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Beautiful Stranger | VS. by milkyahh
Beautiful Stranger | VS.by koo
Kim Taehyung finding his way back to the woman in red dress. They're irrevocable memories haunts him all night. © milkyahh, 2020.
Loving The Ice Heart | KTH & KJS by Debasmita1_3
Loving The Ice Heart | KTH & KJSby Debasmita1_3
HATE TO LOVE? According to her, she is ice, no one can breaks her now. She is right, as she built the walls around her for a reason but ice melts when fire comes right?C...
Our secret place by Chaengs5coursemeal
Our secret placeby Bottom for Rosé
Your just a 17 year old Canadian obsessed with Chaeyoung from Blackpink. One day you got the chance to meet her at a fansign event buuuut....she wanted to be more than j...
Coincidence- Vsoo Fanfic by ChanelJenJen
Coincidence- Vsoo Fanficby all day in the pink
"Was it you...?" A story in which Jisoo gets a new job- and how it leads to big things.
[JENLISA] What If? by chikinchuuuu
[JENLISA] What If?by cherrypup
Oneshots smuts and fake convos of jenlisa
별빛 : 초커밀크 1 : CONSTELLATION by -takoyakii
별빛 : 초커밀크 1 : CONSTELLATIONby ㅡ 초커라테 .
desc; ㅡ초커밀크 PT. 1. [🌿] in which jisoo finally founds her new pet, the new human-pet that will make her feel happier and cheerful and change her old, quiet self. - ﹫たこ焼...
A Blackpink Book by maknaenae_14xp
A Blackpink Bookby Young-ssi
As you can read the title, it's complicated... Imagines in between BP ships are mostly Jenlisa and Chaesoo, with a bit of some solo fishes here...maybe some y/n shots th...
clear // sookook by jeonsookook
clear // sookookby minsungie
In which two bestfriends, who were inseperable before, suddenly split apart, the male avoiding the female. He moved countries, lost her number and constantly ghosted her...
Love Café ☕💓 by jen_chu_li_chaeng_
Love Café ☕💓by 👑__vsoolifeu__👑
When the two person who doesn't interested in love meet, will they change? Or they will stay the same? #jungsoo #sookook
instagram.  by seoulteas
instagram. by vsoo au fanfic 📌
˚₊·͟͟͟͟͟͟͞͞͞͞͞͞➳❥ ꒰ ⌨︎ ✰ vsoo epistolary 📌 a scenario whereby idols who were in-love and secretly tries to keep their relationship lowkey but wasnt going as low as they...
GUARDIAN ANGEL -Jenlisa FanFic by xXxEyesDontLiexXx
GUARDIAN ANGEL -Jenlisa FanFicby EyesDontLie
"Your a stoopid hooman, Jennie Kim. MY stoopid hooman." In which a guardian angel comes crashing into a girl's life.... but who knows? Maybe even into her hear...
願い: THE BOOK // CHAESOO by earth-to-rosie
願い: THE BOOK // CHAESOOby wrighte
In which Kim Jisoo finds a blank book that could be the answer to all her problems or the cause of all her problems
Back In Time (JenLisa x ChaeSoo story) by ADneverStop
Back In Time (JenLisa x ChaeSoo st...by JenLisa ❤️ SooYoung
Travel back in time to Bring the Dead Back to life!! TAGALOG-ENGLISH STORY JenLisa x ChaeSoo #BlackPink
Lirik BLACKPINK by kzmddr
Lirik BLACKPINKby annisaT
Lirik lagu blackpink
3 MINUTE GIRLFRIEND | Blackpink |[дууссан] by Mrs_Grass
3 MINUTE GIRLFRIEND | Blackpink |[...by MMC♡
S2 of 3 minute boyfriend
Arrowed [JENSOO] by ajakim95
Arrowed [JENSOO]by ajakim95
Kim Jisoo the who's in love with his best friend but unfortunately that best friend is in love with someone else. But the god of love suddenly appears and offer to help...
Am I Late? by ccjaux
Am I Late?by cj
A jenlisa love story. Childhood bestfriends, and when (Jae) Lisa realizes her feelings for (Missy) Jennie ,her bestfriend.. is it too late?
Kang Y/n is just an ordinary person in world but being a simple person got changed when 4 beautiful girls come to her life. One day, she got invited to an opening of her...
Gladiolus | P.Jm x K.Js | by _j_ToThe_j_
Gladiolus | P.Jm x K.Js |by _j_ToThe_j_
Would you come with me? In which the King of the underworld fell for goddess of spring.