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A Seahorse Tale by Hiddenhearts93
A Seahorse Taleby E. Dale
Kenneth's a lawyer and like all lawyers, he tends to piss the wrong people off. He is happy with his lover, Rico and unafraid of the threats he regularly receives. He s...
Part-Time Phoenix by SM_Gettys
Part-Time Phoenixby Sam The Shapeshifter
Olivia's summer is halfway over. With memories of the unfortunate beach trip still fresh in mind, she finds that danger has yet to leave her alone. Olivia has always con...
Supernatural creatures by Silver_Sunrise
Supernatural creaturesby Silver_Sunrise
These are the supernatural creatures that make-up my stories and how I imagine them to be. Almost all of these descriptions I have found online and adjusted to how I see...
Ойн савдаг by Tsschhr
Ойн савдагby 민준
Эртээ урьдын цагт дэлхий нэргүй юмсыг нэршлэх боломжгүй цагт ертѳнц тэр чигтээ шидэт ой болон зэрлэгүүдийн газар нутгаар бүрхэгдсэн байлаа. Энэ түүх бол бидний мэдэх чу...
ii | COUSIN GREG,     ( rants && miscellaneous )! ( ✓ ) by cousingreg
ii | COUSIN GREG, ( rants && m...by jamie
an altruistic breed of travel guide ( ryan x zendaya coleman ) ( book two of three !! )
𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐒 ❧ music inspiration by beauxbatonism
𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐒 ❧ music inspirationby 𝐂𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐇𝐀𝐍
In which Callahan shows you her favorite songs, albums, and artists, and boasts about how great her music taste is. Cover by the amazing @harrybinghams !!!
Dragon-born by Dangerouspsycho101
Dragon-bornby Dangerouspsycho101
Six girls in a world full of chaos will either bring light or darkness. Read Dragon-born to find out
Hippo Campus Lore by ppeachbloodd
Hippo Campus Loreby oOf
Run away from this book.
 Indie/Alternative song recommendations  by emmmaxo
Indie/Alternative song recommenda...by emmmaxo
Kick ass alternative/indie songs for kick ass people. these are songs and bands i rly like so.... yup. enjoy i guess ~i do take recommendations~
HIPPO CAMPUS  by music_geek_18
HIPPO CAMPUS by Emarie Schaffer
A speech I wrote for a class about the band Hippo Campus
Hippo Campus Imagines by iluvjakeluppen69
Hippo Campus Imaginesby iluvjakeluppen69
Imagines written by a bunch of gen bambi-ers 🤠🍷🤩🥰🤪✈️
Thera: The Alternate World by libranages
Thera: The Alternate Worldby Nigel Libranages
This is a story of a human who accidentally ventured into the realm of the enchanted creatures of our folk stories. No, he is not a half-blood. No, he is not needed to...
Hippo Campus Preferences by snowflckes
Hippo Campus Preferencesby snowflckes
hippo campus preferences. not a fanfic or anything just short little blurbs and stuff.
Peace, Weed, Cocaine, and Mushrooms, and... Blood? by thebestpartofbelieve
Peace, Weed, Cocaine, and Mushroom...by thebestpartofbelieve
this is a literal joke please don't hate me im just bored at my job at a concession stand and have nothing else to do, u can roast me but don't think i actually am takin...
Equinus RP by theswimmingpony
Equinus RPby theswimmingpony
An rp for a separate universe blah blah blah go read and comment!
Scales [ON HOLD] by 10thBlackPoison
Scales [ON HOLD]by PoisonBullet
ON HOLD Octavia Johnson is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life in an ordinary world... or so she thinks. When a mysterious boy saves her life one day, everyone and...
violet//randoms  by AgitatedPilots
violet//randoms by blm!
you and your fucked up riot
LOST & FOUND [zach sutton] by kneedeepinthestars
LOST & FOUND [zach sutton]by 🌟🌟🌟
imessage jake luppen 8:57 pm uh hi hi? i just found your friend's phone on a café table they seem...