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Everything I Lost | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Everything I Lost | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Jennie lost everything.. Her life changed over a night.. At the end when we lose something we gain something else.. What would it be? All credit goes to ©ilovemyself26
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Hate to Protect, Protect for Love by jjconverts
Hate to Protect, Protect for Loveby double j
"I'm always going to need you, Jisoo. No matter when or where, I will always need you by my side."
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Cover ( Jensoo ) Bác Sĩ Kim Và Bệnh Nhân Kim* by Taeganger-Devil
Cover ( Jensoo ) Bác Sĩ Kim Và Bệ Mon
Au : HiuHcNguyn Cover : TaegangerDevil ( Mon )
Remember when (we used to be between the sheets) // JENSOO by jensooverts
Remember when (we used to be jensooverts
Can Jennie and Jisoo remember when they used to love each other in the dark so they can move on into loving each other in light? Or this is another story meant to be kep...
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You need help | Chaelisa by chaelisaforeveryoung
You need help | Chaelisaby chaelisaforeveryoung
"You need help Lalisa" "I don't need help and especially not from you Roseanne" When all guys and girls want her for her appearance, what happens if...
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the greatest (jensoo) by bpconverts
the greatest (jensoo)by bpconverts
With nothing in common but their dream of reaching the Olympics, Jisoo and Jennie are each other's last resort. Reluctantly, they join forces, but it's not long before t...
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Sunset At Hangang(Jenlisa) by Blackpinkisdalyfe
Sunset At Hangang(Jenlisa)by Thotsé🥀😂
⚠️G!P Story!!! This is an Adaptation story from 'Sunset At Chaophraya' Or you could call it 'Koo Gum'. A story setting between two countries Korea and Thailand. Setting...
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[ Cover Jensoo ] Sủng Vật Hào Môn by PiKaChichiuuu_jj4eva
[ Cover Jensoo ] Sủng Vật Hào Mônby Pon
- cover dưới sự cho phép của tác giả . - Au: Phiên Nhi Liêu Linkfic gốc :
You don't deserve me ( Jensoo/Lisoo) by The_black_hornet
You don't deserve me ( Jensoo/ Jisookim
Jisoo is an orphan. Sweet, beautiful, kind, caring , she has the most fragile and innocent soul. Never express her feelings, even if she terribly hurt. she has the darke...
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Love Scenario | Chaelisa & Jensoo by AkamyBluh
Love Scenario | Chaelisa & Jensooby Akamy Kiyoteru
Fanfic do ensino médio, onde a rica herdeira de tudo, se vê querendo se aproximar da garota que não tem nada. Principalmente Chaelisa.
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The Bandit's Little Princess (JenSoo) by Tteokkbokki_101
The Bandit's Little Princess ( Tteokkbokki_101
A well known thief saved the princess of the kingdom from death. The both of them became friends and fell in love.
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"if falling in love is a sin then i'd gladly go to hell." in a world where your soulmate is calculated by a mere algorithm, four girls must find who they're de...
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My Queen  (JENLISA FF) by ilikeyou0
My Queen (JENLISA FF)by i like you
Lalisa Manoban is the newest CEO of the Manoban Corporation. The Largest Company in the whole Asia, with different kinds of business. Before she had taken over there bus...
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BLACKPINK Photo Book by lalalalevi_m
BLACKPINK Photo Bookby lalalalevi_m
pics of 4 angles
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floral print | jn.s by SOYEONSWAG
floral print | jn.sby ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡*:.✧
jisoo likes to think about the pretty girl in her literature class who always wears floral prints. ✿ a simplistic jensoo au written by @SOYEONSWAG please don't plagiariz...
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11:11 Jensoo Ff by JensOomamen
11:11 Jensoo Ffby SethYisAkYutIe
11:11 When Jisoo wishes she can be with someone who will love her fully.
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Ban Mã Tuyến [JenSoo] ⌈Edit⌋ by chooddaeng
Ban Mã Tuyến [JenSoo] ⌈Edit⌋by Choo
Tác giả: 易白首 Dịch Bạch Thủ Couple: Kim Jisoo x Jennie Kim Tình trạng: 70 chương chính truyện Phiên ngoại: 30 chương Thể loại: Hiện đại, hình cảnh x tổng giám đốc, cường...
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Be Mine (Chaelisa) by lilychaeyoung
Be Mine (Chaelisa)by lilychaeyoung
"I'll stay by your side forever Rosie... I will never leave you, I promise." Chaeyoung is a new trainee who becomes instant best friends with her roommate, Lis...
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Wounds by Sosokyh5
Woundsby Sosokyh57
Jisoo & Jennie
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incorrect jenlisa quotes by yonkydonk
incorrect jenlisa quotesby yonkydonk
stole most of these from twitter, other fics and tumblr so credits to whoever made them !
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