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The Girl with Wings and a Metal Arm || Avengers Fan Fic by adkatie
The Girl with Wings and a Metal ~kat~
Morgana Stocking was loving and living life to the full. Her parents were rich business people and she had her own make-up products. She didn't see life as it truly was...
From Bad to Good and Every Where in Between by datcrazycatlady
From Bad to Good and Every Where DatCrazyAssCatLady
After escaping Hydra during a mission, 13 year old Peter Parker is put into child protection services who bring him to an orphanage full of abuse. After a year of debate...
Man Out of Time - A Captain America / Avengers Fanfiction by AnnaErishkigal
Man Out of Time - A Captain Anna Erishkigal
Cast forward in time 67 years to babysit a group of oversized superhero egos, Steve Rogers struggles to adapt to a world which has moved on without him. But an old frien...
The Stark Twins (Teen Wolf x Avengers) by LisaMarie-Wolfgirl
The Stark Twins (Teen Wolf x LisaMarie-Wolfgirl
Story based after Civil War Stiles and Allison are twins and part of the Avengers. Tony Stark is their father. After Civil War, Stiles and Alison sided with Captain Amer...
Over But Never Out    (PJO/Avengers) by Oh_Styx
Over But Never Out (PJO/ Oh_Styx
The war with Gaea is over, but Annabeth, Jason and Piper are dead. Percy is struggling to get over Annabeth and just trying to live a normal life when he is recruited by...
Potrzebujemy siebie✔T.S. by Al-Stark
Potrzebujemy siebie✔ Al Stark
On - geniusz, miliarder, playboy i filantrop. Ona - młoda dziewczyna po przejściach, wychowana przez wojsko, dołącza do Avengers. Co wyniknie ze spotkania tej dwójki? Cz...
Speedy Eagle by ScarletWSilver
Speedy Eagleby Scarlet W Silver
My name is Anastasia Rosella Barton. I live in the United States with my adopted brother and his family. I grew up in the circus with him. But that wasn't always my life...
Heroes by RedRobyn2
Heroesby RedRobyn2
When Aunt May dies, Peter is adopted by Tony Stark. However, anywhere Peter goes his friends (AKA the Ultimates) follow. Unfortunately for them Fury has decided they nee...
Dangerous (Iron man fanfiction) by bionic_mermaid
Dangerous (Iron man fanfiction)by bionic_mermaid
Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Victoria Serenity. Bionic, Invisible, Secret Hero. Tony Stark is a worldwide known superhero, member of The Ave...
Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man (MCU reimagined after Homecoming) by JAYV555
Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man ( Jay V
This is MCU Spider-man re-imagined. It takes place after Homecoming, I don't know what else to say, we'll just have to see what happens with this story. We're gonna see...
The Civil War by SuperheroFanboy
The Civil Warby Superhero Fanboy
The Avengers are the most powerful form of defense both the Earth and the universe have. The Avengers are ran by the billionaire playboy genious Tony Stark, mostly known...
Tony, Tony by wackyraces99
Tony, Tonyby Bruno Miercoles
The struggles and setbacks of a guy named Tony Stark. Heard of him?
The Phoenix  by ash_lynn_04
The Phoenix by (Ashlee )_(Lynn)_<3
Y/n l/n, the phoenix. She has powers, to kill or revive someone with just a touch. She also has the powers to control anything with her mind. She was created to be a we...
The Invincible Spiderman Season 1 by Shadowwavepool7
The Invincible Spiderman Season 1by DG London
In a world where Marvel and DC and Trasformers all exist in the same universe there is never a dull moment. With all the superpower craze a new player enters the fray wh...
Peter and the Avengers (Irondad, SuperFamily, PeterParkerxSteveRogersDaughter) by redrunner123
Peter and the Avengers (Irondad, A
Peter and his life with the Avengers. (Aunt May's dead - Post Homecoming) Includes Steve Rogers' daughter as possible love interest. Includes X-Men. INCLUDES Harrison as...
Remnant's Mightiest Heroes(Discontinued) by MaTcHu0210
Remnant's Mightiest Heroes( MaTcHu0210
After the fall of Beacon, many have gone their separate ways. Team NAAL is no exception. Alex Stark has returned to Atlas in order to help Pepper Potts with the company...
M-Mr. Stark? Help m-me! by GabrielleShort6
M-Mr. Stark? Help m-me!by Angel_Bee
Peter always wanted to make his idol and father figure proud and happy. He loved to see the happy smile from his dad. Though Peter wants to show through superhero ways...
Little America by IndianaBoon
Little Americaby Ravengirl
This story is about captain America's daughter. Hazel Rogers was born in 1945. Her father had already been gone by the time Peggie figured out she was pregnant. You'll f...
Ashes, Ashes by OfficialUSMWriter
Ashes, Ashesby Mystery_Name
[Complete] Peter did a 180, feeling a desperate need to find a safe spot, but a punch of nausea hit his gut and halted his searching. Every alarm in his body, ones he kn...
Wrong Number + Field Trip To SI by JamesLovesFoxes
Wrong Number + Field Trip To SIby JamesLovesFoxes
One day, peter gets shot on patrol, as he quickly texts his friend ned, to ask for help, he quickly finds out that he actually texted some random person, what happens wh...