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Rags to Riches by JManning16
Rags to Richesby JManning16
Meet Isabella(Bella Stone) an average 10 year old girl living in a small village with her mother, as the daughter of a bakery store owner. One day when she comes home f...
//Sexy Love// by riddimray
//Sexy Love//by riddimray
This is not a book It's just I thought that there should be some place where people can write down where they can say me what they want me to write about So go ahead pe...
Not so 'nice' by ChansRubberDucky01
Not so 'nice'by 💕ᴀɢᴀ ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏᴏɴᴀ💕
Jane was the equivalent of perfect, loving family, supportive friends, the looks, the brains. She's got it all... But someone's lurking behind the curtains, where nobody...
The Boy With Two Hearts by Seoul_on_my_mind
The Boy With Two Heartsby Seoul_on_my_mind
❝ I have two hearts. One is to love others, and the other is to love myself ❞. Kim Seokjin was a simple boy, who was far from ordinary. Born with two hearts beating insi...
HOT AND COLD by AmreenShaikh273
HOT AND COLDby Amreen Shaikh
hey guys , actually this books idea was of@BandanaBiswas7. in this book sid is a sex addicted person who can't live without doing sex .he is arrogant ,ruthless and doesn...
Words of Yesterday by Mysterywriter_007
Words of Yesterdayby Franklin J. Stadler
If time could turn back in clocks Maybe then I'd free you from those locks If time travel were possible To the past, for you I would go I would save you from yourself Gi...
Dare To Love  by issaqueenadya
Dare To Love by Adyasha Mishra
If you keep searching for love, it will not come to you. You need to be patient. You need to wait for, love will come and find you.
soul words by adlilelost
soul wordsby angelinadeorn
it's just a side of me who loves to write and express by writing so I thought to post some poetries here I hope you guys relate to it and if you like it so please vote c...
Shayari On Love by carfeen
Shayari On Loveby Arfaafsheen
#1 in forallages #1 in wattpadforpoetry #2 in shayari Dil ki siyaahi mei jazbaaton ke qalam ko duboya hai, Tab jaake apni mohabbat ko ek ek sher mei puroya hai. Cover cr...
Just Me + You  by tmoniqueh01
Just Me + You by th❤️
Jodi is the granddaughter to Leo, Leonardo DiCaprio. Jodi's mother who is the daughter of Leo struggles with staying clean. Being wealthy and a caring father he cut his...
Being Bad by kathleenf4
Being Badby kathleen fade
"Andrew, you're not. You're really not. Sure, we've only known each other for a few months, but you're not a horrible person. I've seen you do some bad things, but...
re-living  by brilee06
re-living by ✰ Bri ✰
i tighten my grip around carry's hand as i jog outside. "what're you doing, nick?" she asks with a confused tone. my heart starts to race, "carry," ...
The Girl Supposed to Die by EL0102
The Girl Supposed to Dieby Erin Lily
"This isn't a cancer book where I tell the horrible, very sad truth about how dying slowly is a cruel thing that no one deserves. This also isn't a cancer book wher...
Friends or Lovers by sleepystrawbaby
Friends or Loversby SleepyStrawbxby
Levi is just an average highschool student. But, he can't tell if he is in love with his best friend. Is it really love or just admiration.
Our 15 years by sunflower_blooming
Our 15 yearsby sunflower_blooming
How does puppy love becomes true love? Is 15 years enough for the evolution? This 15 years will be an emotional roller coaster ride for them. From tears, to pain and e...
RAI DAI by cutyfantasia
RAI DAIby Rukayya Abubakar
Rai dai kirkirarren labari ne na rubuta domin fadakarwa, ilmantarwa da nishadantarwa. Duk wanda yaji wani abu me kamanceceniya da rayuwarsa arashi ne kawai aka samu. Ban...
Sailing through mind's ocean by lakshitagusain
Sailing through mind's oceanby Lakshita Gusain
《 "If our mind was an ocean and our thoughts were the waves what would it be like to sail through this voyage" 》 In this journey through min...
Until He's Dead by Euphr3
Until He's Deadby Haille
She crawled her way out of hell just to meet the devil again. •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Amelia Antonette Valerio, a 16 year old girl, has been through so much...
Your Letter  by harmonychuwrites
Your Letter by Mood Swings o^o
❝ If only I knew a few strokes of ink brushed in a piece of folded paper could change my life so dramatically...I might have... never opened Your Letter ❞ "Your le...
You Are Always Mine by TheSmileMaker
You Are Always Mineby TheSmileMaker
#1 Will soon be (just wishing :D) Here is the heart touching story of two people who loved like there is no tomorrow. There is LOVE, POETRY, HUMOR, PHILOSOPHY everything...