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Zemblanity | LisKook Edition by softlalis
Zemblanity | LisKook Editionby Ninni ♔
| The Original Plot and Story is written in @whatsupnikkie | Jeon Jungkook always think Love is a waste of time, until he met her. But fate didn't made it all easy for...
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Rock, Paper, Scissors by LeoLucasdaddy
Rock, Paper, Scissorsby 5L
Music was my whole life. Until her... *Jenlisa -⚠g!p !!!Adaptation!!! ©®-to the owner.
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•SMUT• Jenlisa by lovely2431
•SMUT• Jenlisaby Lovely2431
Am I ashamed for writing this? Should I be ashamed for writing this? Should you read this and feel ashamed? Answer: NAHHHHHH . . . . This book will be filled with *drum...
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Rosé Imagines | Female reader by roseannesbitch
Rosé Imagines | Female readerby 🧁
title pretty much explained this whole book 🌻. ⚠️ currently on a vacation :) - blackpink rosé x female reader. Started on november 2019 :) status ; still actively on g...
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Into You - Jennie Kim x Female Reader by thelostlonesoul
Into You - Jennie Kim x Female 🦋
Will love really find its way? And will it really conquer all? Read and find out. --- This is a work of my imagination so everything in this book is UNREAL. This is GXG...
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Love Broken by LeoLucasdaddy
Love Brokenby 5L
Love was stupid. A fake. A farce Love was broken. *Jenlisa -⚠g!p !!!Adaptation!!! ©®-to the owner.
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My husband's sister  by SkySky577
My husband's sister by SkySky577
⚠️⚠️warning is not under 18 age ⚠️⚠️
The Last Time I Saw You by hoeblink
The Last Time I Saw Youby hoeblink
"Babe smilee pleasssee" "Hereee im smiling" "Wait babe.." "Babyy are you making fun of me?Ive been smiling since a minute ago i guess...
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I CHOOSE YOU! by __10cmfairy
I CHOOSE YOU!by kirin
rosekook | | One day before Jungkook is going to introduce his fiance to his parents, he gets dump via text. Desperate for a replacement, he turns to a local jack-of-a...
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Idols With Benefits  by bangpink_forlife
Idols With Benefits by ♡ 𝑙𝑦𝑛 ♡
"𝑊𝑒 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑𝑛'𝑡 𝑏𝑒 𝑑𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑠....𝑜ℎ 𝑓𝑢𝑐𝑘 𝑖𝑡"
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Jenlisa's exploration 👉👌💧 by Av_0621
Jenlisa's exploration 👉👌💧by Av_0621
Taglish One shots ⚠ Lisa g!p
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Remember when (we used to be between the sheets) // JENSOO by jensooverts
Remember when (we used to be jensooverts
Can Jennie and Jisoo remember when they used to love each other in the dark so they can move on into loving each other in light? Or this is another story meant to be kep...
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unBREAKable by aprilynousjwjw
Two Idol's who just wants to reach there dream, to be successful and make there parents, friends and love one's happy, but to make everyone happy they had to sacrifice...
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Audacious (JENLISA) by Whipped_4_BLACKPINK
Audacious (JENLISA)by Potato
"I want to tell you something important and I want you to be the first one to know". She looked at me and smiled. "What is it unnie? I might have somethin...
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BlackGeng Vs SmartQueen II by YYLeonJ
BlackGeng Vs SmartQueen IIby YYLeonJ
Blackgeng dan Smartqueen yang dulunya adalah musuh bebuyutan kini menapak serius didalam sebuah hubungan yang sakral yaitu Pernikahan. Mereka menjadi pasangan yang feno...
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You need help | Chaelisa by chaelisaforeveryoung
You need help | Chaelisaby chaelisaforeveryoung
"You need help Lalisa" "I don't need help and especially not from you Roseanne" When all guys and girls want her for her appearance, what happens if...
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the greatest (jensoo) by bpconverts
the greatest (jensoo)by bpconverts
With nothing in common but their dream of reaching the Olympics, Jisoo and Jennie are each other's last resort. Reluctantly, they join forces, but it's not long before t...
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His Maid || TAENNIE FF by miniChGu
His Maid || TAENNIE FFby LJCT.kone
He once called her pretty. She ignored him. She called his name and smiled. He glared. -- Where highschool schoolmates met each other again. Jennie works as Taehyung's...
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Broken by saydie012
Brokenby saydie012
Two lost and broken souls crossed paths on unexpected time. Will they be able to heal each other or it's better off that they will just avoid one another? *Jenlisa Fanfi...
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Cømplexities |  Book 1  by ATaylor01_
Cømplexities | Book 1 by Scarqueen🖤_Xi
(Fiction, characters personalities are NOT like this in REAL life) Copy_Write: Public Domain THERE"S A SPECIAL MESSAGE IN CH>12!!! Aleena starts working at an i...
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