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Danganronpa ~ Chat Fic by shslmint
Danganronpa ~ Chat Ficby Naegami simp
A chat fic with out favorite Class 78! This class, or game, is one of the only games I can remember in the series. Edit: Nvm now I remember all of them lol but that is...
【What If It Was Different?  (Ishimondo and Naegami Story)】 by Chemical-Soul
【What If It Was Different? ( ✖ᴏʟʟɪᴇ ᴋᴏᴅᴀ✖
❗THIS BOOK HAS SPOILERS❗ What if mondo wasn't the one who killed Chihiro? What if Ishimaru's bonk to the head didn't kill him? What will happen? The original plot of dan...
🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸 by Animenerdinajar
🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸by Animenerdinajar
*.+An Ishimondo fic+.* Non-Despair AU Sorry about the wild update schedule [Trigger warnings will be included in the chapters]
prison -ishimondo😸- by mondo_taka
prison -ishimondo😸-by :)
Taka gets framed for a murder scene that his friend had made. his friend was to much of a coward to go to jail so instead he framed taka and he had to go to jail. thats...
ishimondo oneshots!  by laughtilicry
ishimondo oneshots! by my sins.
fluff, smut, angst, it's all here. huh, this sounds like the same description to my other work..
~danganronpa groupchat~ by ohrubie
~danganronpa groupchat~by Rubyee
mostly danganronpa thh groupchat chronicles! ships include: ishimondo naegami celesgiri ikuzono sakuroi hagakureon ~~~ komahina soniaki pekokane soudam ~~~ irumatsu saim...
Chatfic of the dead - a danganronpa fanfic i wrote 2 am ✔️ by Lalisa_Lovegood
Chatfic of the dead - a 𝑸✶
bascially they die, then they have a groupchat. sounds like fun am i right? I'm sorry, I shall now use proper grammar and spelling and follow every writing rule we learn...
I'll keep you safe (IshiMondo) by flowerseraphina
I'll keep you safe (IshiMondo)by flowerseraphina
COMPLETED. This is a non-despair AU with a bullied Ishimaru. (Forgive me) I just really wanted to try to write them in a kind of relationship in which they don't like, h...
Two Souls [Mastermind Ishimaru] by hydra-san
Two Souls [Mastermind Ishimaru]by Azzy
Ishimaru has always wanted to protect his friends, but to what extent will he go to not allow them to suffer?
Not Your Type {Ishimondo} by Despair-A-Tronic
Not Your Type {Ishimondo}by ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕩𝕒
In a world where red-strings control your entire love life, going to a College attended by students all around the same age as you is almost a guarantee to find your sou...
"I Will Avenge You!" (An Ishimondo story) by RandomHajimeKinnie
"I Will Avenge You!" (An Baby_Gangsta
⚠️Drthh and Drta spoilers⚠️ Taka is suicidal here **I do not own Danganronpa** - Kiyotaka Ishimaru had it rough before coming to Hopes Peak high. No friends, constant wo...
danganronpa chatfic by Zabala0z
danganronpa chatficby Sophia zabala
wow im so surprised people read this! anyways join everyone on this very weird chatfic! may be a few chapters of real life interaction and some of the chapters are inspi...
'Falling Slowly' by i_boop_ur_nosey
'Falling Slowly'by i_boop_ur_nosey
This is an IshiMondo story! This starts in the years before the killing game and Mondo gets a detention from Ishimaru. Even though Mondo should hat this guy he can't sha...
Study Buddies by SpookyBloosky
Study Buddiesby SpookyBloosky
Mondo Oowada is having troubles preparing for exams. But have no fear, Kiyotaka Ishimaru is here to help! Even if they get a little distracted along the way..
Danganronpa one-shots and drabbles (mostly Ishimondo) by peri3721
Danganronpa one-shots and Isaac_Axel
A series of short stories and one-shots. If you see one you like, comment and I might add the 2nd chapter! It says ongoing but mostly they're stand-alone so it doesn't m...
[OLD]I'll protect you [Ishimaru Kiyotaka x Mondo Owada] by hydra-san
[OLD]I'll protect you [Ishimaru Azzy
my first official posted story, I'm really sorry if it's bad! I kinda didnt get anyone other than my friends to read it.. Context! This is a au where they all live, I r...
More Than Bros |~| Ishimondo Fanfic Story by weeb_mariii
More Than Bros |~| Ishimondo || ~ Mari ~ ||
Ishimaru and Mondo have been best buds since 7th grade, it is now 12th grade and they are near graduation. Both of them have been worrying about the test but now they ha...
CRACKHEAD GAYS // a Danganronpa chatfic by pAiGe_iS_TiReD
Uhhhhh yeah. Just the characters from the first game being crackheads, I guess. ~Non Despair AU~ ~Characters are going to be OOC (out of character)~ Ships Included: Naeg...
~💜 ❤~ Ishimondo Oneshots! ~💜 ❤~ by ThePipofDespair
~💜 ❤~ Ishimondo Oneshots! ~💜 ❤~by Pip-chan
Heya, guys! Piper here. Since I haven't written a oneshot book in forever, I decided to do it with my favorite Danganronpa ship: Ishimondo! Other little ships will mos...