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Marvel imagines~ by childofdegeneration7
Marvel imagines~by childofdegeneration7
*ON HOLD* Hey! I am a huge marvel fan so,here you have. Marvel imagies. I will try to cover as much of characters as I can. If there are some characters you love more...
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Nathan Prescott x Reader by Rotting_Rowan
Nathan Prescott x Readerby Rowan
um i love this fucker?? i also wish he would've gotten some fuckin help brah.
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BLUE → amasai by sasanuru
BLUE → amasaiby ˗ˏˋ FRAN! ˊˎ˗
"kae-chan, i need dick. help me out over here." "um, hello? who's this?" "uhhh, wrong number, how y'all doing?" → (non despair!au) (dialogu...
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Gays™ by ThePanGenderSwitcher
Gays™by Lenox
A Instagram AU I do not have any social media so sorry if it does not look like other social media AU's Includes: Taekook Namjin Yoonminseok Gayness Little Space
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I May Be Captain But He Calls The Shots by LondonBrigid
I May Be Captain But He Calls The...by Brigid
Vicki has been the MVP for the Mount Ridgemore High's girls Varsity soccer team for the past 3 years. In the school where the soccer team is the most important sport, it...
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Johnlock Oneshots by violettecerise
Johnlock Oneshotsby ✿katrina✿
Just random oneshots...
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[HIATUS]The 5 Best Friends | Jungkook X Hella X Mingyu X Eunha X Yugyeom by HobiKim
[HIATUS]The 5 Best Friends | Jungk...by Hobi Kim
This story will tell about the 5 best friends who have known each other since they were young but they end up falling in love with each other when they grow up. This st...
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[ I'm not the only one ] A Yuri x Monika story by kit__exe
[ I'm not the only one ] A Yuri x...by Jay
Yuri - the more gentle female in the Literature club just wants to have her crush... whom is Monika, but why? --- All the art goes to the artist. --- HAHA GA Y
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Partners in Time by EmotionalStardust
Partners in Timeby Ryan S.
In the aftermath of the time travel incident with Chloe, Max Caulfield mourns the loss of her best friend, but after seeing an old memory; she realizes hope might not be...
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Enslaved by arnaabanana
Enslavedby arnaabanana
Ella is a 16 year old girl whose mother sold her into human slavery. Ella has been turned over to the care of Harry styles, a very powerful man who is selfish and arroga...
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Ask/ Dare Aoba~ (Or the Admin) by -Aoba-
Ask/ Dare Aoba~ (Or the Admin)by Aoba Seragaki
Leave your questions or dares for Aoba-chi, or the admin, in the comments. Anything can be asked/dared. I couldn't really care less xD
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the end of an era  by Spacejoshler
the end of an era by cam
i'm dramatic as hell so read this
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Do not text this user  by malxce
Do not text this user by octopus__man
I've been tagged that's kinda it
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High School//Ianthony by magicmummy
High School//Ianthonyby max
Ian's first day of school comes around the corner. It went alright, until the end of the day. Which turned out different than he expected...
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the boyband next door » brady tutton  by leylairl
the boyband next door » brady tutt...by L🛸
I didn't even realize he was looking at me, when I told myself I wouldn't look at him. {Fully Updated May of 2018} [COMPLETED]
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Snoop Dog x Mickey Mouse by Suckmygrandma
Snoop Dog x Mickey Mouseby my left toe
please dont take this seriously
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Gay Poetry by madi_doerschlag
Gay Poetryby MADIII
These are poems about my gay lifestyle (im not homosexual im just asexual /panromantic) pls everyone read
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Cake and Potato Chips(a Death Note Fanfic) by victoriaiguess
Cake and Potato Chips(a Death Note...by victoriaiguess
Ok, so I'm not really sure what all this is gonna have in it, but it's probably gonna end up being IM/Kik/group chat of sorts. I love Death Note and I have always wanted...
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ᶠᴬᴺᴰᴼᴹ ˢᵀᵁᶠᶠ  by SUNSHINEsix
ᶠᴬᴺᴰᴼᴹ ˢᵀᵁᶠᶠ by ♡ ᵇ ᵃ ᵇ ʸ ˢ ᵘ ⁿ ♡
ᵀᴼ ˢᵀᴼᴾ ᴷᴾᴼᴾ ᶠᴬᴺᵂᴬᴿˢ ᴵᴹᴹᴬ ᴹᴬᴷᴱ ᵀᴴᴱᴹ ᴳᴬᵞ
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Captored' by RediculouisReader
Captored'by RediculouisReader
A EriSol fanfic for y'all :33