maya✌⚓⚓⚓✌✌✌😋😋😜🤯
There is no way to express yourself truly when speech doesn't allow, Unless there are poems to paint pictures to show you how. All those...
The Dawn | On Going | by AWhimsicalWriter
The Dawn | On Going |by Ranu Saha
I've always believed in the positive facets of life, but, there's no existence of the positive if there's nothing negative. The life is full of opaque hardships, but, yo...
Beneath the Surface - A Poetry Book by Iwritemystery
Beneath the Surface - A Poetry Bookby Iwritemystery
words flowing through me like a river crashing against the dam waiting to be let out
Raw: Between the Lines by RebekahakebeR
Raw: Between the Linesby Rebekah
My collection of poems. Written with a heavy heart, when inspired, or straight from the heart. "Writing when inspired is an amazing thing, but no one sees what you...
Heart out by amisha_dhigan
Heart outby Amisha
I put my heart out here. Started on :- 09/06/2018 ****** Highest ranking 1- wattpadpoetry2018 (30th June, 2018) 1 - dailythoughts (30th June, 2018)
Ice cold  by shootingstarr14
Ice cold by galactic-tears
"They said her heart was ice cold, but even ice melts." A collection of poetry about different issues which need to be talked about more. Everything contained...
WP_Poetry Contest Entries (On-going) by gorgeousjourney
WP_Poetry Contest Entries (On-goin...by Gorgeous💚Journey
Collections of Poems intended for WP_Poetry Contest. Author: Gorgeous Journey Rank #425 in Mom Rank #12 in mayismaternal English
Strikes of Blood by Blank-ET-
Strikes of Bloodby Spaxe
This is a one-chapter poem. A poetry. This is my entry for the #julyisfree contest
Contest Enteries by Aniza-
Contest Enteriesby Aniza-
Just words that travel like airplanes from around my heart. - Highest ranks: #25 In Wattpadpoetry2018 #7 in Julyisfree
The Dark Mind by 14blackeyes
The Dark Mindby Blackeyes
My thoughts, my desires my wishes, my dreams That which can't be said That which can't be told Which stayed right here in my heart.. Or.... in this book
A Monument of Human Nature by pxmpkinspxce
A Monument of Human Natureby 💗wynnie💗
The human nature is a thing of many ups and downs, much darkness and much light, and a love of life yet a morbid curiosity about death. The fickle nature of humanity len...
A Peek Through My Eyes 🗸 by raindrops_0
A Peek Through My Eyes 🗸by A.G.
"she writes when broken and lost inside, hoping the ones she love read between the lines" Cover by TheGreatSphinx ︱Honorable Mention (3rd) in The Rhapsody Awa...
Life Poetry 📚(Book 2) #Wattys2018 by _LookingAtStars_
Life Poetry 📚(Book 2) #Wattys2018by Aly
Another book of a few simple poems. Very few are written about personal experience which I think many of you can relate to. It's completed.
From the bottom of my heart, the author | #Wattys2018 by sanagirish
From the bottom of my heart, the a...by Sana
*Featured by Wattpad Poetry* Poetry is like making a movie or painting an image, but with words. These are poems I have written from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy! ...
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Contest Entries by HazelUrquhart
Contest Entriesby The H Word
1 - Time - Whether it's highlighting how much or little you have left, one thing is for sure, time will always be there. 2 - Twisted Love - because as they say, there is...