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TrapHouse Behind The Scenes by TrapHouseSolby
TrapHouse Behind The Scenesby Monty
Trap bois texting and everyday life off camera in the OG traphouse. Included ships=Solby, Eltorey and maybe Jaron😏 (Sorry ppl no smut here) This is my first book so...
The Māfīa Bābý Bøy [DISCONTINUED] by DreamsAreFakers
The Māfīa Bābý Bøy [DISCONTINUED]by He-ar-t-le-ss
Listen here guys I did this for fun if you ship Jake with someone else idfc ok?! Sorry for bad language but I'm just telling you this ok? You can ship anyone you want id...
Shatter Me: Repair Me [COMPLETED] by 7halfbloodss
Shatter Me: Repair Me [COMPLETED]by Fandoms United
When Julliette Ferrars finally takes over Sector 45 and kills Paris Anderson, along with The Reestablishment as a whole, she finds herself in the midst of another war. A...
Trap House Group Chat by A_Confused_Child
Trap House Group Chatby A_confused_child
What would happen if the Trap House had had a group chat? Long story short drama, parties, relationships, breakups, fights, and more. Read the story for the full story...
Now or never- solby by livvymariehurley
Now or never- solbyby solby
Bcdefghijklmnopsvwxyz....... Wait I forgot letters U r a qt
| | Love is Love | |  by TraphouseStan
| | Love is Love | | by Rip._.Traphouse
this will be a story/ text story because I don't wanna keep writing " this part will not be in text form, sorry :/ ALSO THIS ISNT JUST BAM ANYMORE BUT THAT MIGHT CH...
TFIL GC 🌈🏳️‍🌈☕️ by SamColbyFangirl
TFIL GC 🌈🏳️‍🌈☕️by °•Łøsęr~Søłby•°
🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 •Requests OPEN• This is the TRAPHOUSE groupchat +Kat and Maybe Brennen 😉 you have to read this to find out! But there i...
Sun Kissed Love🌇 by FarAwayButSoClose
Sun Kissed Love🌇by GalaxiesTooFar
Colbys room has had a water leak, so Sam offers to share a room with his Best Friend. Sam wakes up one morning to see his best friend in a new light, literally the sun i...
Hybrid ||Solby by samandcolbyislife69
Hybrid ||Solbyby ✖Colby Giles✖
Sam is a hybrid on the streets all alone until Colby finds him and takes him home only to fall in love...
TFIL Oneshots by SPN_IT
TFIL Oneshotsby alex
Just a bunch of TFIL oneshots! (Requests open and welcome CX) I will add tags as I go along, but first I'll start with a few so everyone can get a feel for what I like a...
Trap House One Shots by traphouseoneshots011
Trap House One Shotsby A.J Jones
This Will be One shots of... Eltorey Solby Jaaron Colton Saaron Caaron and any other ships you suggest. Hope you have a nice day😊 Eltorey= Elton and Corey Solby= Sam an...
Trap House Group Chat by Alexopps
Trap House Group Chatby Alexopps
What would happen if the Trap House had had a group chat? Long story short drama, parties, relationships, breakups, fights, and more. Read the story for the full story.
Jaaron/brikey; a love story by SPRMara
Jaaron/brikey; a love storyby Maraaa✨
A story about Jackson Krecioch (18), Aaron Fuller (17), Bryce Hall (17) and Mikey Barone (18). •DISCONTINUED•
Jaaron by pitiful_ian
Jaaronby Pitiful Ian
Just a gay ship of my two straight friends Aaron and James
Ally Krecioch. Book 2... by KupKake57
Ally Krecioch. Book 2...by KupKake57
Book 2 continued from my Jackson Krecioch fan fic. All Krecioch is a teenager, she has regular teen problems... a boyfriend her age... a man older and gay dads. How wi...
Took A Chance (Jylan - boyxboy) by kreciochwriter
Took A Chance (Jylan - boyxboy)by kreciochwriter
Jackson was rejected by Dylan. 6 months later Dylan arrives in LA and wants to meet up. Does Dylan just want to play with Jackson? Or does he want the real deal?
Attracting Opposites by golbachswebber
Attracting Oppositesby kally 🖤
sam golbach must do everything perfect. his hair must look perfect, his clothes must look perfect with no wrinkles, he must brush his teeth for exactly two minutes after...
The Emotion Between Us by SkytheShadowSword
The Emotion Between Usby SkytheShadowSword
An Aphmau fanfiction Jason has moved into a neighborhood called mystreet, with his girlfriend. His feelings become conflicted when he meets an attractive male. How will...
Shy {Hunter Rowland Fanfic} by hunters1potat0
Shy {Hunter Rowland Fanfic}by Kylee🌟💕
The Shy New girl and the Well know popular jock. Will It work out for the opposites?