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moonstruck  ⟡  hs by deathlythrilled
moonstruck ⟡ hsby ashley ⟡
⟡ The year is 1989 when Harry moves into the house across the street from Josephine, who lets her intrigue and fascination grow about the handsome, yet mysterious man ev...
Irreplaceable [h.s] by TaylorOlivett
Irreplaceable [h.s]by Taylor🤍
[ONGOING] *Story contains MATURE and EXPLICIT content* This is the sequel to Irresistible! This can NOT be read as a stand alone. "Things are different now and you...
Petrichor // H.S. by tudorstella
Petrichor // H.S.by tess
the greek words for 'stone' and the 'ethereal blood of the gods' combine to give us a perfectly beautiful term for the way the earth smells after it rains. * * * Stella...
dear ana ❥ h.s. by tragedy101
dear ana ❥ h.s.by jess✩
tragedy can tear any love story apart. original by tragedy101
Deliverance by obviouslytaako
Deliveranceby Amanda
Bea has known she was going to take over her father's position as leader of one of the top gangs in her city since she was old enough to hold a gun. But when her dad ass...
Fake it (H.S) by reversethechemicals
Fake it (H.S)by reversethechemicals
"Headlines have just been made that Harry Styles, the well known British bachelor, has found a new lady. Lucky number seventeen has been awarded to Diana Parks, the...
Adonis Blue (h.s au) by carolinewai
Adonis Blue (h.s au)by Caroline
Lundy's heart broke when she saw her best friend proposing to his lover. Harry is the actor that models date for fame and money. They were matched by a dating agency...
Bittersweet (H.S AU) by sheryymostafaa
Bittersweet (H.S AU)by Cherry 🍒
"All she ever wanted was to be with him forever, and her wish came true, but in a hurtful way. A way that was so bittersweet." He was struggling with writing h...
 H.S. ONE SHOTS BY YOURS TRULY  by xultraviolent
A collection of one shots. First part posted.
The Stars Between Us  [HS] by maidaanerang
The Stars Between Us [HS]by Diya Bansal
"Can you see these stars eve? These stars show us the reality of our life" His emerald eyes shone under the moonlight as he speaks. "How" "They...
stay [hs] by blurrynights
stay [hs]by jazmyn
"can you just slow down for one fucking minute? everything is always changing, okay? there is nothing you can do about it! please just come here, just stay, just pl...
Domesticate - hs by ash2themoonandback
Domesticate - hsby ash2themoonandback
domesticate: verb do·​mes·​ti·​cate | \ də-ˈme-sti-ˌkāt \ 1. To adapt over time from a wild state to make fit for life in close association with and for benefit of huma...
24 Hours Open - HS One Shots  by onlyharryz
24 Hours Open - HS One Shots by onlyharryz
A series of Harry Styles smutty one shots....have fun WARNING: MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT I take requests! Please dm me on Twitter: onlyharryzz
The Devil's Trap [h.s one shots] by harrystylesfruit94
The Devil's Trap [h.s one shots]by harrystylesfruit94
Askanaz, a young innocent girl, embarks on an adventure. One she'll never forget. pls don't take us seriously
Panic Cord {Harry Styles} by flawlesshes
Panic Cord {Harry Styles}by nicole
Jennifer and Harry's relationship isn't the most functional thing in the world. But for them it's working. Or at least it was working. & & & A story about losing hope, c...
H.S. Fanfic by LilyLee1111
H.S. Fanficby Lily Lee
Hopefully not your average Harry Styles Fanfic, but that's up to you. Olivia hearts Harry but does Harry heart Olivia. Olivia could be me, you, anybody really. I haven't...
trepidation (h.s.) by haileyvol17
trepidation (h.s.)by hailey <3
trepidation: a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen. ~~~~~ In the year 1993, Aurora moves off to college, gains new friends, loses some, and over...
Diverse //H.S by spaghettinoodle91
Diverse //H.Sby Skylar4502
perhaps you are all she needs. When two completely opposite people try making their life work together. Overcome the fears,insecurities and sadness. A journey of sadness...