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Morning Light: A Renesmee and Jacob story by LightAsDaydreamer
Morning Light: A Renesmee and Jaco...by LightAsDaydreamer
Six years after the end of "Breaking Dawn", things are changing for Renesmee. Jacob has always been there for her. A friend, a protector...could he be somethin...
AGAINST THE WINDby Alisha Hassan
Suddenly, the strong fury of wind billowed us all and then throughout the forest with a powerful passion shoving all the trees and uprooting the shrubs. I grew strong 'a...
Tidal Moon (Renesmee & Jacob) by numbmemories
Tidal Moon (Renesmee & Jacob)by Makayla H.
The moon shone beautifully on his tan skin as I traced the ridges in his muscles with my fingertips. He sighed once again with his eyes closed. I'd never given much thou...
Jacob's Will And Renesme Love by Miss_Traveler
Jacob's Will And Renesme Loveby Nisha Freed
Fanfiction of renesme and jacob
Shattered [JACOB AND RENESMEE] by keepfaithbaby
❝And I've lost who I am, and I can't understand why my heart is so broken rejecting your love.❞ about a love that d i e d overtime.
EJ [THE TWILIGHT SAGA] by keepfaithbaby
about a boy who just wanted to find himself and chase his dreams, despite what the destiny had in store for him. #118 in Poetry (07/27/2017) #2...
Twilight A Dramione Fanfiction- Completed by redlegs59
Twilight A Dramione Fanfiction- Co...by redlegs59
Characters: Bella Swan- Hermione Granger Edward Cullen- Draco Malfoy Jacob Black- Ron Weasley Alice Cullen- Ginny Weasley Jasper Cullen- Blaise Zabini Rosalie Hale- Asto...
Crossbreed by dancercarmen
Crossbreedby dancercarmen
This is a story following Jacob and Renesmee after the Twilight Saga, when Renesmee is of age. - - - I never knew my best friend would become the love of my life. It was...
Sun Rise: Twilight Saga Fan-fic Part 1 by juliamarrie12345
Sun Rise: Twilight Saga Fan-fic Pa...by juliamarrie12345
Finished Stephenie Meyer did a great job with the Twilight series, but why did it have to end? The story was left unfinished. Jacobs imprint on Renessme, and the unfini...
Edward's Diary by EdwardsDiary
Edward's Diaryby Edward Cullen (#Wattys2014)
This diary takes off right after Breaking Dawn ends. It is about that thing called life, when it being lived Cullen style! Join me, Edward, as I try to balance being a...
Eternal Sunshine by RMBlythe
Eternal Sunshineby RMBlythe
No one ever said life as a human/vampire hybrid would be easy. As Renesmee comes of age, there are many challenges she must face, and questions she needs answered. For i...
Full eclipse by thedivergentfamily
Full eclipseby C
The cullens have a new member in the family, Renesmee, the cullens have been brought closer together, and when the Amazon coven and the volturi make a reappearance, Rene...
Thunder and Lightning-Twilight One-Shot  by aneffervescentsnail
Thunder and Lightning-Twilight One...by aneffervescentsnail
(Set 1 month after BDP2) The Cullens have all been winding down since the Volturi left. Everyone is returning back to their normal lives except Renesmee. She's been sec...
Complicated ~a Jacob and Renesmee Fanfic by error-anonymous
Complicated ~a Jacob and Renesmee...by Sheri Croissant
For as long as Renesmee had known, life had been easy, with her vampire family, and best friend Jake. She had been told all about the culture and had known everything. E...
Jealousy and Betrayal by brittanysandlin2
Jealousy and Betrayalby brittanysandlin2
Four years after the Volturi left Jacob wants to tell Renesmee how he feels, and about the imprint. But how will Bella react does she still love Jacob. Will she try to...
Summer Nights by thepinkwonder
Summer Nightsby thepinkwonder
Renesmee just wanted this summer to end, so she can just go to college, and escape her awful life. Jacob Black couldn't wait until this summer, so he can chill with all...
Sun Rise by CierraMcClure5
Sun Riseby Sea
As threats die down, and the town of Forks is at ease the Cullen's face hardships they never knew they'd face.
Forever Yours: Jacob and Nessie story by RockstarA13
Forever Yours: Jacob and Nessie st...by RockstarA13
After all of this time, Nessie is a teenager. She has grown, and it's almost time for Ness to start having feelings for Jake. Bella and Edward are so scared- but they ca...
Jacob black imprinted on renesmee Cullen  by Evergreen_wolf_21
Jacob black imprinted on renesmee...by Morgan Thompson
Jacob imprinted on bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, from the day she was born, Jacob has had a eye on her, he wants to protect her and keep her safe, he knew she w...
Katward  by tayb2543
Katward by tayb2543
Katniss Everdeen is a small town girl from District 12, that moves to Forks, Washington. Her sister was sick and her mother had no hope left for her family. She moves to...