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To Live Again by CJ_Callahan
To Live Againby CJ_Callahan
On the shores of western Ireland, in a drab town - a young, day-dreaming waitress hides her scars. Chained to a life of caring for an alcoholic and abusive father, twen...
The Phantom Queen by StellaStarMagic
The Phantom Queenby StellaStarMagic
Rose Potter craved power. When offered to take the place of an ancient Goddess, she figured she'd found the fastest way, but it turned out she still had a long way to go...
THE HOLLOW ━━━━ jacob black by meadussa
THE HOLLOW ━━━━ jacob blackby libbie.
' the hollow ' magic comes with a price, and everyone must pay it. HYSTERIA SERIES / book two twilight - twilight: breaking dawn
The Librarians and the Selkie Pearls by MamaStreet
The Librarians and the Selkie MamaStreet
There's a new Guardian in the Library. Can tea and sympathy win over Jacob Stone?
The Morrigan by BrookeE25
The Morriganby Brooke Elise
Whispers have made their way from the north: Invaders are coming. When Ciara washes up on the shore of Eire, all she's looking for is a way home but her rescuers soon dr...
Mirror|rorriM by xXTheShadowedXx
Mirror|rorriMby M. R. Benzie
When dreams and reality combine, the wall between realms grows thinner and thinner, and a young girl finds herself in the center of it all. What started out as dreams of...
Right of the King by TheWolfsFury1420
Right of the Kingby WolfFang's
this is a new Danmachi Rewrite story I thought of and it seems more interesting in my opinion in this story, Bell is the king of a kingdom called Babylonia, named after...
Lighthouse by danteduckie
Lighthouseby wolfling12
A sea of choices stretches before us, all leading to a new path. Yet, we shouldn't forget: the most important thing is the one walking beside us when we decide to travel...
Oisín in Tir na nÓg by YvesFlores3
Oisín in Tir na nÓgby Yves Forbes Flores
The fabled paradise island of Tír na nÓg is said to be located off of the west coast of Ireland. Tír na nÓg is known as the land of perpetual youth. It is also named the...
An Excess of Trolls of All Kinds (or Lydia of Kilkenny) by theskullinthejar
An Excess of Trolls of All Kinds ( The Ghost Skull in the Jar
As her first assignment as a newly graduated Quester of the Kingdom of Kilkenny, Lydia must track down the petty criminal and trickster who is making a mockery of the ki...
A Child at Play in the Trees by SeanMacUisdin
A Child at Play in the Treesby Sean MacUisdin
"I would come with you on this journey, if you wished it." Sandra Tate is in her final weeks of cancer. On a warm spring day in Victoria, British Columbia, a...
A Detectives Diary  by Celstialstars
A Detectives Diary by Celst
She sat the rocking back and forth.Images of death in her mind.Words of truth and words of lies swirling around in their head . You're probably wondering why she's still...
Turas by Isbeansi
Turasby Is bean sí
The storm was what woke them, the wind screaming and the icy rain tearing them apart as the sky split with lightning. Two men, Finn and Osheen escape the storm without...
Adventure Time: Legend of the Sliver Arm by egodfrey72
Adventure Time: Legend of the The Kami No Kazen
Nuada; the Irish king with the Sliver Arm, finds himself wandering through Ooo after a snowstorm and unexpectedly becomes a hero after fending off the Ice King from kidn...
The mess you've made by BloodyCotton
The mess you've madeby Bloody Cotton
Esta es una historia corta que tuve que crear para una asignatura de la universidad. Trata de dos elfas de la mitología nórdica que se ven obligadas a emprender el viaje...
The Morrigan by BrookeElise0
The Morriganby Brooke Elise
On one side of the divide, mortals and gods alike are preparing to fight a war that will determine everything. On the other, Ciara inhabits a small island where she prep...
Is Being Dead Really That Bad? by dododoobird
Is Being Dead Really That Bad?by Idiot Mc Dumbass
A load of dead people hanging out in a big old manor together. Just being dead. Original characters, mainly from Irish mythology. Might have a plot, might not, it's a -*...