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Lover by SweetCorn_22
Loverby SweetCorn_22
"You promised you would always be here! promised you would never leave..." "No." He replied with the coldest expression that I have ever s...
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn One Shots by tswiftfanfics13
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn One tswiftfanfics13
Just some one shots I write on a daily basis. Some will be short and some will be longer. They are mainly family-based one shots. There will be some mature content as w...
Her sweet girl by Sirsell
Her sweet girlby Sirsell
On one of those incredibly cold December days, where you just want to get home, curl up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book. Taylor is on her way back f...
Album [Jaylor One-Shots] by thesaurusnoob
Album [Jaylor One-Shots]by swiftiesaurus
Just a collection of one-shots that come to me in bed that I'll probably forget if I didn't write here. Enjoy! #8 in #joealwyn! #35 in #heart-felt! #39 in #jaylor! #32 i...
Runaway Autumn by writing1322
Runaway Autumnby writing1322
It's Fall 2016 and the only good thing in Taylor's life is her relationship with Joe...or so she thinks. Still jaded from the cracks within her friend groups, the crumbl...
handprints on my soul - jaylor oneshots by dorotheasdreams
handprints on my soul - jaylor dorothea🤍🍂
please take my hand and please take me dancing, and please leave me stranded it's so romantic
Two Pink Lines by graynovembers
Two Pink Linesby kay
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's lives take a wild turn, when Taylor discovers she's pregnant. How will they cope with this newborn child? Watch the ups and the downs of pre...
Stolen Lullaby PT 2 by Champagne-Dreams
Stolen Lullaby PT 2by Champagne-Dreams
-Book two of the Stolen Lullaby series- Taking place after the events of the first book as Taylor and Joe take their daughters to live in London and start a new life aw...
in my wildest dreams - a taylor swift fanfiction by cowboylikebianca
in my wildest dreams - a taylor bianca🦋
- a taylor swift adoption story - In which Skye, a 14-year-old foster kid from Tennessee going through a rough patch in her life, gets help from an unlikely person who c...
A place in this world - peace series spin off - ellianas story by jaylor_cornelia
A place in this world - peace cornellia street
Elliana alwyn just wants to have a normal college experience despite who her parents are. But that's easier said than done when the reputation and prestige of your paren...
I remember when I saw your beautiful eyes again. I remember it all too well.
Someone's Daughter by riakipps13
Someone's Daughterby Everlore Theorist
After 2 years of living with Scott Swift in Florida and visiting Andrea in the summers between tours, Kennedy Swift knew that time with her mother and sister always ran...
Haylor Timeline by haylorsswyles
Haylor Timelineby naii
Harry Styles and Taylor swift relationship timeline (Active and still adding stuff) (Half creds to haylortml on twitter) Enjoy♡︎ Highest rank: #1 on tarry
Chasing Shadows (Jaylor Fanfiction) by BraedenLee
Chasing Shadows (Jaylor Fanfiction)by Braeden
[Sequel to The Tattoo Kiss] History repeats itself. Almost a decade later, Olivia is making the same mistakes as her mother. Will Taylor step up as a mother or sit back...
Jaylor / Taylor Swift One shots by Getaway_License
Jaylor / Taylor Swift One shotsby TaylorSwiftStories
Jaylor One shots, Taylor Swift Imagines. Dramatic,smutty, sad, romantic. Leave any requests in the comments or by message. I'll do any requests. I update every week! Pl...
a sound she hadn't heard before by villageisaglow
a sound she hadn't heard beforeby ab <3
When he walked out, Taylor gave up most of her life as she knew it. She knew that she had to give the baby that she was going to be raising by herself the best life that...
dreamscapes - jaylor by dorotheasdreams
dreamscapes - jaylorby dorothea🤍🍂
and you know that i'd... swing with you for the fences sit with you in the trenches give you my wild give you a child♡
Ice frozen dreams turned golden by Augustines_stars
Ice frozen dreams turned goldenby Tini 💖
*** I highly recommend reading the Wisteria heart series by the amazing @fearlesslyfolklore beforehand - as she is the creator of this beautiful world *** This is Lizzie...
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwyn by graynovembers
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwynby kay
i've been sitting here for like ten minutes trying to think of a good non-cheesy yet also alluring description and i've now given up so basically this story is about whe...