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She broke me.. by CL-oppa
She broke me..by li kai-rong
Moonbuyl being the type of girl who was a bad girl and was such a girl crush like I mean every girl wanted her. Hwasa being the type of girl who was the queen bee and su...
assurance by lrgenie
assuranceby lrgenie
a hwabyul oneshot
Professor Jung | wheesa  by hwasawheeingf
Professor Jung | wheesa by amani
"Shh... take it like a good student" Now entering her second year of college, Ahn Hyejin felt a sense of stagnancy engulf her life. The constant cycle of stud...
۵↤↤ 𝓔𝓢𝓒𝓐𝓟𝓔 ↦↦۵ (complete) by hiddenmoo4
۵↤↤ 𝓔𝓢𝓒𝓐𝓟𝓔 ↦↦۵ (complete)by Im a hidden moo
Seoul academic arts high school a school between the talented and the mediocre. The talents equal the power in this competitive school, but when Wheein, falls for Solar...
you're an exception  by _wheejung
you're an exception by Whee Jung
a moonsun fanfic,, chapters are mostly unedited,, typographical errors ahead,,
MAMAMOO ONESHOTS by Allforwheein
Read if you want some mamamoo loooooveeee
MAMAMOO one shots by radishempire
MAMAMOO one shotsby radishempire
The title says it all
Me You And The World(Hwabyul) by LaurenJuleita
Me You And The World(Hwabyul)by LisaMoonbyul
being girlfriends is hard in a world full of homophobics but being in the same group is harder.. how will Moonbyul and hwasa surpass all the hard obstacles of their live...
Mamamoo One shots and Multishots collection by FourWithTheSun
Mamamoo One shots and Multishots c...by Ncrn92MMM
I've been thinking about writing one-shots and Multi-shots, many plots are running in my mind. I hope it will give me some relief from stress and tension. Some stories m...
stargirl, hwabyul by SEULGlS
stargirl, hwabyulby ً
words left unspoken only lead to a broken heart HWABYUL.
Sisterzoned (Moonsun One-shot fanfic) by Byulyi143
Sisterzoned (Moonsun One-shot fanf...by The Playful Writer
So I can't get a hang when Solar answered a question, "What is byul to you?" And she answered, "Sister". On the other hand Moon byul answered, "...
Shaking [hwabyul] by LivDaBomb
Shaking [hwabyul]by L~I~V
Hwasa is a nobody. She's just an abused girl who works at a cafe. Moonbyul is a nobody. She's just a coffee addict who can't keep a girlfriend. What will happen when a...
The Third Universe|Wheesun by wheeiniebaebie
The Third Universe|Wheesunby silverstar
the love story of kim youngsun, a professional boxer and jung wheein, a painter. it's probably boring so read at your risk, all fluff no smut ;) it's a oneshot split in...
MAMAMOO {Couples} by Taennie_hyo
MAMAMOO {Couples}by Taennie_hyo
~Mamamoo~ We would like to welcome you~ Hwasahan ¡GEI! Munbyeori ¡GEI! Solla ¡GEI! & ¿GEI? Hwiin ¡GEI! Mamam- GEEEEEEEEEI~
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collection by scandalousgal
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collectionby elly
I'll post my mamamoo nsfw one shots here too I post them on Asianfanfics too everything here is pure fiction!
마마무 One Shot by mari_kasuyaki
마마무 One Shotby mari_kasuyaki
This contains one-shot stories of Mamamoo. Some of them will the next fan-fic. 💚🐰🐹🐶🦁 Reminder: The content of each one-shot stories is purely fictional. Other conte...
Ruin Me by YellowHippoProject
Ruin Meby YellowHippoProject
Phéne never really thought she would feel this way towards another girl because it was a foreign feeling. A feeling that her parents have called "wrong" and &q...
Mamamoo ship stories by Dont_Touch_My_Pocky
Mamamoo ship storiesby GouGamerMusic
This is my first time writing about something like this please enjoy my fan fiction about Mamamoo ships!
Bloom Into You by LoveYour_eyes
Bloom Into Youby Gayest Shit
There are some things in life that has to remain secret and private from others. I'm so sick of the attention that they're giving. I want to be a normal person that has...
MoonSun; 18 Again ✓ by ManlxYeonjun
MoonSun; 18 Again ✓by Mōanlúx Yeonjun
Solar and Moonbyul had been married for 18 years but they fall out of love. Moonbyul wished she could go back in time and change one thing. And that is not to fall for...