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All I gave u is gone (Banana splits <movie themed> x oc) by lps4755
All I gave u is gone (Banana neonlikesaj Kat (Lps4755)
when little young Holly found a channel with a show called the banana splits she falls in love with the characters when the show started as she grew up and got older she...
Eric/Horatio love story by JalenIsley
Eric/Horatio love storyby PuzzleQueen
Eric Delko / Horatio Cane throughout a day in their lives as lovers...i might add chapters but it's suppose to be a once shot.....ENJOY!!!!!
Something Royally Evil by BreLizzy2015
Something Royally Evilby Brenna Brocksmith
A girl who is used to having nothing is sudden;y choosen as Tarum's princess by the beloved Prince Blake. She is thrown for a loop for she wants nothing to do with the r...
Innocents by DoctorofLogic
Innocentsby DoctorofLogic
It was a cold bitter day that left nine dead, and six others injuried. When a student comes in with a gun, what exactly happens afterwards? Despite their pain, the six i...
The time i fell off a horse by shadow_dragon94969
The time i fell off a horseby Shadow_Wolf
IDK we were doing decriptive wrighting in class and i thought i could make a story off a picture. Im continuing it just for fun, so dont judje me. Also there is no dialog
A Lover's Past by XxNightStripexX
A Lover's Pastby XxNightStripexX
In the flow of a story, a collection of poems depicting how the joy of a lover was broken and revived.
Shifting Gears by alwaysgoingbackwards
Shifting Gearsby Mandy
Reagan overlooks the crowd, standing on her tippy toes in hopes of getting a better view of the track. A slight panic begins to rise in her chest when her boyfriend's bi...