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Dnf-Hungergames by BeaKrnkt
Dnf-Hungergamesby Bea Kränkt
What happends when Dream from district 2 and George from district 12 both get chosen to compete in the 64th Hungergame.
The Claw Games~Warrior Cats x The Hunger Games by LostAndStray_Writes
The Claw Games~Warrior Cats x Stray
Inspired by Warrior Cat style command games (credit to UnitedWarriors) and The Hunger Games. The cats have to fight to the death in a game of survival called "The C...
My Hunger Games by sofiatriestowrite
My Hunger Gamesby sofia
!Hunger Games spoilers and some violence! "Sofia Sullivan," the words were like a stab in the chest, that was my name, I was a tribute in the 77th games. I hea...
Battle Field by BooksXandXbands
Battle Fieldby Amber Lynn
"Death doesn't care if you've hurt or helped. It only takes. If there's a good reason why I'm sitting here...alive...while anyone I've loved is being hurt or killed...
The Boy With The Bread by Everlark074
The Boy With The Breadby Jovie Parkinson
Peeta Mellark, a 16-year-old baker from District 12, is drawn into the Hunger Games with his lifelong crush, Katniss Everdeen, and the fight for their lives is just begi...
Victors 2 by OreWrites
Victors 2by Ore
A #radishologist fan-fic. Sequel to The Victors. The Victors have slain Todd, and taken control over Minecraftia. Everyone's happy until the Victors become worse than S...
MCYT Hunger Games OneShot Angst Story by Project_EMO
MCYT Hunger Games OneShot Angst Project_EMOINNIT
Hello! Wow, first Story on Wattpad? Pretty cool! Anyways, to cut this short, this is a oneshot I wrote based off of a Hunger Games simulator run I did with a few friends...
Haven | apply fic  by 1-800-McCall
Haven | apply fic by •Aurora•
-- hunger games apply fic Open!
Hold On To Me  by mademedropmycrossant
Hold On To Me by natalia🧋
you and peeta are not on talking terms because of the incident. youve been keeping your distance besides a few work meeting; you havent seen each other or talked. until...
The Assassin (Finnick Odair X OC) by btscoyote
The Assassin (Finnick Odair X OC)by btscoyote
Kai just got chosen to be a tribute for District Four in the 72nd Hunger Games. She should be panicking, saying goodbye to her loved ones, squaring her shoulders, and pr...
Return to the Sea (Gale Hawthorne x OC) by Toothless62
Return to the Sea (Gale Toothless62
Ceto Sommers is the 72nd Hunger Games tribute of District 4. Close friends with Finnick Odair. She dives right back in 3 years later. Quickly becomes friends with the tw...
The Hunger games Catching Fire [real book] by Nora_Superhero
The Hunger games Catching Fire [ Norkins
this is the real book I wanted to read it on Wattpad and couldn't find it so I decided to post it I'm not going to put each chapter where it belongs it will all be on o...
Nightfall by -hxppygirlhxdley-
Nightfallby 𝐇𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐲
The Hunger Games had been a tradition for 100 years. And that year wasn't any different. Each district gave up two teenagers for the Games, one bender and one nonbender...
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Death finnick odair x oc story by Cherribombshell1000
Death finnick odair x oc storyby Cherribombshell1000
Death was a legend everyone thought she was a myth she won the games a the age of 12 youngest victor and shorstest games and the most amount of kills in history she was...
The Trident Necklace (Hunger Games Fanfic) by strong_hearted
The Trident Necklace (Hunger 𝖂𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖆 𝕸
An 18 year old girl gets chosen for the 73rd hunger games from district 4. She thought she would get through her last reaping but there was no escape from it.