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BTT x Reader | BloodXLust by CrystalRouge
BTT x Reader | BloodXLustby Crystal’s Fanfiction
How does a curious, world traveling, demisexual end up in a polyamorous relationship with a trio of lustful vampires? It starts with a broken down car, a Renaissance fai...
Sub!South Italy/romano x Dom!Female!Japanese!blunt! Reader (one-shot) by SerpRock
Sub!South Italy/romano x Dom!Femal...by SerpRock
Dominate a submissive South Italy as a dom!fem!reader (I don't own the cover, do tell if you know the rightful artist)
Hetalia Lemons~ by artkartoffel
Hetalia Lemons~by artkartoffel
Title says everything, SO R-18 STUFF HERE Requests are taken
Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot) by BetaRam
Ruseng Mpreg (one-shot)by BetaRam
The art cover does NOT belong to me! Idk, this is just a smut (which is my first time writing one) of England and Russia gonna make a baby, so yea. Warnings: ya...
Germany X reader lemon  by fanficwritor101
Germany X reader lemon by Fanficwriter101
Made in: August 2016, it *will* be dog shit || Your in college and you were going to class, you say down, a guy sat next to you... Read more to see what happens next!
Hetalia World Orgie by eatmywetazzholie
Hetalia World Orgieby Listerine
please don't do cocaine aye cocaine ruin your brain what. this be a crack fic and lemon
Hetalia Lemons by Cheese_is_my_DEATH
Hetalia Lemonsby Theodore❤❣
I hope you like them, they'll be really sexy!! --- #ᑕᒪIᑕKᗷᗩIT
Germany x reader lemon  by an1m3_g1rl_
Germany x reader lemon by an1m3_g1rl_
I don't own hetalia, the cover photo, or you! Warning, it is a lemon, so sexual content. Don't like it, don't read. Enjoy :3
Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMON by TheFangrellFromHell
Ukraine x Fem!Reader LEMONby • Backup Account •
WARNING: THIS IS YURI WHICH MEANS GIRLXGIRL! Note: This is also on my DeviantArt so if you see it there it's still mine! My DeviantArt is RabidHetalian <3
50 shades of hetalia one shots by Otaku_Freak27
50 shades of hetalia one shotsby YaBoiDoitsu
A collection of one shots requests accepted with any type of genre e.g fluff, angst, smut, songfic. X reader & lemon. REQUESTS NEEDED
The American Dream Next Door {USUK Fanfiction} by trash_master
The American Dream Next Door {USUK...by trash master
Arthur Kirkland was a young boy from Painswick England. He had a nice life with nice friends. One day his parents decided to pack up and move to a small town in America...
Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋 by Dazai-San-Osamu
Hetalia Lemons⚠🍋by Levi
you know what it is. Don't read and then get mad at me. I'm just the author!
Teach me Spanish - [gakuen hetalia] Spain x reader by Namichan_
Teach me Spanish - [gakuen hetalia...by Eva
When your old, grumpy, pervert Spanish teacher Gets absent for the rest of the schoolyear, your class Gets a new teacher. The young and handsome mr. Carriedo, who will a...
IKEDEN lemon by shippingforhetalia
IKEDEN lemonby shippingforhetalia
you've heard of IceFridge NOW GET READY FOR IKEDEN. Sweden X ikea furniture lemon
Aph! Japan x reader lemon by XxkiapichuxX
Aph! Japan x reader lemonby Kianna C
I'm going to hell for writing this. But we already knew that. My first lemon lol. Its kinda long so yeah
Hetalia one shots ( No X Reader ) by cass12838
Hetalia one shots ( No X Reader )by cass12838
read the title lol 🍋= Lemon chapter 🍋💚= Lime chapter ☁️= Fluff chapter 🌧️= Angst chapter ( I'll add extra warnings at the top of the page ) ( I'm NOT doing x reade...