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A Highlander's Night by Jessfairy88
A Highlander's Nightby Jessfairy88
When Jessica and her friends went on a trip she didn't know the adventure she will start on, that will lead her into her new a wonderfully magic life. Duncan/OC
Highland Promise is now published! This is the version I sold to my publisher. To read a revised version with new scenes and a new chapter go to Amazon at https://goo.gl...
Highlander's Embrace by amyisan
Highlander's Embraceby Amy Isan
1540, Scotland A storm is brewing on the Highlands... When headstrong and stubborn Gavin MacKenzie is driven to seek vengeance after the murder of his father, he seeks h...
The Highlander's Servant (Book One of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Servant (Book One...by Savannah K. Vining
For Kirstin Croft, the lowlands of Scotland have always been a sanctuary for protecting her sense of virtue and purity. After she becomes involved in an unfortunate occu...
My Highlander My Love "The Return of the Hawk" by Soulmates2
My Highlander My Love "The Return...by Soulmates2
No warrior has ever loved as strongly and passionately as Hawk. When his eyes for the first time fell on Nessa, his heart claimed her his till eternity. Their soulmate c...
Taming the Highlander by Lana_sky
Taming the Highlanderby Lana Sky
In the midst of a midlife crisis, Rachel Monroe decides to give up everything and move halfway across the world on a whim. However, during her quest for adventure, she...
Highland Wolf Bride (#1 Highland Love) by pupbooks
Highland Wolf Bride (#1 Highland L...by Pup Books
Taken by the Scottish Highland Wolf as His Bride Brooke Howard Lady Berthilda Brooke Howard is born to the Earl of Carlisle, with a charmed life in a beautiful castle th...
Highlander male reader x ForHonor by AnonymousSlade
Highlander male reader x ForHonorby AnonymousSlade
Y/n L/n out in the wild having to survive in the cold winter, while meeting and fighting new people you've met and havent met before. (this is my first time writting a s...
One Shots by TLotiel
One Shotsby TLotiel
One shots for many fandoms. Requests are currently not being taken but you are free to read all of the one shots that have already been written. :)
OUTLANDER by margaretmaggiewells
OUTLANDERby Margaret "Maggie" Wells
*What if your future was now the past?* *A thrilling fanfiction story of a girl from 21st century America, time travelling to 18th century Scotland.* (Sadly, I don't ow...
The Highlander's bride by HIndia150
The Highlander's brideby HIndia150
(Mature Content) Sinfully gentle and innocent, Gillian McCarthy, was tired of her father’s ultimatum to marry, the ruthless English baron Robert Sutton. Before the betro...
Highland Bear (Book 4) by AzMaz90
Highland Bear (Book 4)by AzMaz
The Druids were a hunted people long ago...they made a pact to scatter their children throughout time to keep them safe from the massacre to come. These children became...
Highland Supplanter (Book 2) by AzMaz90
Highland Supplanter (Book 2)by AzMaz
The Druids were a hunted people long ago...they made a pact to scatter their children throughout time to keep them safe from the massacre to come. These children became...
Heartlash - an Outlander vignette by WordWorrier
Heartlash - an Outlander vignetteby WordWorrier
Claire's punishment by Jamie does more harm than good. Already emotionally fragile from one failed relationship, Claire cannot cope with Jamie physically harming her...
The Lady's Highlands by CherishTheStorm
The Lady's Highlandsby Alex Giusti
Lady Scarlette is not a Lady like any other. She is wild and easier found running the grounds with her common-folk childhood friends from the "heathen" country...
Wattpad Book Reviews by JuniperMeadows97
Wattpad Book Reviewsby JuniperMeadows97
These are reviews from books I have read here on Wattpad. These are definitely NOT sponsored reviews! If you are looking for a good read and can't find one you l...
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Origins Story) by kamerykae
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Orig...by Kamery Solomon
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Origins Story) is a title that can be read without reading any of the books in The Swept Away Saga. For more information, please visit www...
Mackenzie(ON HOLD) by AliciaMarino
Mackenzie(ON HOLD)by Alicia
Love conquers all.... Or does it? Leaving behind the only man who understands her past, Gillian enters a new life. A life with MacCallan Mackenzie, the man who understa...
Queen by happileigh
Queenby happileigh
A story of self-sacrifice, growth, and female-strength. Maisie Tomas, the only princess and heir to the prosperous land of Tjorv, is taken captive by the ruthless king...
The Highlander's Lady (The Victorian Wives #1) by missfelicia123
The Highlander's Lady (The Victori...by Felicia Lockhart
Leaving her was never the option... In the reign of Queen Victoria, the year 1872. SUNITI was called a great many things, mostly the bastard of the late king of Roopnaga...