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Polar (Erejean) by ErejeanAnonymous
Polar (Erejean)by ErejeanAnonymous
After learning to live with the loss of his mother, Eren has slowly managed to settle into a normal routine for his life. His daily routine was always the same, with ver...
Old Friends by ErejeanAnonymous
Old Friendsby ErejeanAnonymous
When Jean and Eren were kids they were they were basically inseparable, spending all their free time together playing make believe and sitting up in their treehouse. Jus...
My Roommates (Ereri) by Ereri_FanFics
My Roommates (Ereri)by Ereri_FanFics
Has a bit of Eren x Jean
He's the one by fujomo
He's the oneby mo
Eren has a boyfriend name Jean, they are the cutest couple in school , but Jean hides his true self , he actually abuses Eren at home . One day eren goes to a little get...
Eren x Jean by rachealya
Eren x Jeanby rachealya
Attack on titan Erejean high school au. Sorry if it sucks.
Abused and in love with another by ElliotFletcher
Abused and in love with anotherby Elliot Fletcher
He pushed me up against a wall his grip on my hands stinging as I could almost feel the bruises start to form. He forced my mouth open with his tongue, and I went along...
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Fanfiction by creativelybad
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Writer :3
When Eren Jaeger has lost all keeping him going, he is given one final opportunity to help the world that turned to hell. When he meets someone unexpected, his world is...
Life is Strange (EreJean) by ErejeanAnonymous
Life is Strange (EreJean)by ErejeanAnonymous
Hello! This is an Erejean fanfiction based off of and inspired by the video game 'Life is Strange.' You don't have to have played the game to understand/read this fic, b...
Eren x Jean by Trouble95x
Eren x Jeanby YoonNik
A special request for a Facebook friend. I hope you like this!
Eren X Jean - Bike Ride by Trouble95x
Eren X Jean - Bike Rideby YoonNik
Eren had never been able to ride a bike, but when the school hosts a bike rally with an amazing prize it makes the brunette want to enter. Being desperate he asks people...
You Are Such An Idiot, Eren Jaeger (oneshot) by SoftIvory
You Are Such An Idiot, Eren Tamar
In which Jean gets home from work and finds his roommate with his tongue stuck to the metal pole outside their apartment building. Okay, he knew Eren was an idiot, but t...
In Cold Blood - Erejean by creativelybad
In Cold Blood - Erejeanby Writer :3
What will Jean stand in the way from when Erens being hurt? What if it's beyond Jeans fighting ability? What if it isnt just the titans that are the threat? When Eren me...
Freedom By My Kidnappers [JeanMarcoEre] by MyLoveEren
Freedom By My Kidnappers [ ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Being a prince isn't all that great for Eren Yeager. Especially when he's an omega and betrothed to "Humanity's Strongest" alpha, Levi Ackerman. But his life c...
erejean|| one shots|| FLUFF!! by arsel_stories
erejean|| one shots|| FLUFF!!by Arsel Stories
it's in the name- there will be no smut, period- I'm writing this because I don't find enough of them, also for my own enjoyment. for the most part this will be modern A...
The J.K. Experience (Eren x Jean) by maxmaxium
The J.K. Experience (Eren x Jean)by Max
Eren Jeager loves basketball and aspires to achieve big dreams with his talents so hopefully the involvement of a low-life drug dealer on his team doesn't ruin his chanc...
Meant to be (Erejean) by Levi_Ackerman16
Meant to be (Erejean)by Levi_Ackerman16
BEFORE READING, HERE IS A TIP: IF YOU DON'T SHIP IT, DON'T READ IT. I WILL REPORT YOU IF YOU COMPLAIN. Eren and Jean had been at each others throats as high school star...
May I Join? [An EreJean Fanfic] by SailorOptimist
May I Join? [An EreJean Fanfic]by Diana Cantin
The water is steaming, the candles are lit, everything is set out absolutely perfectly for a quiet, relaxing evening alone for Jean. Except for when a small visit is pay...
This feeling by jaeger15
This feelingby jaeger15
Eren and jean were always in conflict since they met, But secrectly jean loved Eren more than anything. Eren didnt really hate jean either but felt a strong bond towards...
Dance Partners [Erejean One-Shot] by YaoiSin
Dance Partners [Erejean One-Shot]by YaoiSin
Eren and Jean are constantly fighting, and their dance teacher has simply had enough! She puts her foot down and sets up the two boys as dance partners. If they can't ge...