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Rachel by joshuastark33
When a gifted paranormal investigator/writer visits the Town of Love to investigate the Hazel Mansion which is claimed to be haunted, he meets a young, mysterious girl l...
Bones and death by hello78690
Bones and deathby RealTalent
A horror story that will shake you to your very core enemies to lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111@!!!! please read, I worked very hard on this I broke my leg for this...
The Unfortunate Happenings by CrypticLibrary
The Unfortunate Happeningsby 🍯🧺🍓🦋🐝🍄🌻🐇
What happens when two dumbasses fall prey to the most deadly predator without a face, all twisted in eternal embrace...
Doors Led To Your Nightmares (Original Short Story) by CG5superfan21
Doors Led To Your Nightmares (Orig...by Alison W.
Don't open a scam email, or risk being trapped of what it put you in, and there's no possibilty of escape... But how much would you go by saving a friend, just by click...
Unde sunt? by uc3057
Unde sunt?by bianca
Am iesit la o simplă plimbare.Voiam sa iau o gura de aer curat și să-mi limpezesc gândurile.Așa că am luat tramvaiul si am coborât la o stație aproape de parcul copilări...
D̸e̸a̸r̸ D̸i̸a̸r̸y̸ (Taehyung's Version) (Under Editing)  by kim_cherry_madhatter
D̸e̸a̸r̸ D̸i̸a̸r̸y̸ (Taehyung's Ve...by Kim Cherry
One book Many lives Kim Taehyung never thought a single diary could turn his life into a roller coaster of so many hidden secrets. "V" His slender fingers touc...
Silent Screams by StoryQueen13
Silent Screamsby StoryQueen13
They heard huge sound from the ceiling of their room. Steven and Ryan looked up to see what was happening. It was like someone trying to break down the ceiling from up b...
House of Bangtan 2 by AgentCALM
House of Bangtan 2by Seokjinnnnn_
Waking up in an unknown place was one thing, Now you've gotta solve the mystery of the house. BOOK 2 of HOUSE OF BANGTAN
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Tiny horror stories by missxansari
Tiny horror storiesby Samiyya Ansari
Tiny horror stories (Doesn't exceed 100 words) None of these stories are from other books or online. These were all written by me. Do not steal them. Give credits if you...
AnEyeForAWing by provethythroughheart
AnEyeForAWingby K!llThyL0v3r
Stellar is a 14 year old girl who cant seem to get her head screwed on properly. She keeps seeing eyes following her. Her mom gets her a therapist for "social stuff...
Not Over Yet by xPsychopathy
Not Over Yetby Modesta
So, first time I'm writing a story that's not a fanfiction. This takes place decades after the original movie, you know, if you've read the book or watched the movie. I...
Don't Go Out At Dawn  by AsiaFord3
Don't Go Out At Dawn by Asia Ford
This story is about how this family and many more people around the world has to survive an apocalypse that's starts everyday at dawn, during the first day of the apocal...
Her Twisted Embrace (Jane The Killer X Reader)  by CrypticLibrary
Her Twisted Embrace (Jane The Kill...by 🍯🧺🍓🦋🐝🍄🌻🐇
Her scent, her face, her black shoulder length hair and her dark and twisted eyes... everything about her draws you into a dark and twisted embrace.
Stories by KCNACUTE1234
Storiesby deighree
Enjoy reading sorry for wrong grammars
The Unexpected by CyanneNotFound
The Unexpectedby Cyanne?
I don't know. Just a short horror story I guess
The Behind by Allamalad
The Behindby AL
a person finds himself in an unfamiliar memory. Inspired by the back rooms.
Stalker by malditamontefalco
Stalkerby Luna
Flower Child [A CREEPYPASTA FANFIC] by bigtraviskinnie
Roses are red Violets are blue You lied to me Now I'm dead What did I do to you? Rosemary Clementine Lawernce Born on 08/05/1999 Missing since 03/13/2007 Long black hair...
The murder behind the mask by SpiritPikakyu
The murder behind the maskby Kayden
Just a horror story- Ranks: #100 in Horror Story #850 in Spooky