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Captured By The Mafia by BlackxRaven
Captured By The Mafiaby Raye
She was stolen from the club her friend had took her to. Just the driver, because she knew how her friend could drink. She just wanted a night to herself because exams w...
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Buying A Princess by Ykm_Hun
Buying A Princessby leissa
She was keenly aware of the invisible value tag they'd, the owners of the club, placed alongside her name. This man had not hesitated to swipe his card and claim her as...
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Just A Little Sugar  by BlackxRaven
Just A Little Sugar by Raye
Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby stories (I might add more girls later) •Book One Serena• I've always been a good girl, I've always done the right thing. But one sad and depressi...
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LAVISH (BWWM)  by xopvmpxo
LAVISH (BWWM) by 𝕰𝖗𝖘𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖆 </3
Keeyuh Caldwell African-American 16 year old , Keeyuh , known for her Violent ways, always up for a fight and Argument. Born and Raised In New York. Her other side is v...
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The Mafia Man Loves Me (Interracial) by ChangingForNobody
The Mafia Man Loves Me ( ChangingForNobody
Phadra Omarson is a 17 year old working at small diner in New Jersey. She was working the night shift with her friends when Antonio Terranova visited the small establish...
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Alone she's not by deyana101
Alone she's notby deyana101
Read to find out :)
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A Forbidden Love Affair  by 2Lulu_222
A Forbidden Love Affair by Lulu
This is a sequel to Can't make it without you please read that or you'll be confused on Sebastian' life. Sebastian Sudano meet Mariana Mendonça on a interracial dating...
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The Better Me by kathykoum
The Better Meby Catherine Koum
"Always be a better person, not for others but yourself" My tearful eyes slowly looked up to meet the familiar blue orbs of the man I was glad to call my love...
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 The Assassin's Mistake  by alwayswritin
The Assassin's Mistake by afrolicious
Description coming soon. #509 in chicklit 4/24/17 #882 in chicklit 4/25/17
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Italian Journey by bmobile22
Italian Journeyby bmobile22
Jasmine loved to travel but for a struggling waitress with no money, her dreams of traveling was just that- a dream. But fate has a way of working things out when we le...
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When You Rome  by moonrulersaoirse
When You Rome by Saoirse
Rome-ance(get it? Rome-ance? Romance?) Orla just landed in Rome and is going to life out her mother's dream. Eating. Drinking. And over all living. She was not expecti...
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Stepping Out by October_Bae23
Stepping Outby Le'Nise Spencer
Xenophobia- the fear of anything that is beyond one's comfort zone. When Kayla's summer before her Sophomore year starts, she vows to be a different person, and to show...
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When Rolling by Heart_king
When Rollingby BooksAboutFood
When Teyana and Antonio's eyes meet it was as if everything was in slow motion they were all alone . Was this something or was it just some glare two people have when th...
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Your Unbearable by CrashF1re
Your Unbearableby CrashF1re
Assassins x kid! reader (Btw the pic above is you but your like 4 or 5) Your the granddaughter of Nick Fury and while your Papy (Fury) is at work. The avengers are in ch...
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Licentious by AnnaBadell
Licentiousby 𝒜𝓃𝓃𝒶
A woman or man who has indiscriminate sex without regard to the consequences is an example of someone who might be licentious. Giavanna Catellini isn't your typical ri...
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Monza (Formula Men) by PamelaAnnAuthor
Monza (Formula Men)by Pamela Ann Author
THIS SERIAL IS ALSO FREE IN ALL EBOOK PLATFORMS (Amazon, iBooks, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Google) Luca di Medici, Italy's number one racecar driver, is set to inherit his fat...
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My needs by roselalie2086
My needsby roselalie2086
"Goodbye," said Georgia shaking his hand when she wanted to let go of him Romano continues to hold her back ''We are going to see each other again at the event...
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Armani by totallyXconfused
Armaniby Savannah Fleming
My life was painstakingly average compared to most. I graduated high school in a basic small-town and since my single mother could not afford to live alone, any chance a...
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