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UNFAIR - JOHNNY MARR by liam-gali
there's literally like 3 johnny marr fics on here so here one for you marr lovers ❤️
80s bands imagines. by alanwildersnose
80s bands Daniela
boredom got to me, so I'm opening requests for 80s bands imagines. feel free to ask anything, but nothing too smutty or bold. I'm an innocent teenager ya know ;)
that joke isn't funny anymore by primarkfishnets
that joke isn't funny anymoreby simp 4 jean kirstein
please don't read this, it's literal garbage. i'm genuinely warning you this is the worst thing i've ever written don't force urself to read it cause it has lots of read...
Morrissey Reblogs Memes by unloveablemarr
Morrissey Reblogs Memesby unloveablemarr
Modern day tumblr au. Johnny finds Morrissey's blog and immediately fals for the weird, meme-posting music nerd. *Don't agree to meet strangers from the internet though...
highschool!britpop x reader au by HentaiMatsu
highschool!britpop x reader auby Lindsay
>requires basic knowledge of blur, oasis, suede, pulp, elastica, etc. >requires basic Madchester knowledge as well >will have some cameos from obscure bands lik...
Leader Of The Pack/ J.M by MorrisseyTheVegan
Leader Of The Pack/ J.Mby Billy
she met him in a record store she fell for him pretty hard
Friday I'm In Love by unloveablemarr
Friday I'm In Loveby unloveablemarr
Not mine, it's by Flowercrownclem on Archive Of Our Own. After Moz and Johnny have an argument, something seems to go wrong and they are forced to do whatever they could...
The Smiths Text😳🤭 by Unloveable_Children
The Smiths Text😳🤭by Unloveable_Children
this is really gay and uh- yeah😎😎 blease enjoy this hsuhsghshs
Rubber ring  by Smiths_bitch6377373
Rubber ring by Smiths_bitch6377373
Morrissey is in love with Johnny and he was sure that his feelings weren't returned until Johnny caught him in the shower.
There's Something Against Us by marrissey
There's Something Against Usby Blah
Really self explanatory. Give it a read! ..I mean...if you want to... You don't need to know the famous people to read this ^.^
The morrissey you the marr I like u [one shot] by lubiedamianaalbarna
The morrissey you the marr I Ringo jedzacy kiełbasę
Przykra historia o zfriendzonowanym Stevenie : (
You're The One by backbedroomcasualty
You're The Oneby The Girl Least Likely To
My first Marrissey fic :) Linder's stormed off in an argument with Moz, so who can that be at the door?
a taste of honey by cemetrygvtes
a taste of honeyby cemetrygvtes
Never had I met anyone one like Steven Morrissey.
easter is kinda wack😔 by Unloveable_Children
easter is kinda wack😔by Unloveable_Children
oh no-😳 uhhh happy easter everyone huhsgdh🐰🥚
About A Girl by iluvdasmiths
About A Girlby Thot destroyer
A young, rebellious runaway from America comes to Stratford, Manchester in hopes to start a new life there. Along the way, she meets a peculiar group of friends, one who...
Very short Smiths fics by pao_prazz
Very short Smiths ficsby pao_prazz
We are one and no one can't change it.
what do you see in him?♡marrissey. by JaneeKim
what do you see in him?♡ ⚡𝘿𝙤𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙮⚡
Morrissey ha crecido observando los conflictos y las alegrías que conlleva enamorarse, a pesar de que él nunca se ha sentido así, Jeane constantemente le recuerda que na...