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Sex dealer(completed) by ivynexo
Sex dealer(completed)by Ivy 🌹
"I kidnapped you to give me sex, not love." + We've all heard of drug dealers. Sex dealers? They do the same thing but with women and sex. + -highest rankings:...
Property (Cameron Dallas) by badbossbxtchesonly
Property (Cameron Dallas)by badbossbxtchesonly
Amber goes to one of the best parties of year, meets the nicest guy ever, and receives a kiss from a hottie. She is living the lifestyle. While searching for her lost h...
Schiavo|| YoonMin {Book 2 Of Slave Trilogy} by enchantaeed
Schiavo|| YoonMin {Book 2 Of Mwah
"No matter what anyone says, you're still my Omega" "Yes, Alpha"
Breeding House by snookialmighty
Breeding Houseby snookialmighty
When Bryan flies half way around the world, will he find the perfect women to give him his heir?
Hunger by VeilofPetals
Hungerby Rose Autumn
Austin is on the run after kidnapping his little sister, "Pixie", the only thing he cares about and the only person he loves. His life consists of making money...
Slave|| Namjin {Book 1 Of Slave Trilogy} by enchantaeed
Slave|| Namjin {Book 1 Of Slave Mwah
"You're not my slave, you're more precious than that"
✧SAUDADE✧ •Jikook•[Completed] by eternally_jikook
✧SAUDADE✧ •Jikook•[Completed]by ✧Jeon Jikook✧
"You are mine Jimin. I won't let this cruel world take you away from me". Jungkook promised himself. ..... Jungkook felt helpless. He felt helpless for not bei...
ICY by Bretaughtyou
ICYby Bretaughtyou
Beautiful. Head strong. Dominant. Those are all adjectives you could use to describe Isis Armon, formally known as Yuko. A victim of sex trafficking, Isis doesn't know w...
The Northerner by tales4rmNorth
The Northernerby tales4rmNorth
#1 on latest 22nd June 2020 #1 on action-thriller 24th June 2020 #1 on AfricansCommunity 24th June 2020 #6 on Arewa 18th June 2020 FANNA "I never thought I could fa...
Cherry by CarmellaQueen
Cherryby aniya
Luciano Lombardi can be known as the angel of death to many people. With a beautiful face and deadly hands, getting involved with him is death wish, which is unknown to...
A Butler To Love ~A Christian Romance by ArielMasters
A Butler To Love ~A Christian ArielMasters
#30 Spiritual, #2 Christianromance, #1 richgirl Haunted by a past and burdened with debt, Wren Adams sees no other choice than to accept his benefactor's offer: to...
Crooked | PJM by saerunkim15
Crooked | PJMby ડꪖꫀ ᥇ꪖꫀ
❝Are you sure you've fallen for me?❞ [Re-writing] TRAILER IN THE FIRST PART _______________ Money, drugs, and ecstasy. Some people live for it. Not having a bigger pur...
Safekeeping (Jumin x Reader) by Katjaface
Safekeeping (Jumin x Reader)by Katjaface
*Contains storyline of human trafficking and suicide* Your life had been in turmoil up until now. Stolen from your home and shipped all over the world, you were now old...
Ashes to Diamonds (studxstud) (s/u) by -oldschool
Ashes to Diamonds (studxstud) (s/u)by est. 1998
This story is studxstud‼ No H8 tolerated, so if you don't like it, don't read it‼ Monae's life as a college student is turned into hell when she's taken from her dorm...
There's a Rip in the Sky || 2kim by glitzyena
There's a Rip in the Sky || 2kimby ✨ 𝐠 𝐥 𝐢 𝐭 ʑ ✨
{now featured in the wattpad fanfic official kpop reading list!} "That could be a metaphor, you know," "What could?" "The rips in the sky that...
SLAVE by DareBearsWorld
SLAVEby DareBearsWorld
Nova-a slave. Mike-her owner. But Nova isn't held captive, only mentally. Random men come to Mikes house and pay for Nova. Will Nova escape the world of human sex traffi...
Dark Web ㅡJOHNTENㅡ by real_kkabsong
Dark Web ㅡJOHNTENㅡby 董思成☠️
Johnny and jaehyun are youtubers Who are famous for their scary creepy content, what happens when johnny orders some random box from a website on dark web... Started 1/1...
The Molki Bride (Ongoing) by MrsClaireBeauchamp
The Molki Bride (Ongoing)by Claire Beauchamp
A trafficked girl. A monster in the dark. A tortured soul. A woman's might. A desperate struggle against the oldest sin in the history of mankind! ""I changed...
The Luna and Her Moon by kerfuffled_
The Luna and Her Moonby kerfuffled_
- Awards - ~ 1st place in the Cerulean Awards ~ 3rd place in the Privus Awards ~ Best Opening Chapter in the Rainbow Awards **** At just eighteen, Anna Kilmer finds her...