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green light ; crygi  by ageoflemon
green light ; crygi by ✨
" did it frighten you, how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor? " in which gigi goode hires a sassy assistant and gets much more than what she was p...
Season 12 one-shots  by rpdr_beauty
Season 12 one-shots by M 💕
A collection of season 12 one- shots. Mostly jankie but some crygi and other stuff too 💕
Season 12 one shots  by AchairDelano69
Season 12 one shots by the only Mrs Doll
Just a bunch of one shots in a book :) cover by: 6Lil_Pound_Cake9
Euphoria; crygi by 12lies
Euphoria; crygiby Kasey :D
euphoria /juːˈfɔːrɪə/ a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
Girl in red- jankie  by rpdr_beauty
Girl in red- jankie by M 💕
Jan/Jackie lesbian high school au. ⚠️ mentions of eating disorders ⚠️
i think she found her lobster ~ Jackie x Jan  by biadoreXtrixya
i think she found her lobster ~ Ja...by E L L I E 🌸
another different one. surprise 😂 both girls, in high school. Jan is new to Bells High while Jackie and her friends have been there since the start. Jan and Jackie se...
Girl Crush-Crygi by trixyastannn
Girl Crush-Crygiby em💛🦡
Crygi college lesbian AU
RPDR12-GLEE!  by DreamerFran
RPDR12-GLEE! by Freja 🌙
At McKinley High it's time to rehearse for "Ru Paul's Sectionals Choir Race'' The Drag Queens Glee Club is composed of different queens with ambition and unique sty...
C'est La Vie; crygi by 12lies
C'est La Vie; crygiby Kasey :D
Say you're true, say to me, "C'est la vie"
california girls ; crygi by ageoflemon
california girls ; crygiby ✨
" we're unforgettable " in which gigi goode is a well known fashion designer and crystal methyd is a hopeless lesbian 𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐁𝐈𝐀𝐍 𝐒𝐎𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐋 𝐌𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐀 𝐀...
Sweater Weather // Crygi by AchairDelano69
Sweater Weather // Crygiby the only Mrs Doll
you know the drill just another lesbian highschool au because lesbian rights ✨
crygi - heaven is a place on earth with you by chloexdelano
crygi - heaven is a place on earth...by chloexdelano
in which crystal and gigi are best friends, and have been for as long as they can remember, but maybe, just maybe, they both secretly want something more.
CRYGI ONE-SHOTS (Crystal Methyd x Gigi Goode) by demxlish
CRYGI ONE-SHOTS (Crystal Methyd x...by demxlish
Some Crygi AUS/ONESHOTS that I have been thinking about writing for some time now.
Jankie - The new girl in town by jankieforyou
Jankie - The new girl in townby ♡
Heyy guys! this is my first english-fanfic (I'm not a native-english-speaker, but I will try my best-) and my first fanfic since.. 2 years? So, don't be too harsh with...
love letter. by goodesgoodies
love letter.by goodesgoodies
girl moves girl makes new friend girl crushes on new friend new friend crushes on girl the rest is will they or will they not be together
A trip into your heart - Season 12 Multi-Ship by jankieforyou
A trip into your heart - Season 12...by ♡
A S12-Multiship-Story! Infos: ⇨ The story is about a voyage on a Boat. The girls will get to know each other on here/some of them already know each other. ⇨ a lot of D...
Svtfoe: A series of One-Shots by Pisces_4142
Svtfoe: A series of One-Shotsby 🌹🌹
I ship everything in svtfoe. And everything on wattpad is all starco. So why not create a series of one-shots based around all the svtfoe ships? The ships in the story i...
My sweet neighbor - Jankie by seeuinaminute
My sweet neighbor - Jankieby Océane ✨
"Yep, I have no idea why but I would love to see someone singing that to me. You know, in a romantic way with a guitar. A song is the best way to tell someone you l...