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Beginnings by StupidShips
Beginningsby StupidShips
This is a story about Lucy's life beginning, with new friends, enemies, lies, and family. Lucy's life is pretty normal until there is this new school with the weirdest p...
On the run [a NaLu 700 follower special oneshot] by Jellalipop
On the run [a NaLu 700 follower sp...by Trollshima's apprentice
Note: this doesn't take place in the fairy tail world. A.K.A. It's a modern take during the early 1900s. --- Based off the song called "On the Run" Written by...
Levy & Her Death by ranisivani
Levy & Her Deathby rani
Lucy remembers how Levy died, then has a fun time. TRIGGER WARNING: If you think that death, car accidents, death of a best friend/loved one may trigger you, this may no...
Nalu//runaway bride//one-shot by NALU6999
Nalu//runaway bride//one-shotby Lucy_dragneelia
Lucy is being forced into an arranged Marriage with sting euliciffe. The last words she hears from her former best friend and maid of honour levy is 'run away, escape hi...
From Childhood Friends to Lovers (A NaLu story) by Nana_Jaemin0813
From Childhood Friends to Lovers (...by 𖥨֗ 𓈈 𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗮
"Waaaaah!! Waaaahh!!" Did I just hear... Crying? "Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" I looked around the meadow and saw a girl running away..? She was crying.. (Oof...
The Last Secret -NaLu by Luce-Lu
The Last Secret -NaLuby Lonely-BlaCk
Lucy Heartfilia, The ever person filled with bunch of secrets, hiding in different disguise/masks, her walls are high enough to keep herself away from the judgement sigh...
Darkness Around Us by maddie-ships-all
Darkness Around Usby Maddie
Summary: A/N: I was recently told, if you put emotion or past experiences in your story, the reader can connect better, due to possibly relating to it. This is only a pa...
Choices by naluforever231
Choicesby nalu forever
Lucy Heartfilia a typical teen with friends who goes to Sabertooth High with her childhood friend Sting,his girlfriend Yukino and her other childhood friend Rogue. But w...
The arranged marriage(Fairytail) by Jade_Brady04
The arranged marriage(Fairytail)by Jade Brady
We all know the back story of how Lucy Heartfilia came into FairyTail's possession. But what if they didn't know the whole truth. What if she left because she was in an...
I will always be there | One Shot by celestialdragon949
I will always be there | One Shotby Celestial Dragon
All his life, Natsu had been searching for his lost father, Igneel. And when he finally finds his dad again, he is once again taken from him. However, this time Natsu k...
A Voice Forever Scarred by Bunnygirl413
A Voice Forever Scarredby Bunnygirl413
Lucy Heartfilia, age 17 and lead vocalist of 'A Fairy Tail', the famous high school rock band. Respected by friends and adored by fans, living the perfect life...so ever...
The Survival  *Fairy tail* by lizheart365
The Survival *Fairy tail*by Celestial Dream 365
There was once a five year old girl that was shipwrecked on a island that no one knows about and she has no memories of anyone that she had met before. Fourteen years pa...
The Heartfilia Twins (Lucy FF) { if Lucy had a twin} (ON HIATUS) by jazzybeishir
The Heartfilia Twins (Lucy FF) { i...by Laala Manaka
From Birth to Lucy's 4th Birthday she had a twin but the day after her birthday she never saw her sister again. Once Lucy turned 18 she found out the truth. Read The He...