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Pretty Little Liars by emotionalaardvark
Pretty Little Liarsby emotionalaardvark
Aria got knocked up by Ezra. What will happen when Aria gets in a car crash?
A Year On Iceland by ariamontgomery327
A Year On Icelandby Pumpkin
Ezria Fan Fiction This story will be written in 2 books and this is the first one. You don't have to read it if you don't like it. Keep your opinion for yourself or you...
You're the One, You Always Have Been by bexib00
You're the One, You Always Have Be...by becky
Aria is in love with Ezra Fitz, her English teacher. When things get heated, how will they cope with the consequences? How will her parents react when they find out the...
Pretty Little Liars: 16 & Pregnant (Sequel) by PllParadise
Pretty Little Liars: 16 & Pregnant...by havin' fun with it
[Disclaimer: This is the second book in the series, so if you have not yet read the first, I strongly advise you to do so.] It's been six years since the birth of Aria a...
Daddy {A PLL fanfic} by EmilyAnicio
Daddy {A PLL fanfic}by Emily
Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson And Lucy Hale were Best friends and one day they made a pact that they would all get pregnant at the same time. Each from a different do...
Endless Love - Lucian by lauraavsp
Endless Love - Lucianby Laura
Lucy and Ian have known each other for almost 7 years. They are co-workers and best friends on the set of Pretty Little Liars. But one day, they start to feel something...
Lucian for life by rainbowitnb
Lucian for lifeby S
What happens when Ian and Lucy starting to date but their relationship isn't approved? What happens when Lucy's darkest secrets from her past gets revealed? Will Ian sta...
Life After Pretty Little Liars by olxitz_
Life After Pretty Little Liarsby Katie
The life of the Harding family after Pretty Little Liars. Meet Ariana and Cooper, Ian and Lucy and the rest of the cast as they embark on many adventures with each other.
Could You Be? - Lucian by shepherdhunt
Could You Be? - Lucianby ashleigh
Lucy's sick and Ian needs to help her through it.
More Than Friends: Lucain - Completed  by exriakisses
More Than Friends: Lucain - Comple...by Chloe
Lucy Hale was in an abusive relationship that Ian Harding helped her out of. However, Lucy's angry and abusive ex boyfriend isn't the only thing they have to worry about.
Liar Liar [Pretty Little Liars-Aria/Ezra] by holsaynor
Liar Liar [Pretty Little Liars-Ari...by hol
A pretty little liar fan fiction about Ezra Fitz, an english teacher and his student girlfriend Aria Montgomery. They have been dating over a year and still love each ot...
Lucian-Catch me If I fall by torielwriting
Lucian-Catch me If I fallby torielwriting
Lucy and Ian have known each other for years being best friends But when Lucy's world begins to break apart ,and the only person she trusts is Ian, their feelin...
A Lucian Love Story by continuingezria
A Lucian Love Storyby SpreadThePLLove
Love fills the room when Ian Harding and Lucy Hale reunite in 2019/2020. You're about to find out what they do after work, their days off, holidays and other events. The...
The secret life of Ezra and Aria by pllloversunite
The secret life of Ezra and Ariaby Mal your Pal
It's about the secret relationship of Ezra and Aria, just with a few twists. COMPLETED!!
This Is What True Love Feels Like - A Lucian Fanfiction by ClaraOswald23
This Is What True Love Feels Like...by ClaraOswald23
The cast of Pretty Little Liars are the closest of friends. They tell each other everything. Well, most things. Find out what happens when true love is in the air on the...
pretty little liars preferences and imagines by cuddlytae_95
pretty little liars preferences an...by dream chapter
Preferences and Imagines of ~ Mike Jason Noel Ezra Toby Caleb
Ezria + Simone by off-with-your-head
Ezria + Simoneby Beautifully Broken
Takes place in 'Careful What U Wish 4' when Ezra is with Simone. Spencer doesn't stop Aria from going crazy at the dance; what will happen? ****Story is older, very cri...
Ezra's little sister by greenwolf131
Ezra's little sisterby greenwolf131
When Ezra's little sister comes to town she is a bit mysterious and she brings some trouble.
Illicitly Pregnant - An Ezria Story by fernxsickle
Illicitly Pregnant - An Ezria Storyby fern
Aria and Ezra have entered the strongest part of their relationship. Their love for each other is out of this world. But one day Aria discovers something that could chan...
Consequences by _haler
Consequencesby _haler
What happens when Lucy and Ian spend the night together after they meet in LA for his book tour? Will they finally confess their feelings and give their love a chance...