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Mafia Princess  by MrsWittekk
Mafia Princess by (:
Your dad is one of the biggest mafia gang leader in New York. You try and live a normal life by going to public school and doing everything a normal 19 year old does. Bu...
The guy from the bar by bieberstoriez
The guy from the barby bieberstoriez
He's Justin Bieber by day; a successful businessman, and Jason McCann by night.
Ps. I still love you by Zariaaaaaaa1
Ps. I still love youby Zariaaaaaaa1
Jayda Cheaves a successful model who got pregnant in high school and became a single mother. one party she finds herself having a conversation with her maniac baby dadd...
One Shots (Jastin) by FatalBizzle
One Shots (Jastin)by Fatal Bizzle 💛
Jastin one shots because I often get ideas that shouldn't turn into books
Scarlets Love || Justin Bieber by j24761
Scarlets Love || Justin Bieberby kidrauhlbizzle&rick
"Scarlet" He smiled. I looked up and locked eyes with his. I feel stuck in a trance. A good trance to be exact. "Justin" I said looking down at my h...
Devil in Disguise by JasonMyJustin
Devil in Disguiseby JasonMyJustin
I fucked up big this time.
The Smoke To My High.  (A Justin Bieber Fanfic) by vintagebiebergirl
The Smoke To My High. (A Justin B...by vintagebiebergirl
Jason Mccann, 18 years old student by day, drug dealer/criminal by night. He is toxic and he knows that. He is a sinner and is ready to be damned for his mistakes. Leah...
Me and Jason  by JasonMcCann32
Me and Jason by JasonMcCann32
A story about a girl and a boy with romance and sex
Abuse Jastin  by kittykatsempi
Abuse Jastin by Kaitlyn Dunn
Justin works for Mr. Jason Mccann. Justin has been hiding the fact that his girlfriend has been abusing him for years. how will Jason react when he finds out? will Justi...
L O S T  by survivorsgomez
L O S T by survivorsgomez
7 years ago, Selena ended things with Justin. She loved him to death, but really couldn't handle it anymore. Well, he is the most wanted criminal. They have a son togeth...
Toxic For Him. by queengurl1994
Toxic For Him.by queengurl1994
When he laid his eyes on her he couldn't take his eyes off her . He knows he is not good for her but he wants her and she , she is a normal girl with her college life bu...
McCann's wife? by Mysli_
McCann's wife?by Monča🖤✨
19 years old Caitlin Darwin have to marry the most violent and cruel mobster- Jason McCann
Hold Tight by TheNoOnenoonewants
Hold Tightby NoOne
I watch her petite figure walk along the sidewalk and down the crowded streets of Times Square. With my hood over my head and shades down over my focused eyes, I follow...
Raising Emma  by JazmineLuv
Raising Emma by Jazmine
Justin Bieber is your average twenty three year old playboy that loves to party and hang with his friends, and he's certainly not new to one-night stands with girls he j...
Jastin Family  by arianarios141
Jastin Family by arianarios141
Justin Bieber and Jason McCann are a married couple and they have four kids and there names are Jordan Bieber-McCann 18, Jace Bieber-McCann 15, Jax Bieber-McCann 12, Jax...
Silent Suffering by Justin_Fantasies
Silent Sufferingby Kay Dias
We all experience grief and some handle it better than others... Then there's those select few who grieve in silence... Those who are forced to keep everything bottled u...
The Forbidden Fruit (jastin) by Justin_Fantasies
The Forbidden Fruit (jastin)by Kay Dias
A story of forbidden love in which a teacher falls for his student... A student he never expected to get his attention much less his attraction. ©2020 All Rights Reserve...
Sworn enemies  by _belieber_6_
Sworn enemies by McCann Bieber
You and your best friend are leaders of one of the world's most dangerous gangs. On a mission you'll meet a charming boy who you thought that is innocent but you're very...