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In The End → Tyler Posey by lustfooly
In The End → Tyler Poseyby xo
❝Hey, I think I saw you in a coffee shop in Sacremento.❞ ― In which a singer/songwriter leaves her journal in Sacramento and an actor wants to return it. PREVIOUSLY; Kik...
Meluna → Kai Parker by lustfooly
Meluna → Kai Parkerby xo
❝I know you can't feel what I feel, and that you will never be able to, but I'm not just gonna give up on you.❞ ― In which, the girl is foolish and the boy is not. In wh...
Nothing Was Ever The Same → Matthew Daddario by lustfooly
Nothing Was Ever The Same → Matthe...by xo
❝Did we just share electrons? 'Cause I'm really feeling the covalent bond between us.❞ ― In which a perfect example of falling in love with words is present. No need of...
Royal Pain → Cody Christian (SU) by lustfooly
Royal Pain → Cody Christian (SU)by xo
❝You're an ass.❞ ❝That wasn't your line...❞ ❝I don't care. You're an ass.❞ When Isadore Macentyre is casted for a new season for a TV show she realises, not everyone is...
Wishful Thinking by strawberrypav
Wishful Thinkingby strawberrypav
History tends to repeat itself and Maria Moretti can't wait.
Like a Girl [h.s] by coolbruja
Like a Girl [h.s]by C O R A
girl noun \ ˈgər(-ə)l \ Definition of girl 1 : a female child from birth to adulthood 2 : a young woman 3 : sometimes offensive : a single or married woman of any age