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Is It Love? DROGO by bellasettembre
Is It Love? DROGOby Red Crimson
Drogo Bartholy x Red Crandall I'm not the one who made this. It is actually from the game called "Is it love? Drogo", a French game(however, I choose the Engli...
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IS IT LOVE DARYL by Bobi_Dibou45
IS IT LOVE DARYLby Ilie_Rosenbach
Arya, cette jeune femme de 23 ans qui vivait a New York jusqu'à l'age de 13 ans qui a demenager en France avec sa mère, son beau père et sa petite soeur Rose. 10 ans apr...
Amor nas Nuvens - 3ª Temporada by Niza4Dantas
Amor nas Nuvens - 3ª Temporadaby NizaDantas
Continuação da história Amor nas Nuvens Link da primeira temporada - Link da segunda temporada - https://www.wat...
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It has always been you by mintslice1706
It has always been youby AJ
Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead have been partners for five years now and everyone in the unit can see that Jay has fallen hard for her, except Erin. Jay knew from the mom...
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Marionette by Saeneras
Marionetteby Sana
Loss tugs him one way. Grief tugs her the other way. Him, a centuries-old vampire who lost every chance to have a family. Her, the spirit of a dead woman who hopes to fi...
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Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTION by Lovetwinkle018
Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTIONby Dream Lover
My own version of "Is it love? Drogo" with same bases but different twists. Hope Smith, a decent girl, volunteer herself as an "Au pair" for "Lo...
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Dark Angel by musicqueen92
Dark Angelby Jean Miller
21 year old Stormy Stevenson moves to Mystery Spell to work as the new librarian at the University. When she meets a sexy dark haired vampire named Peter Bartholy she qu...
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Ryan's Secret Love by musicqueen92
Ryan's Secret Loveby Jean Miller
22 year old Evangeline Peterson is starting to take over her father's company as CEO, and her first job as CEO is to have a meeting with the infamous Ryan Carter the CEO...
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The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It Love  Fan-Fiction by ParadoxicalLux
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It ParadoxicalLux
After a wildfire that took everything away from her, Layla Vanderveer moved into Mystery Spell in hopes of forgetting the pain that continues to haunt her. Layla was gif...
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Is it love? Colin: La promesse d'un baiser Tome 2 by ParkerM24
Is it love? Colin: La promesse d' Marion
Is it love? Colin: La promesse d'un baisé était censé être l'unique tome mais j'ai pris tellement de plaisir à l'écrire que j'ai envie de me lancer dans le une suite. Au...
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Fan fiction Is it love Ryan: Intelligents, Intransigeants, PDG et Passionnés by Alexandrafic1
Fan fiction Is it love Ryan: Lou
Elle, chanteuse et PDG, elle ne croit plus en l'amour et espère retrouver l'anonymat quelques temps pour se remettre du drame qu'elle doit affronter. Lui, PDG, sûr de lu...
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❤️ Is It Love? 💔 (Based on Meteor Garden) by VioletWonder317
❤️ Is It Love? 💔 (Based on †åkå§hïkå
Hewwo there, I'm a big fan of Meteor Garden because of its story plot. I thought of making this because I wanted to put some scenes that Meteor Garden didn't put into th...
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SEBASTIAN JONES - Tome 1 - Fanfiction : Is It Love ! by Matloo
SEBASTIAN JONES - Tome 1 - Matloo
Je suis repartie du jeu Is It Love de Claire Zamora pour faire ma propre fanfiction sur le professeur Sebastian Jones. Ava arrive donc à Mystery Spell pour vivre une nou...
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Is It Love? by sakurasbae
Is It Love?by ♡Brittany♡
Hi there this is a Naruhina and Sasusaku Etc. Story. Hinata Hyuga is a 16 year old Student at Konoha High. She is deeply in love with the new student Naruto Uzumaki. Kee...
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Colin ist Back by We_ce_storis
Colin ist Backby We_ce_storis
Lizzy Montfort ist die Tochter von Colin Spencer und Tara Montfort . Als Colin seine große Liebe Tara vor etwa 18 Jahren verlässt um seine Gesangskarriere zu starten wis...
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A rockstar and a secret pregnancy by becky0904
A rockstar and a secret pregnancyby Becky Hopkinson
Ellie and Colin had been together twelve months and just finished there first album. When Colin got offered his dream deal a solo contract and a six month world tour. Ha...
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A Perfect Duet - is it love? Colin Fanfic #3 by NorOntGirl
A Perfect Duet - is it love? Jenn LaRocque
The final installation! Will everything work out? As always rated R for violence, sexual content, language. You know all the fun stuff Characters do not belong to me, t...
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Is It Love? Drogo. Full Story by Ciniminamen
Is It Love? Drogo. Full Storyby Ciniminamen
This is the full english version transcript, as I can't find a very good one anywhere. I did not come up with this! This is 100% from a game! All credit goes to Clair Za...
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Is It Love? || G.D. x V.M. by jenthebiscuit
Is It Love? || G.D. x elys
Do I love him ? Do I love her? Slow phasing Created since 2017
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Peter Bartholy- Finding love  by Likefireandice8324
Peter Bartholy- Finding love by unknown
Based off the is it love peter story Mystery spell is a school with the supernatural and the hunters they are at a constant war behind closed doors then there is the ne...
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