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Opulent Supremacy by bxtchytxxn
Opulent Supremacyby kyla86
Thylane Saint-Augustine, a seventeen-year-old well-known socialite daughter of one of the richest man in the world. Being born in an extremely wealthy family is both a b...
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Blue Valley high loser by gingerblue19
Blue Valley high loserby gingerblue19
Mia Emrani "Berry" was always a quiet girl, she liked being alone but she also liked her music, hell, she would die for it if she could. Mia was in the Blue V...
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Forever my favorite girl by Teefeh2307
Forever my favorite girlby Boluwatife Aderibigbe
Grace Ifeoluwa is a Nigeria girl that moved to New York city as a 9th grader ...she's a girl that does not take her studies with levity but definitely not a nerd ..she's...
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Rewriting My Ideal Love Story by Wolf_Acer
Rewriting My Ideal Love Storyby Anonymous
Asuna Yuuki daughter of a CEO and Economic Professor, Sister of a well known business man and a talented younger twin brothers She's both beauty and brain, elegance and...
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A Playgirl's Lovestory by LucilleMRosales
A Playgirl's Lovestoryby Lucille Rosales
2nd year palang nang tagurian siyang Playgirl sa school nila. A name that was given to her matapos ipagkalat ng ex niya na hindi na siya virgin. In her Junior year, she...
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Just One Move... by VidhiSinha
Just One Move...by Vidhi
Julia, a normal schoolgirl has a simple life but with bullies, few friends and a family to take care of. She lost her father in a car accident last year and now she and...
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What Ifs by what_elles
What Ifsby Elle
Love is nothing but a bunch of "what ifs".
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Running Through Rose Thorns by Caramelly_yours
Running Through Rose Thornsby Mohitha ❣
Unable to glue back the cracked pieces of her heart, Sasha Melvin decides to lock away her past and make the best of her last year in High School in order to prevent her...
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Hidden Feelings by ye_shua
Hidden Feelingsby Beverly Pangan
Love conquers everything- even undenial feelings. Love always find its way to heal, to mend and to feel the best. But would you risk admitting what you feel despite of m...
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Misfits by dreamer_1301
Misfitsby ~Mansi~
"You!" He said , clearly annoyed. "Me" I replied with a nice sarcastic smile. "What are you doing here!?" "Eating." "I can...
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Highschool Crushes!!! (EXO & BTS FF) by ViviNgs
Highschool Crushes!!! (EXO & BTS F...by ViviNgs
'No one have experienced a real highschool life if they hadn't had that particular guy or girl who they had admired or had a crush on.' she thought. Kim Cheonsa, a 17 ye...
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Cowardly Loving You! by missypatrickstar
Cowardly Loving You!by starystar
"patago akong nagmamahal kaya patago rin ako nasasaktan" Three people who are best friends since childhood. Babae na in love sa kanyang matalik na kaibigan na...
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 Facade (a teen story)  by RhodaKadri
Facade (a teen story) by Rhoda Kadri
Laila Williams is an easy going, carefree and intelligent sixteen year old orphan that lives with her aunty. Her dreams came true when she was given scholarship to one o...
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tug of war ; hwang hyunjin by POLYSEMIC
tug of war ; hwang hyunjinby — 𝑫𝑬𝑬 ♡
sometimes you just have to naturally let things unfold. unfortunately for lee mira, she was an impatient soul. and to be completely fair, she was simply conducting her...
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Named for Disaster by LillyGrey1982
Named for Disasterby LillyGrey1982
Fighter Tough and Angel Grace have two things in common: parents with an awful sense of humor when naming their own child and a name that in no way, shape or form fits t...
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The Grand King And His Queen. by KhongorooKhulan0
The Grand King And His Queen.by Aikawa Kiki
You are a second year that transferred to AobaJohsai from Shiratorizawa. You have had a quarrel with your teammates and though you were the star of the power-house highs...
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The Empath and her Alpha by TheLouView
The Empath and her Alphaby Katie Zwick
Aliana has been with her "beloved" Victor for a year now. He is the heir to a prominent Vampire Coven but before he can take over for his father, he has to ful...
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 The Successor by Quirklessweeb_16
The Successorby Caprice
Construction Complete! W🅰️rning: This book contains manga spoilers, if you do not wish to be spoiled, I suggest reading the manga. Some chapters were written on my pho...
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Love Struggle ✔ ||Not Edited||  by rose62515
Love Struggle ✔ ||Not Edited|| by Woozy writes
What will happen when you are very stubborn to love that person and you happen to struggle? This revolves around Stella Bell and Grey Archer. Will Stella be successful d...
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Make the Impossible Possible by XxDreamzCatcher13
Make the Impossible Possibleby SheReads💫
"Chelsea, can I borrow your pen?" "Hmm... Sure." I said as I hand him my black pen. Cole gets back to his seat and wrote something, then he turned a...
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