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Green Day - Imagines by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Green Day - Imaginesby Marble's Magic Funhouse
Imagines about the members of Green Day! (As well as characters from American Idiot) Female pronouns unless requested ^^Currently taking requests^^ Happy Reading!
Dream and differ by Rovingambler_bj
Dream and differby Mathilde
I'm enjoying my first Green Day concert, this is gonna be the best day of my entire life, but something suddenly happens... Something goes terribly wrong, but I'm here j...
jesus of suburbia. saint Jimmy x reader by mychemical_greenday2
jesus of suburbia. saint Jimmy x mychemical_greenday2
Saint Jimmy is the guy in the Jesus of Suburbia video, so if you couldnt tell thats what this story is based on. Enjoy:)
His Life of Contradictions by Iggysgirl
His Life of Contradictionsby Ritter
Saint Jimmy was one hell of a man and the Jesus of Suburbia is a lonely one. Somehow the two found each other. Between the begining and the end of their friendship, life...
Jesus Of Suburbia - Fanfic by aqualiored
Jesus Of Suburbia - Fanficby Drew K
I decided to write a story based off of the song 'Jesus Of Suburbia.' by Green Day. NONE OF THE INFO IN THIS BOOK IS ACCURATE IN ANY WAY, IT IS BASED ON MY INTERPRETATIO...
Singer's City (Rewritten) by RitualofDeadDragon
Singer's City (Rewritten)by Epril SiDragon
Epril moves across the country with her baby brother after her parents are killed. Turns out, the past she was running from is still after her. Note: This story will hav...
Curing St. Jimmy by alien_nation
Curing St. Jimmyby alien_nation
Can rebel fix Jimmy? Or will he become the influence of her decisions and mistakes? [ I'm in love with Jimmy ok shut up]
The Rise of St. Jimmy by TabithaIsGolden12
The Rise of St. Jimmyby Tabitha
Everyone assumed that St. Jimmy would never return after his social suicide at the hands of his former friend Johnny and his girlfriend, Whatsername, but they couldn't h...
Tales of Infinity 1: Sorrow and Sacrifice by Doroken
Tales of Infinity 1: Sorrow and electric boogaloo meme hell
Thanos is madly in love with Shrek the Ogre. He will do anything to be with that cute, Han Solo-dressing, Scottish ogre. But when Shaggy Rogers suddenly interrupts that...
Tuning The Broken Strings by DaddysLilPsycho
Tuning The Broken Stringsby DaddysLilPsycho
Told in 16 year old's Amy Smith's point of view. She is in a band with her 3 best friends, April, Sean, and her boyfriend, Jaxyn. They started the band in 6th Grade, and...
Children of Suburbia by EthanHerzog
Children of Suburbiaby ejherz02
Five Teenagers who really don't give a shit about society, or how it is turning out, form a band to show the world what they really are. Inspired by Green Day
Kids Will Be Skeletons  by starrystjimmy
Kids Will Be Skeletons by starrystjimmy
'how long are you going to keep lying to yourself?' Johnny wants to stop being so shy and step out of the shadows, whilst Jimmy wants nothing more than to stop living a...
The Patron Saint of Sweaters by Iggysgirl
The Patron Saint of Sweatersby Ritter
Since Johnny kept complaining about the lack of Holiday spirit, Saint Jimmy stepped up to the plate and provided. ~This pairing was in dire need of some simple domestici...
The Reverend, The Saint, & The Killjoy (Completed) by DaniCaliTheGirl
The Reverend, The Saint, & The Dani Cali
The story of a church run by an "illegitimate" reverend, an arrogant saint, and The Killjoy(s) who want to take down BL/ind.
About Me by RockyTheRecyclingPup
About Meby Emo PAW Patrol
Wazzupp, RockyTheRecyclingPup Readers, this is my second story about me and I hope you enjoy it more than my first one, which kind of sucked. ENJOY "Green Means Go...
Forgetting You But Not The Time by avaorner
Forgetting You But Not The Timeby avaorner
(POV of Jesus of Suburbia/JOS) After Whatsername leaves JOS all he does is think of her but he can't remember what the hell her name was. He misses her and wishes at he...
Whatsername by Oh2esChemicalRomance
Whatsernameby Oh2e
It is a short story based mainly on the Green Day song Whatsername from the American Idiot album. Some is also from the Jesus of Suburbia music video. Also published at...
Jesus of suburbia x Destinee  by falloutboysmuttrash
Jesus of suburbia x Destinee by falloutboysmuttrash
Jesus of suburbia just broke up with his Girlfriend. As he walks away he sees this girl named Destinee and he falls in love.
An Odyssey: The Travels of the J.O.S by gingey48
An Odyssey: The Travels of the Justin Andersen
Hey guys, This is the incredible true story of the J.O.S (Me) I know that the Jesus of suburbia can littarly be ANYONE. I gave myself that nickname because I was that gu...