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The other sister by AngelBlueDawn
The other sisterby Angel
Cassie has been in love with Levi since she was five years old, the only problem is that Levi is dating her twin sister Carly. When Levi is seriously injured and Carly a...
Together We Fall by ElleBlane
Together We Fallby Elle Blane
Emma's life takes an exciting turn when she moves back to her hometown. Certain circumstances cause her to run into the schools most notorious football player, Trace Hen...
BROKEN  by drowningxrose
BROKEN by Roses and Dahlias
The mirror showed me how truly broken I was, it showed me how unable I was to live happy Terrible experiences turned my body into a painting of scars and insurmountable...
The Devil's Smile - Editing  by pseudonymVA
The Devil's Smile - Editing by Okay, and?
Charlie King is the towns resident bad boy, always has been. Always will be, ever since he punched a kid's loose tooth out in the 1st grade. He's unruly, brooding and f...
Exposed✔ by ZoeBannis
Exposed✔by Miss Zoe Bannis
He posted my half naked picture. He bullied me for years. He caused only havoc. I lost all my friends. Never mind that, I was disowned by my family. So tell me, why am I...
Saving Us (NejiTen Fanfic) by NymKaneis
Saving Us (NejiTen Fanfic)by TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
Tenten was not your typical kid. She grew up in the world of adults. More precisely, she grew up in the world of Akatsuki; a secret organization rich people hire to prot...
Bittersweet  ➳  Newt x Reader by willow2212
Bittersweet ➳ Newt x Readerby Rachel
When Y/N (Your Name) moves to America from England and starts at her new high, everything seems wrong. Except for one thing - or rather, one guy: Newt. The hottest, most...
SKYLINE ACADEMY by oluwayanmife16
SKYLINE ACADEMYby oluwayanmife
Drama at it's peak🥂🥂
YOUNG ADULT by adibezet2022
YOUNG ADULTby Grace Wilson
The story revolves round Alessie, a young rebellious red haired girl who got separated from her dad at a young age. She had to change her name and live as Alessie Robins...
A New Chance To Live by lisaaaaa1616
A New Chance To Liveby Clay(Block)
George suffers from severe asthma which is so bad that his life is threatened to be over. After the family also runs out of money, they make a hopeless attempt and sell...
Two sides, One heart by XxGoShinexX
Two sides, One heartby XxMakeAWishxX
Two school's. Both talented and hard working. On the River Valley high school there is a girl with the name Amy Winter. She has amazing grades and people could call her...
A New Start  by Sa_Pp_HiRe
A New Start by Sa_Pp_HiRe
This is a story about a girl whose life is about to change with just three words but the question is, is it for the better or for the worst? ...
Loves A Complicated Equation by obsidiansernade
Loves A Complicated Equationby Blair homecide
! warning ! •love triangle •enemy •alcohol "I kissed them both , I kissed them fucking both on the same night" Can you guess who the love triangle is going to...
"why, so suprised?" by FeatherFlakes
"why, so suprised?"by FeatherFlakes
"yeah I did change a little why so suprised?" he said while giggling. A little ? hana wouldn't even have recognised him if he didn't come after her shouting...
Aurora by Jovinarr
Auroraby Jovianne
I'll be honest, the title's quite lame and lonely, isn't it? In a land, not on earth, but unknown, there is a place called, 'The Aurora'. It's an unpopular 'legend', to...
In the small town of Millwood , nothing bad ever really happens. Or that's what Ash , Asher Vega , seems to believe about his home town. What happens when he and his f...
I Fell in Love with a Bad Boy by Beautiful_Tragedy8
I Fell in Love with a Bad Boyby Sarah J McCall
CRINGE WARNING! First book I ever wrote on here!! -- "Sometimes the person who you are willing to take a bullet for is the person behind the gun." I stood peer...
Unexpected Feelings  by TeeMuslimah
Unexpected Feelings by Ghali Thuwaybah
Synopsis/Prologue ✏️📖 ~Sakinah~ "By the way, why did you come to Nigeria??" He asked holding my hand as we were walking on the pavement. I was mute for a whi...
The highschool diary  by NINI_luvstory
The highschool diary by NINI_luvstory
Imani is a 16 year old girl who moves back into her home town after being away for 4 years because of all of the violence . She makes friends and even is now considered...