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The Relationship's (Peter ParkerXReader) by pov_tomholland
The Relationship's (Peter pov_tomholland
Y/n means your name. You are just a typical high school girl. Living life. Talking about boys and doing the typical things. Everything was awesome until you moved...far...
NOT MINE, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU - Nolou Fanfic (In Progress) by Diamond_Fanfics
What happened a year ago was life changing for the couple. Especially Nolan. He still has nightmares about it. But now he's living happily with the love of his life! Lif...
When World's Collide  by kenyabenyawenya
When World's Collide by BoyBandFanGurl101
"I don't want anything from you Kimberly. I just want you," he said, pressing his lips hard against mine. Kimberly Jackson is a detective with a desire for lu...
Dear ginny. by giselleagu08
Dear Giselle:)
It's the summer after the 5th year Harry spends time at the burrow with the Weasleys but Harry starts to notice how he Has feelings for Ginny Weasley. Unexpected twist a...
CHEATER  by Yourcuteauthornim
Michaeng and 2yeon story ft.Jeongmi and Nachaeng A story where in Mina and Jeongyeon cheated on their partners Nayeon and Chaeyoung and now exes. Are they going to get b...
you and me and never us by fallenstarchild
you and me and never usby im nobody, who are you?
a complicated series of interactions a series of a previous love that my heart will never let me let go of.
I still love you | Jenmin by mylilchimschim
I still love you | Jenminby daddy Jimin 😏
Jennie and Jimin, two childhood bestfriends have to stay apart for many years, but what will happen when Jimin comes back? Will Jennie have a crush on him after so many...
All Too Well [h.s.] au by magioula
All Too Well [h.s.] auby ⚘Maya 🐝
These things are all that I'm left of him. And I remember it all too well. All right reserved 2020 @magioula
The Love I Never Gave-Maylor by mamamiaqueen
The Love I Never Gave-Maylorby Bri
Brian May has always had feelings for Roger Taylor but it isn't until he confesses to him that they land together in a relationship. Things are going great at first, but...
i still love you by juliareste
i still love youby julia❀
a wattpad anthologies approved collection of poems. a mix of writing about the people i've loved, the memories from my childhood, and nostalgia. arranged with the colors...
P.S. I still love you {Fanfiction} by derppxoxo
P.S. I still love you {Fanfiction}by derppxoxo
He shakes his head. Tears start to form in his eyes. "I loved every moment I've spent with you, Lara Jean. But some things just aren't meant to happen." ...
My love  by freddieteddyyyyy
My love by freddieteddyyyyy
my names Riley and i tried poetry for a change . this is about two lovers who fight alot but love each other also in poetry
I believe  by Stephanne10000
I believe by Stephanne10000
I believe do u. I believe we have a purpose,I believe we have a choice, I believe we have a story,I believe we have a voice, I believe we have a path and a destination, ...
I still love you by beafsm
I still love youby Bea
" I still love you " conta a história de uma pediatra e uma fotógrafa que tiveram seu destino separado por causa de uma inveja, porém ainda se amam mesmo negan...
without you by aliasescaping
without youby Tempest Baird
i wish i could share with you how i felt, and i wish i could trust you to stay
Josh Richards a adoptive bro?! by laceyEd
Josh Richards a adoptive bro?!by laceyEd
Well josh Richards is an adoptive brother((: What will happen? Love interests multiple ✌️
When I Lost Myself by Moonlighta_28
When I Lost Myselfby Moonlighta_28
I hadn't made a mistake So i relaxed easily I forgot every thing Because that wasn't my fault . Cover By : callmedonya
Just a book of quotes and poems
The Things I'll Never Say by hannahA1013
The Things I'll Never Sayby My Forgotten Story
I guess you'll have to read to find out...