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Deja Vu (18+) by radteens
Deja Vu (18+)by radteens
Independent. That is the only way to describe the spirited Laleh Karimi. The twenty-one year has always been the go-to friend, she is straight-forward, a great shoulder...
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Golden Pond by narastoo
Golden Pondby narastoo
عشق میتونه صدای جذابش باشه عشق میتونه صدای خنده هاش باشه عشق میتونه چشم های عسلی اون باشه عشق میتونه هرچیزی باشه و حالا من باید توی چهره تک تک این مردم دنبال عشق تو باشم...
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Iranian wattpaders contest by persiattpad
Iranian wattpaders contestby iraninacontests
اینجا کتاب قوانین،اعلام برندگان،محل شرکت در مسابفات و.... هستش پس برای اطلاعات بیشتر کتاب رو دقیق بخونید.
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Write My Love © - JUNE 2021 by FriendlyDragon478
Write My Love © - JUNE 2021by whoisthisamateur
Have you ever been so engrossed in a book that you began to picture yourself alongside the characters? Or maybe as you read you played through each scene vividly in your...
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One Direction's bodyguard therapist (muslim) by lustingdolans
One Direction's bodyguard lena-rose
to be one direction's new bodyguard and therapist helping them get through the struggles of fame, nightmares. Muslim girl Street racer
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The Persian Princess by lovingGemstones
The Persian Princessby Ruby Sapphire
Firouzeh Shamz (Also called Rou) is The Persian princess. Unfortunately, it is dangerous for her to stay in her country because of a civil war. Her parents send her to t...
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Blank Page | One Direction by Anyfiction
Blank Page | One Directionby shahrzadstories
بلا و ترسا دو دوست قدیمی هستند که با فروش اجناس دزدی زندگیشون رو میگذرونند اما آشنایی اونا با هری سِیری از اتفاقات رو براشون رقم میزنه که اونارو به پشیمونی میندازه. جدای...
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Charlotte Lavalle and the Iranian Girl by JoelleR
Charlotte Lavalle and the JoelleR
Charlotte Lavalle, a 19 year old artist, lives an average life in the cold and mundane city of Pennington, New York. Charlotte sees an add in the local paper about talen...
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Tataloo & Tomeh by yasmeenkaulitz
Tataloo & Tomehby yasmeenkaulitz
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Ahmadinejad-BRAVE HEART by mtm2008
Ahmadinejad-BRAVE HEARTby mtm2008
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The GoldFish | ماهی قرمز by maahzwd
The GoldFish | ماهی قرمزby BlueMoon^💙
The Fanfiction of #FarzadFarzin Iranian pop singer I hope u read and enjoy it! فن فیکشنِ فرزادِفرزین
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My Diary Online by BaharTofighi
My Diary Onlineby Bahar Tofighi
I always digged movies, I think it was mostly because everything happening in them seemed somehow unreachable. somehow not expected, exciting, relevant. and my life got...
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Warbaby by RaindropsInMyHair
Warbabyby RaindropsInMyHair
Ivy wants to get to know her Iranian heritage. But its quite hard dealing with that problem when you have other stuff going on. Like boys. Or other teenagedrama. Or the...
Reza, the Rebel by user03606241
Reza, the Rebelby Alireza Manzour
Reza Rod left the life of crime many years ago, but it seems his criminal comrades have no intention of leaving him. His old boss Silver Eye is back in Manhattan and he...
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Roxana's Revolution by Farin22
Roxana's Revolutionby Farin Powell
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Worst by melodykilam
Worstby melodykilam
اولین بار که دبدمش تعجب کرد که چرا مثل بقیه ی دخترا جیغ نمی زنم
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