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Bloodline by SuzzleH
Bloodlineby SuzzleH
"I adopted Stefan, therefore I'm adopting you. You have no choice in the matter, just accept it." Damon narrowed his eyes at the girl. "So you're only...
Magnetism (A. Saltzman) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Magnetism (A. Saltzman)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Scarlet Gilbert is the oldest of the Gilbert brood. The oldest, smartest, and to some, the most attractive. When she returns to Mystic Falls after time away completing h...
Book One: Say Amen (T. Lockwood) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Book One: Say Amen (T. Lockwood)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
When Sasha's behaviour becomes too much for her mother, Melissa to handle, she is sent to live with her Uncle Alaric in Mystic Falls. But what was meant to be a eye-open...
The Last Banshee~The Vampire Diaries by YellowCalcite
The Last Banshee~The Vampire YellowCalcite
Liza Sommers was happy to follow her adoptive mother to Mystic Falls and live with her cousins. After the tragic loss of her Aunt and Uncle, it only makes sense that the...
(TVD) Always and Forever | Elijah Mikaelson - The Vampire Diaries | by AmaraRose_
(TVD) Always and Forever | Amara
"He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking." - Leo Tolstoy. Anna Karenina was...
¹ Rosalina Gilbert  |  TVD |  Slow Updates by RoseyLynn15
¹ Rosalina Gilbert | TVD | Juanita Rose Alvarez
Rosalina Gilbert was an outgoing girl like her twin sister Elena Gilbert, but after her parents died, driving off of wickery bridge, Rosalina changed. Rosalina turned in...
An Elemental Difference - AIR - Book 1 (Stefan Salvatore) by Artful_Becca
An Elemental Difference - AIR - 𝔅̲𝔢̲𝔠̲𝔠̲𝔞̲
Aella Bennett is known to the residents of Mystic Falls as the fun, sarcastic, bubbly girl that has a spot in everyone's heart. Can Aella's presence in Mystic Falls alo...
Memories  ➳  Elijah Mikaelson ✔ by sassystefan
Memories ➳ Elijah Mikaelson ✔by ♡ Liz ♡
The eldest Gilbert is back from the city, staying with her sister and brother Elena and Jeremy. ♡ I own nothing but the character Laura Gilbert, all rights go to all the...
𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘷𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 by simplysalvatoree
𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘷𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘪𝘳� simplysalvatoree
"no mountain, nor sea, no thing of this world could keep us apart because this is not my world.... y...
Save Me From Myself || Finn Mikaelson by NicholasFlamelFan
Save Me From Myself || Finn NicholasFlamelFan
It's fascinating how much one tiny moment, one lapse in judgement can affect someone's whole life. My life changed one night a few weeks after my fifteenth birthday. Fol...
Margaret| ᵀʰᵉ ⱽᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ ᴰⁱᵃʳⁱᵉˢ by thatredskittle
Margaret| ᵀʰᵉ ⱽᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ ᴰⁱᵃʳⁱᵉˢby silvanus kettlebum
Margaret Gilbert, a girl from an alternate universe, is raised by her alternate family and is now capable of understanding the supernatural drama all Elena Gilbert's get...
Carbon Copy | Klaus Mikaelson by Kl4uss
Carbon Copy | Klaus Mikaelsonby Stan ATEEZ ⚔️️✨
The seventeen year old girl, Brianna, always thought she was a Gilbert. But what happens when her parents dies in a car accident and she finds out that was far from the...
ALIVE | S. SALVATORE by rainiehayth
ALIVE | S. SALVATOREby ˗ˏˋ rainie ˎˊ˗
❝everybody knows you're the second coming❞ He had never met someone so committed to killing him. Kalila had always had a boring life, up until her mother was murdered by...
A Original Wife by evonye
A Original Wifeby Katerina Valentine
Book: Two Book One: A Original Promise Skyler Mikaelson, newly wife of Niklaus, Kol, and Elijah enters the place of New Orleans and learns new things about her Ori...
Scarlet Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) Book One  by Dreamer7520
Scarlet Gilbert (The Vampire Dreamer7520
Scarlet Gilbert is the sister of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. She is independent, loyal, caring, brave and very protective of the people she loves. Scarlet will do anythin...
Stone Cold by LizEG96
Stone Coldby Liz
In which a kind-hearted and maternal witch finds her way into a small Virginia town filled with chaos at every turn. {TVD Season 1 - ?} {OC-X-E. Mikaelson} {OC-X-J. Som...
Scarlet Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) Book Two by Dreamer7520
Scarlet Gilbert (The Vampire Dreamer7520
With the return of Katherine, anything can go wrong. Can Scarlet protect everyone she loves? Does Scarlet have more secrets to tell? I do NOT own The Vampire Diaries.
Fighter { Book 3 } by Rose8484
Fighter { Book 3 }by Kejal Thakkar
After two months of freedom to live her dreams; Arielle's back to Mystic Falls for a new adventure. This time she's stronger with new friends, new skills and just in tim...
Chaotic Changes by livexlovexlaugh
Chaotic Changesby SaraM
Jane is a normal TVD and TO fan. One day she somehow finds herself in an unknown place where a woman claims that she is going to be reborn. She is free to make any chang...