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hurt by blue-tigress
hurtby blue-tigress
Taehyung hates Kim namjoon, CEO of Kim industries and will do everything to destroy him, even if he have to marry his son jungkook for this. Warning : grammar mistakes...
Hurt? No, War! by aceofsasunaru
Hurt? No, War!by aceofsasunaru
naruto is getting treated bad in the villiage so is kakashi and sakura. one day when the council turns on naruto and has him almost beaten to death they had enough and a...
My (im)perfect family  by Komahinashipper2
My (im)perfect family by Komahinashipper2
Nagito and Hajime have their fair share of problems, from marriage to pregnancy and now add kids into the mix,watch as the family go through ups and down.P.S it's not go...
Care (T.GI) [Pretty Much Discontinued] by Just__Lu
Care (T.GI) [Pretty Much Lu
This includes an impreg Yoongi but it only has him pregnant not actually giving birth which he receives twins by c section. (cutting underneath the stomach) "You le...
My Mute Husband (Taekook) by Moonchild_Nivea
My Mute Husband (Taekook)by NesQ
You can't even talk and want to marry me!!! -jungkook.. it's not Tae's fault that he is mute. .... Is Tae going to have a beautiful life which he want or.. end up being...
~~Meow~~😉😏(kirideku) by Queen_of_Death15
~~Meow~~😉😏(kirideku)by Mary Willis
I don't see as many kirideku a lot so I decided to make one.😉😏 So basically deku gets turned into a Neko from saving someone and then he passes out after he defeated t...
Big Booty Bitches - DreamNotFound by Jacksonian1095
Big Booty Bitches - DreamNotFoundby Jacksonian1095
big fart booty dream bitches fart fart looking like fart fart bird booty georgenotfound bitches fart corpse husband fart fart
MY PRINCE CHARMING by dedmma clara
Xiao Zhan don't Ever let anyone touch you except your Prince charming,why mama the little boy ask his mother ?because you are special The plot is mine the characters ar...
Cake 2 by harrysjuicecleanse
Cake 2by harrysjuicecleanse
Sequel to "Cake Mpreg". What happens when boy bander, Luke Hemmings impregnates fellow boy bander, Calum Hood. They give birth to th...
rewind by oatmeal_eclipse
rewindby oatmeal_eclipse
this is short I did research for this Aleah lots of research I know what a Phan is now
When lines are crossed and promises are broken (jiall,narry,hustin zustin love story) by ShamayaY
When lines are crossed and Shamaya Young
Niall horan is a regular teenager, he plays sports gets good grades and has an awesome boyfriend, Harry styles. Niall and Harry have the relationship that the whole scho...
Me? gonna be your queen?! what no!?- (Bakudeku/bakugou x deku/bkdk) by MochiNii5
Me? gonna be your queen?! what MochiNii5
Izuku - Omega Katsuki - Alpha y'all read the story and ill explain blah blah blah
💖Our relationship 💖 (Taekook) [ DISCONTINUED] by HyunnieBun__
💖Our relationship 💖 (Taekook) [ MOVED ACCOUNTS!!
Taehyung and Jungkook has been together since 2015, there relationship starts to go downhill after they find out there pregnant what will they do?
joining the spam and rice crew!  by screaming-egg
joining the spam and rice crew! by Eggs r gr8
hey hey! I'm tori! welcome to the spam and rice poscast! ready to meet your new budds? stanly, ivan, an idiot, happleman and many more! come join us! you'll love our lit...
INPURE (reader x Illumi) by chrollosbigballs
INPURE (reader x Illumi)by Tea pretty Li 😸
your a female with a happy life well until your family was ruined you experience inpure scenes of your father's affair and were abused so you turned blind eye him and yo...