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Reasons  by yohilove
Reasons by yohilove
" What the hell is wrong with you teenagers! Pushing kids of the swing and making fun of them is not cool!" They tried to talk but I quickly stopped them...
Alerick by Dany_Yolo
Alerickby ♊ 𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓮𝓵𝔂𝓼𝓼 ♊
Tercera Temporada de Para Enamorarte Libro Uno; Para Enamorarte Libro Dos: Cosas Para Enamorarte Libro Tres; De Gira FT CNCO *Libro Cuatro; Alerick*
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The Wolf Boys by Wiinterxo
The Wolf Boysby ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ ♡
Let's get one thing straight, werewolves aren't real! Or so they say.. Joslynn and Ivy are two girls who have been best friends ever since the womb. They've never left...
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School for the Lovesick (On-Going) by SAMiAMiz
School for the Lovesick (On-Going)by Lizette E.
Daisy Fairhaven has been in love with Zade Ruiz since freshman year of high school. Though they are both on the same level in the popularity chain, Daisy can't seem to...
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The General's Eccentric Little Devil by SSweet_Novels
The General's Eccentric Little Gaya R
Xiao Qiao's life ended with a gunshot to the head. Or at least her life as a thirty-two-year-old comic artist ended. The next time she had opened her eyes, she became a...
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Port Town by AriGarratt
Port Townby AriGarratt
This is a collection of pictures put together and edited into short comics. This is entirely experimental. Welcome to Port Town.
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Betrayed! by mleroylombard
Betrayed!by M. Leroy Lombard
The sequel to the first book, Betrothed, this book follows the life of Princess Audrianna three years later. Now at the age of thirteen, Audrianna is living with Balen a...
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Maestro  by iamnyasha
Maestro by iamnyasha
Heartbreak, confusion, and the search for one's true self. These are all the clouds that reign over teenage Nyasha as he struggles to keep a sense of his true self while...
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Somewhere Over the Clouds by Bdzimmerman15
Somewhere Over the Cloudsby Brittany Zimmerman
"I just stood there, speechless, staring at him. He's down on one knee asking me a question that would change my life. It wasn't just a simple answer. It wasn't a c...
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I Adore you (GXG) by katelyn_orlando
I Adore you (GXG)by katelyn_orlando
I really I adore her. But Sa sobrang Pagkagusto ko sakanya Sobrang nasasaktan ako na kahit kailan hindi nya ko magugustuhan. Im kate Savion Ang babaeng Baliw na baliw ka...
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Witch For Hire by MadoshiHikari
Witch For Hireby Alexa Peters
Lilly is at her wit's end - She's in desperate need of a job. Unfortunately, witches aren't in high demand nowadays... This, she later reflects, is probably why she agre...
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My Neighbor Ignis by AriGarratt
My Neighbor Ignisby AriGarratt
Grant is you're average 150 years old with anxiety issues and an inferiority complex. He has a steady job, a loving fiancée, and the average set of problems that come wi...
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𝐏𝐀𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐄𝐒 by tvaurus
when childhood pen-pals, natalia haze and peter blythe meet, sparks fly. ©
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Isolated by HyunRJiae
Isolatedby Jiae
"yoυ proмιѕed yoυ woυldɴ'т leαve. yoυ were αlwαyѕ ѕo ιrrιтαтed αт тнe ιdeα oғ нow ѕcαred ι wαѕ oғ yoυ leαvιɴɢ мe. αɴd wнeɴ ι ғιɴαlly leт ɢo oғ тнαт ғeαr, yoυ leғт...
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Lier by anviroy
Lierby anvi roy
"dig in"
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[🦋|🇬🇧] Midnight talks | ATEEZ by Pentesila
[🦋|🇬🇧] Midnight talks | ATEEZby Pentesila
"Midnight talks" is a series of out of context conversations and events (not necessarily real) that did not always take place after midnight. Everyone will fin...
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Individuality by MilejdyVan
Individualityby ...
!Warning! ⚠ This is only the first draft. Editing will happen when I finish the story. Expect a lot of typos and mistakes. Individuality is a story of nineteen youngste...
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surrender by AstoriaDarthe
surrenderby astoria darthe
" can we surrender? " we barely talked in school. he wasn't the popular kid, but he was the tall boy with glasses and curly hair and a pretty smile, the boy w...
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A lost spark found by ashleyshadow12
A lost spark foundby Ash
Rose stone was Sam's childhood best friend/ sister and now she and her best friend are in a big mess when they buy an alien car, but when she becomes close to a set of p...
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This Means War by f1apjack
This Means Warby f1apjack
Fun drabbles between Sebastian Stan and an OFC. They make me laugh 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have no idea where this series is going.
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