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Sex can't fill the stomach JIKOOK by life_as_jikooker
Sex can't fill the stomach JIKOOKby life_as_jikooker
jungkook is a jobless boyfriend and jimin is doing two jobs to feed both of them. jungkook fucks like a pro in bed, and this is the only reason why they both are still i...
Shameless Smut (kinks)jikook by delightedarmy
Shameless Smut (kinks)jikookby delighted army
"You are mine omega ,, mine" Each chapter will contain one kink. Sex life of jikook (married) #JIKOOK #KOOKMIN #BTS, #kink #smut #kisses #nippleplay,#btsjungk...
Jikook is real - smut by kpopchimchimmochi
Jikook is real - smutby kpopchimchimmochi
Mature content warning ⚠️ In this story, Jimin & Jungkook are boyfriends who can't get enough of each other. Each chapter is a one shot, but there is a basic storyline w...
Jikook Oneshots by JJKPJMkookiemochi
Jikook Oneshotsby 💜JIKOOK💜
A collection of Jikook oneshots by me and other talented authors. (If you find one of your stories in this book, it's because I really loved the story and decided to ad...
🔞The Kink Addict🔞(Jikook Smut BxB-REPUBLISHING) by MyDaddyJeon13
🔞The Kink Addict🔞(Jikook Smut Bx...by Jikook & Vmin SMUT 2021
⚠️Top-JJK🔸18+ FF Mature⚠️Park Jimin is a beautiful sexy young man that works in a sex shop attending to everyone's sexual desires and kinks. Everyone thinks he must ha...
Body and Soul   |  지국 by army_exoL1503
Body and Soul | 지국by Jibooty trash
"You deserve everything I've done to you , slut" "Yes , Kookie..." Jimin and Jungkook are two very successful idols from the most popular Kpop group...
NO ANGEL • by snaccie
NO ANGEL •by LoVe YoUrSeLf 🎖
"it's not in the bible" [ CRINGE ] @2017
Mine  by btsonlypls
Mine by btsonlypls
Where Jimin is a innocent boy and Jungkook is a bully but what happens when Jungkook starts liking Jimin.......hehe
🔞FORBIDDEN🔞(Jikook Smut BxB-RE-PUBLISHING)  by MyDaddyJeon13
🔞FORBIDDEN🔞(Jikook Smut BxB-RE-P...by Jikook & Vmin SMUT 2021
⚠️Top -JJK 18+ FF Mature⚠️It's the future the war between lycans and vampires has reached their deadliest height making people go into hiding to supress their powers to...
彡obey ☁️ jikook by -jiminxx-
彡obey ☁️ jikookby ai
"you have no choice, baby." jungkook whisper in jimin's ear, slowly rocking his hips upwards, pushing out pretty little whimpers out of jimin's mouth. "yo...
Horny pills//Jikook smut//Vmin smut by singularyv
Horny pills//Jikook smut//Vmin smutby Singulary Tae
Hey! This ff contain a lot of inappropriate scene and can offensive some people so if you don't like those kind of things then I don't think you will enjoy this. And thi...
What happens to angels by kookminforever__
What happens to angelsby kookminforever__
"I would never hurt my little sugar doll" Where Jungkook is a Maniac with a very soft spot for his cute blond therapist. -#38 in Jikook 28/7/20!
Bloody Circus | Jikook by devilishhe
Bloody Circus | Jikookby devilishhe
'You carve into my skin like i'm your toy, but this toy will make you regret it.' "W-what have you done?! N-no..no..NO! You've ruined my fun!!" - Park Jimin A...
missed call (kookmin smut) by jikookbustory
missed call (kookmin smut)by Mubyna jkjm
مقدمه : تنها صدای گریه ای که میخوام بشنوم...صدای ناله های شیرین توعه که برای چیزای بیشتری التماس میکنی پارک جیمین یه پسر ۲۵ ساله ی آرایشگر که تو بوسان کار میکنه. جیمین...
მონა/jikook [დასრულებული] by HOBICHUU_19_
მონა/jikook [დასრულებული]by • 𝓑𝓸𝓴𝓾𝓽𝓸 •
არც ერთი მათგანის ცხოვრება არ ყოფილა ადვილი... ჯონგუკი მონობაში იზრდებოდა,ჯიმინს კი ბავშვობიდანვე უამრავი ტკივილის და ტანჯვის გადატანა მოუწია... რა მოხდება თუ ჯიმინი ჯონ...
THICC || Jimin X Bts❤️ by Chocolate_chim
THICC || Jimin X Bts❤️by Jungshookie°o°
bish jimin Thicc and dat mean Thicc Jibooty cute mochi cheeks & Thicc thighs smutty shit gon go down And bish you know errbody finna get some sweet juicy Jimin booty
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Two Fuckboys | Jikook & Taegi by JikooksMother
Two Fuckboys | Jikook & Taegiby Mrs. Jeon Park
The two most popular fuckboys of Singularity High want the two most smol innocent babies of the school. 🚫Warning: This story will contain fluff🐇, smut🔞, and profanity...
ស្នេហ៍បំបាក់ព្រះអាទិត្យ by lingei200702
ស្នេហ៍បំបាក់ព្រះអាទិត្យby lingei200702
«ឯងស្អាតណាស់ វាធ្វើអោយយើងមិនដាច់ចិត្តឈប់សុីឯងនោះទេ» JK « បានហើយលោក ហុឹក ហុឹក»JM «ទេ យើងនៅមិនទាន់ឆ្អែតឆ្អន់ទេ» mafia JK 😋🥵😏
soldiers ; jikook by jikook_smut
soldiers ; jikookby jikook_smut
" we are soldiers in a fucking war, jeon. not two gay men in love. " in which both soldiers jeon jungkook and park jimin find themselves falling in love on the...
yes sir. | jikook [discontinued] by lsvndr
yes sir. | jikook [discontinued]by danny ☻
a jikook story with 30% smut 60% fluff and 10% angst. read to find out more :) started 9/21/20 * ✈︎ enjoy 🥺