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Gay Butler by TheRealTerminator
Gay Butlerby TheRealTerminator
The adventures of a Master and his gay butler who is constantly ruining his household.
Gay Oneshots by tanner_boyce4
Gay Oneshotsby Tann
Just some Gay Osne shots
Until I Found You | VegasPete Story by bluebutterflysabrina
Until I Found You | VegasPete Storyby Sabrina_MG
A letter to Pete from Vegas, explaining his heart's content. Right after Pete left and before Porsche made them meet at the bar. A oneshot turned into a story thanks to...
Tales of the Unspoken by LiliamBlackwood
Tales of the Unspokenby Lily Blackwood
A normal day in the dorm takes a dramatic turn when management announces a visit. They have serious issues to solve and the truth must be exposed for the sake of the ban...
Coming Home (BoyxBoy) by Shicpiclover
Coming Home (BoyxBoy)by Nym
Hello?" "An inmate from Hanely County Jail...." an automated message began. The womans robotic voice chilled me straight through to my bones. "...t...
Love, Lust, and Lies by Elicr1212
Love, Lust, and Liesby Elicr12
Maya Williams grew up in an incredibly homophobic and strict household, she always knew she was different but suppressed it. When Noah Cole asked her out senior year she...
Hannibal: After the Fall by LivyKillen
Hannibal: After the Fallby Livy Killen
What happened after the demise of the Great Red Dragon? ~~~~~~~ "Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes. So sublime, the chase to end all time. Seasons call and fal...
UnFurled Love //Zanvis// And OneShots by ZeroIntolerance
UnFurled Love //Zanvis// And OneSh...by Zephyr
Zane and Travis are both anxious at the sleepover that AphMau just had to have and since everyone-except Garroth and Vlyad - ship Zanvis things go a bit embarrassing for...
The night is still young | BibleBuild oneshot by bluebutterflysabrina
The night is still young | BibleBu...by Sabrina_MG
oneshot fanfiction based on the KinnPorsche world tour camp
My Greatest Weakness [KiriBaku] by TheAlmondKing
My Greatest Weakness [KiriBaku]by The Almond King
[In Progress] A sequel to the book, "Passion on Display" Pro Heroes Ground Zero and Red Riot have just been caught kissing by a photographer from their local...
Paul the Man  by Anu_light
Paul the Man by Anu_light
After a first night of passion between John and Paul, they are almost caught. Then things get heavy when Paul turns things around. This is the second part of my series...
Silas by EmilyMottley
Silasby Emily Mottley
A graphic relationship between a young lycan and his dearest vampiric companion. A tale not based on any other story it is entirely of my own fantasies. No two beings co...
I GOT HIRED, I GOT HORNY, THEN I G...by Mr Shady Bootz
After 6 months without a job, I decided to apply for this busser job at a restaurant, it was rough but one thing this place had on menu more delicious than the steak...
Ranch house blues by devalore
Ranch house bluesby devalore
Supernatural Wincest fic in which a mind reading demon forces the winchester brothers to confront their deepest darkest desires.......
Eric's Big Suprise by icheostega
Eric's Big Supriseby icheostega
After a long time of no contact Eric Birling and Gerald Croft meet again and immediately begin making intense love to each other. But when Mrs Birling walks in, things t...
UNCAGED : Freedom of Love by Neelam_K96
UNCAGED : Freedom of Loveby The Expressionists Scribbler
The story is about Noah and Harry Filton. Two best buddies who fall in love with each other being in same gender. Their journey starts with being good friends then beco...
the sluts addiction  by blaq00
the sluts addiction by blaq00
A bunch of highschool students who go to a school with minimum rules where teachers and the principal are not as holy and decent as the seem. A lot of alcoholic and addi...