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Roommate's by bibirdbitch
Roommate'sby Pr❁tty Bird
Due to an incident in the dorms, students have to now be paired up in rooms. Todoroki freaks out when he finds out he has to pair up with the one and only Katsuki Bakugo...
MHA- Dabi's Second Chance by Olivia_Spruce_Woods
MHA- Dabi's Second Chanceby Olivia_Woods
Touya Todoroki, third son of Endeavor, who is now a wanted villain is at UA due to a program called 'Villain Rehabilitation'. Only a few months, but these few months cou...
My Older Brothers a Yandere (rewrite) by MushuStumpy
My Older Brothers a Yandere ( Mushu
❗TW❗ Mentions of murder and stalking. Don't read if it makes u uncomfortable No quirk/highschool AU While Enji Todoroki is known in a lot of places for his work, so are...
Villain Deku x Bakugou by kirifreehugs
Villain Deku x Bakugouby Ezra
Midoriya has recently learned his father is All For One, and Bakugou is struggling with depression-fueled suicidal attempts. Additionally, Midoriya is growing into a de...
And All That Remains is Ash by Drarry112112321
And All That Remains is Ashby Drarry112112321
*Completed* ~ "You're late, bird." "Y-yeah, I got distracted." "With what?" "Hero stuff- you know, you gotta keep up appearances!"...
MHA- The Mission by Olivia_Spruce_Woods
MHA- The Missionby Olivia_Woods
Hawks was living his daily life when Aizawa decided that he would be necessary for a mission. What kind of mission could it be? Could it possibly include his past? *Char...
Caged  by MrsRehlander2016
Caged by Mrs. Rehlander
Hawks has never wanted anyone or anything as much as he wanted Dabi, so in the dead of night, with a drink and a pill, he snatches him from under the league. With the wi...
When it all Started by MushuStumpy
When it all Startedby Mushu
❗TRIGGER WARNING❗ Mentions of abuse. If ur uncomfortable with it or feel as though you'll be affected by it click off this now or don't I can't control who reads this or...
Little Owl by SylverMine
Little Owlby SylverMine
"Uhm, hey" Dabi tried. He hadn't been around children since he was one. Obviously it's been a while and now he was at a loss. How do you try to comfort a kid...
Broken beyond Repair by Snakelike_Pride
Broken beyond Repairby Himika Chisaki-Kurono
Hawks. He hates his life. Its become predictable and boring, wake up, get yelled at be Endeavor, talk to Eraser and Mic, get a sappy speach from All Might, and go on pat...
I REALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT!- Dabi x Hawks (Hotwings) ROYAL AU by Wintery_Cactus
When war between the two kingdoms begins, who will come out victorious? Will his dirty trick work and will there be consequences? I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS. THEY ALL BE...
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why are you hiding? (hotwings/toyaxkeigo BNHA fantasy AU) completed by Attempt15
why are you hiding? (hotwings/ Esme
fantasy AU this is a dabi/toya x hawks/keigo fanfiction. this is kind of a part 1 to my other fanfiction stay hidden, but it can also be read individually. Toya, a princ...
The Emerald Prince by whimsical_girl_357
The Emerald Princeby Whimsy
Aizawa watched Izuku drink his black coffee, gazing absently out the window. The underground hero couldn't help but smirk, he looked forward to the effect beautiful, pow...
30 days of nsfw (dabihawks/hotwings) - discontinued  by tobias69__
30 days of nsfw (dabihawks/ tobias69__
hotwingss smut warning 30 day nfsw enjoy ig discontinued #2 30DayWritingChallenge -04|09|21 #7 hawksxdabi -08|12|21 #17 dabihawks -08|12|21 #1 hawksxdabi -02|24|22
Licensed Villains by deatmat
Licensed Villainsby Alex
Heroes are kind. Heroes save people. Heroes want to help people no matter what. Heroes are like All Might, smiling regardless of how a tough a fight is. Heroes, Izuku ha...
The truth of it all- Denki Kaminari Angst by Cattisclaw
The truth of it all- Denki Cattisclaw
Denki Kamiriari- Joyful and giddy, the sunlight in class 1A but deep down, a decent portion of it is an act, and what will happen when his walls start to crumble? Can De...
Hero Society (DabiHawks) by thecosplayingwriter
Hero Society (DabiHawks)by Denki
Written in collaboration with TheWriterShikari787. ⚠️Trigger Warnings ⚠️ ●Depression ●Child Labor ●Mentions of Abuse ●Mentions of Rape Takami Keigo is a transgender male...
Unknown love (Hotwings ship) by Katty_Valley
Unknown love (Hotwings ship)by Katty
It all started with the feather, a cute little thing that belonged to a bird. But Dabi couldn't help himself. He was bored, what else was he supposed to do? He didn't m...
The Last Breath I Take │Hawks x Dabi by EvolvingCatFish
The Last Breath I Take │Hawks x JustAnotherWeeb
Hawks. No. 2 pro hero in Japan. All was going well until his mission to infiltrate the League went wrong. Now he has nothing. On top of that, those damn flowers are real...